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Electric Six
from Detroit with love
United States Of America

Electric Six #1:
(all recordings)
Dick Valentine: vocals
Disco: bass
Surge Joebot: guitar
M: drums
Rock'n'Roll Indian: guitar
Tait Nucleus: synthesizers

Electric Six #2:
(appear on "Danger! High Voltage" only)
John S. O'Leary: vocals
Bill Clinton: sax


Jim Diamond's musical history
Cory Martin's musical history
Steve Nawara's musical history
Anthony Selph's musical history
Jack White's musical history

They were called The Wildbunch before, but they had to change their name due to legal reasons.

  1. Danger! High Voltage 7" (XL Recordings, 2002, XLS 151)
    1. Danger! High Voltage (Original 7" Mix)
    2. I Lost Control (Of My Rock & Roll)
  2. Danger! High Voltage 12" (XL Recordings, 2002,
      promo release
      recorded by Jim Diamond
    1. Danger! High Voltage (Soulchild Mix)
    2. Danger! High Voltage (Kilogram Mix)
    3. Danger! High Voltage (Kilogram Dub)
  3. Danger! High Voltage CDS (XL Recordings, 2002, XLS 151CDS)
    1. Danger! High Voltage (Soulchild Radio Mix)
    2. I Lost Control (Of My Rock & Roll)
  4. Gay Bar 7" (XL Recordings, 2003, XLS 158)
    1. Gay Bar
    2. The Living End
  5. Radio Gaga 7" (Warner Bros., 2004, WEA 381)
      picture disc
    1. Radio Gaga (Queen)
    2. Gay Bar (Live At Manumission)
  1. split 7" (XL Recordings, 2003, XLS 159)
    1. Electric Six: Rockshow
    2. Peaches: Rockshow
  1. Fire CD (XL Recordings, 2003,
    1. Dance Commander
    2. Electric Demons In Love
    3. Naked Pictures (Of Your Mother)
    4. Danger! High Voltage
    5. She's White
    6. I Invented The Night
    7. Improper Dancing
    8. Gay Bar
    9. Nuclear War (On The Dance Floor)
    10. Getting Into The Jam
    11. Vengeance And Fashion
    12. I'm The Bomb
    13. Synthesizer
  1. Ghettoblaster Volume 2 CD (Motor City Brewing Works, 2002, MCBWGB 002)
      all tracks mastered and/or mixed by Jim Diamond
    1. I'm A Demon


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