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Jack White
from Detroit with love
United States Of America

Jack White ...

  1. was, for a short time, in Goober & The Peas. He was listed as Jack "Doc" Gillis (Jack Gillis is his real name) and he was their drummer.
  2. is in The White Stripes.
  3. appears on Rocket 88 on the self-released Master Supertone CS by Soledad Brothers.
  4. is appearing on the Some Other Guy 7" and the Hentch-Forth 12"MLP with The Hentchmen (Italy Records, IR-004 and IR-008).
  5. is appearing on Johnny's Death Letter by the Soledad Brothers, this song's on the Sugar & Spice 7" (Italy Records, IR-007).
  6. was in 2 Star Tabernacle.
  7. was in The Go and recorded an album with them.
  8. was in The Upholsterers.
  9. is appearing with The Hentchmen again. This time it's on the Ham And Oil 7" (Gas Records, 1999, GRS-109).
  10. produced the debut 7" by The Von Bondies (D wreckEd hiT, 2000, DET.001).
  11. mixed The Gospel According To John 7" by Soledad Brothers (Estrus, 1999, ES 7142).
  12. comixed The Greenhornes 7" on Italy Records (IR-009).
  13. appears as "John S. O'Leary" with The Wildbunch on Danger (High Voltage) (Flying Bomb Records, 2001, FLB-117).
  14. produced, recorded and co-mixed the Sympathetic Sounds Of Detroit LP/CD (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 2001, SFTRI 623). Jack appears on Shout Bama Lama by Hate Records.
  15. produced the debut-album and the 2nd 7" by The Von Bondies.
  16. appears as "John S. O'Leary" with Electric Six on Danger! High Voltage (several releases).
  17. produced the debut album by Whirlwind Heat.
  18. is Eddie Gillis' brother.
  19. appears on Blanche's Who's To Say?.
  20. is in The Raconteurs.
  21. is in Adele & The Raconteurs.
  22. runs Third Man Records, though it is a sublabel of XL Recordings.
  23. (how surprising) is in Jack White & Alicia Keys.
  24. is in The Dead Weather.
  25. offcourse is the one man in Jack White.
  26. is married to Karen Elson.
  27. is in or appears with Duane.