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Steve Baise
legendary NY rockpunking guy
Steve Baise
c/o Steveland Studios
445 n. Battlefeild Blvd Suite N
Chesapeake, VA 23320
United States Of America
Steve Baise [secrets[AT]pinn{DOT}net]

Steve Baise ...

  1. was in The Rat Bastards.
  2. was in Devil Dogs.
  3. was in The Vikings.
  4. was in Pearl Schwartz.
  5. does the vocals on Do You Wanna Know? by Teengenerate.
  6. produced The Halfways 7" op Big Neck Records!.
  7. produced the Big Bobby And The Nightcaps 7" Harm's Way on Black Lung Records (BL-16). He did play in the band for some time too, but he only is an appearing bandmember on this 7".
  8. produced The Hookers 7" Halloween on Black Lung Records (BL-17).
  9. produced the first two albums by The Morning Shakes.
  10. has a new band now, called The Secrets.
  11. wrote a song for and appears on the Flower, Fist And Bestial Wail 7" by Adam West (Stereodrive! Rec, 2001, STD 013).
  12. has his own recording studio named Steveland Recording Studio.
  13. is in The Bomb Pops and produced their debut 7".
  14. produced the debut 7" by Horehounds (Rapid Pulse Records, 2002, rp AtAll 18). He also appears on piano.
  15. recorded the debut 7" by The Dirty Fingers.
  16. is in the Runarounds (see link below).
  17. is in Horehounds.
  18. is in Adam West & Steve Baise.
  19. was in The Dirty Fingers (second 7").
  20. is in The Villains.
  21. appears on Sonny Vincent's "Semper Fidelis - 30 Years Anthology (1972-2002)" 3xLP (Rockin' Bones, 2008, RON 050).


  1. Steveland Recording Studio his studio
  2. Runarounds official website