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The Wildbunch
from Detroit with love
United States Of America

The Wildbunch #1:
(former members)
Johnny Vegas: keyboards
Jeff Simmons: keyboards
Macro Duplicato: keyboards
Dr.Diet Mt. Dew: keyboards

The Wildbunch #2:
(appear on "Danger (High Voltage)" only)
John S. O'Leary: vocals
Bill Clinton: sax

The Wildbunch #3:
(Uchu Cult 7")
Jackson Pounder: vox, guitar, bass, synth
Martin M: drums

The Wildbunch #4:
(FLB-105 7")
Disco: bass
Mojo Frezzato: guitar
Martin M.: drums
Jackson Pounder: vocals
Rock&Roll Indian: guitar
Blacklips Hoffman: keyboard, rhodes

The Wildbunch #5:
(FLB-117 7")
Dick Valentine: vocals
Surge Joebot: guitar, sunth
The Rock And Roll Indian: guitar
Frank Lloyd Bonnaventure: bass
M. Cougar Mellencamp: drums
Dr. Blacklip Hoffman (intern): synth

The Wildbunch #6:
(Sybil CD-track)
Surge Joebot
Martin M.
Rock'n'Roll Indian
Dick Valentine


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For legal reasons they renamed to Electric Six in the second half of 2002.

  1. I Lost Control (Of My Rock'n' Roll) 7" (Uchu Cult, 1996, SC 001)
      500 copies
    1. I Lost Control (Of My Rock And Roll)
    2. Tiny Little Men
    3. Gay Bar
    4. I Know Karate
  2. The Ballade Of MC Sucka DJ 7" (Flying Bomb Records, 1997, FLB-105)
    1. Take Off Your Clothes
    2. Nuclear War (On The Dancefloor)
    3. The Ballade Of MC Sucka DJ
  3. Danger! High Voltage 7" (Flying Bomb Records, 2001, FLB-117)
      recorded by Jim Diamond
    1. Danger (High Voltage)
    2. Neurocameraman
    3. She's Guatemala
  1. An Evening With The Many Moods Of The Wildbunch's Greatest Hits ... Tonight! 8-Track (Uchu Cult, 1996,
      tracks ?
  2. Don't Be Afraid Of The Robot: Live At The Gold Dollar CD (Off Woodward Productions, 1998,
      tracks ?
  3. Rock Empire CD (Uchu Cult, 1999,
      tracks ?
  1. X-Mas Surprise Package 7" (Flying Bomb Records, 1997, FLB-106)
      clear green or black vinyl
    1. X-Mas Xorcismus (Ho Ho Ho)
  2. Troy Gregory's Sybil CD (Fall Of Rome Records, 2002, FOR 1005)
      every track has Troy Gregory on vocals and a band from Detroit, recorded by Jim Diamond
    1. Dealin' In Death N' Stealin' In The Name Of The Lord

They appear in the Detroit Rock Movie.

  1. Electric Six official website