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The Mexican Blackbirds
tough punkrock
United States Of America

The Mexican Blackbirds #1:
(debut 7")
Chris Trashcan: lead vocals
Mekko Pillbox: lead guitar
Jill Trueblood: lead drums, lead backing vocals
Corey Knafelz: lead guitar
Marty 'The Guvna' Sparks: lead bass

The Mexican Blackbirds #2:
(debut album)
Chris: blackbird
Corey: guitar
Marty: bass
Jill: drums, backing vocals


Jill Trueblood's musical history

Chris "Trashcan" Miller is Midnight Thunder Express' Stu Miller's brother.

  1. Ain't Got The Time 7" (Tacoma Records, 2002, TAC-001)
    1. Ain't Got The Time
    2. True Hollywood Story
    3. Cursed
    4. Blackout (With You)
  1. Black Vinyl Revenge Chapter 1 LP (Rockin' Bones, 2004, RON 058)
      black/pink vinyl
    1. The Mexican Blackbirds: Blackbird Theme
    2. The Mexican Blackbirds: Lobotomy Eyes
    3. The Mexican Blackbirds: Pocketful Of Hate
    4. The Mexican Blackbirds: Can't Win 'Em All
    5. The Mexican Blackbirds: Did It Anyway
    6. The Mexican Blackbirds: 2 Track Mind
    7. The Mexican Blackbirds: Skippin' Frames
    8. The Mexican Blackbirds: I'm Too Late
    9. The Mexican Blackbirds: Seat It Out
    10. The Mexican Blackbirds: Ain't Got A Clue
    11. The Mexican Blackbirds: (Gonna Get My) Daggers (live)
    12. Pink Swords: P.S.
    13. Pink Swords: Enter You
    14. Pink Swords: So Wrong
    15. Pink Swords: Fastime
    16. Pink Swords: Prison Ground
    17. Pink Swords: Built For ...
    18. Pink Swords: Trainwreck
    19. Pink Swords: Bathroom Stall
    20. Pink Swords: Daddy's Baby
    21. Pink Swords: Best Of Me
    22. Pink Swords: Shit On You
    23. Pink Swords: Tonite
    24. Pink Swords: Ode To Mamma (live)
  1. Just To Spite You CD (Dirtnap Records, 2003, ZZZ 34)
    1. Blackbird Theme
    2. Lobotomy Eyes
    3. Pocketful Of Hate
    4. Can't Win 'Em All
    5. Did It Anyway
    6. 2 Track Mind
    7. Skippin' Frames
    8. I'm Too Late
    9. Sweat It Out
    10. Ain't Got A Clue
    11. Burn It Down
    12. Over The Edge (hidden track) (Wipers)
  2. Fear Of Texas 12"EP (Mortville Records, 2005, mort-29)
    1. (Gonna Get My) Daggers
    2. Devil May Care
    3. Knockin'
    4. Walls On Fire
    5. Three Blue Teardrops
    6. Sworn Enemy
    7. Fear Of Texas
  1. Dirtnap Across The Northwest CD (Dirtnap Records, 2003, ZZZ 25)
    1. Burn It Down
  2. The Funhouse Comp Thing CD (My Fat Ass Productions, 2006, MFAPCD-001)
    1. Second Time Around


  1. The Mexican Blackbirds official website