Grunnen Rocks Home Willem Kolvoort
from Detroit with love
United States Of America

Feeny: pedal steel guitar, piano, melodica
Dan John Miller: guitar, vocals, fiddle
Lisa "Jaybird" Jannon: drums
Tracee Mae Miller: bass, vocals
Patch Boyle: banjo, autoharp
Jack White: appears on guitar on Who's To Say?
Brendan Benson: appears "on" backing vocals on Who's To Say?


Dave Feeny's musical history
Dan Miller's musical history
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Brendan Benson's musical history

  1. Who's To Say? 7" (Cass Records, 2003, MAMA-003)
      first press: black vinyl
    1. Who's To Say?
    2. Superstious
  2. Who's To Say? 7" (Cass Records, 2005, MAMA-003)
      second press: green vinyl
    1. Who's To Say?
    2. Superstious
  1. If We Can't Trust The Doctors ... CD (Cass Records, 2004, MAMA-010)
    1. (Preamble)
    2. Who's To Say
    3. Do You Trust Me?
    4. Superstition
    5. Bluebird
    6. So Long Cruel World
    7. Another Lost Summer
    8. Jack On Fire (The Gun Club)
    9. Garbage Picker
    10. The Hopeless Waltz
    11. Wayfaring Stranger
    12. Someday
    13. Runnin' With The Devil (hidden track) (Van Halen)
  2. Little Amber Bottles LP (Coppertree Records, 2007, CTR 002)
    1. I'm Sure Of It
    2. Last Year's Leaves
    3. Year From Now
    4. No Matter Where You Go...
    5. What This Town Needs
    6. Child Of The Moon
    7. Little Amber Bottles
    8. World I Used To Be Afraid Of
    9. O Death, Where Is Thy Sting?
    10. I Can't Sit Down
    11. (Exordium)
    12. World's Largest Crucifix
  1. A Campingflight To Lowlands Paradise 2004 2xCD (Lowlands Compilation CDs, 2004, STEP 2004 042)
      released by the Stichting Entertainmentretail Promotion
    1. Do You Trust Me?
  2. Salvo Of 24 Gunshots - Tribute To Gun Club 2xLP/CD (Unrecording Records, 2005, UR 001/2)
    1. Jack On Fire (The Gun Club)


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