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Big Bobby And The Nightcaps
garagepunk band from Norfolk, VA
Big Bobby And The Nightcaps
P.O. Box 13305
Norfolk, VA 23506
United States Of America
Big Bobby Nightcap [big_bobby_nightcap[AT]hotmail{DOT}com]

Big Bobby And The Nightcaps #1:
(all "regulars")
Big Bobby = Rob Katherman: vocals, bass and some guitar (all recordings)
Sergio Ponce = Sgt. Stash: drums (all recordings)
Gordo Nightcap: guitar (first two 7"es and one song each on the two Screaming Apple releases)
Jim Buck: guitar (first two releases only)
Sambone Lopez: guitar (both Screaming Apple releases, the Ultra Under compilation, and Have You Seen My Baby)
Witt Drools = Dewitt = Witt Katherman: guitar (Alcoholic Suicide and the Rockin Bones 7", also plays vox organ on the Rockin Bones 7")
Steve Baise: guitar (Harm's Way 7")
Lou Stools: drums and alcoholic noises (Alcoholic Suicide)
Peter Zaremba: harmonica (Leavin')

Big Bobby And The Nightcaps #2:
(at some point (when ?) they were (probably not together) in the band)
Matt Odietus
Ash Horehound


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  1. Solitary Drinker 7" (Black Lung Records, 1995, BL-1)
      500 copies: white
    1. Leavin'
    2. I Don't Like Him
    3. Did Me Wrong
    4. Soulville
  2. Close My Mind 7" (Black Lung Records, 1996, BL-5)
      500 copies: 100 green and 400 black
    1. Close My Mind
    2. Nuthin' But Trouble
  3. Not The Same 7" (Screaming Apple Records, 1997, SCAP 048)
    1. Not The Same
    2. Bloodhound (Larry Bright)
    3. Bad Taste
    4. My First Car
  4. The Story Of My Life 7" (Rockin' Bones, 1999, RON 004)
      500 copies
    1. The Story Of My Life
    2. You Know He Did
    3. Almost There
  5. Harm's Way 7" (Black Lung Records, 1999, BL-16)
      500 copies: 100 pink and 400 black
    1. Harm's Way
    2. Oo Bop Sha Boom (Wilburn Brothers)
    3. Don't Let Go (Jesse Stone)
  1. split 7" (Black Lung Records, 1998, BL-12)
      500 copies red
    1. Big Bobby And The Nightcaps: Alcoholic Suicide
    2. Big Bobby And The Nightcaps: Have You Seen My Baby (Randy Newman)
    3. Thee Apostles: One More Time
    4. Thee Apostles: Hurry Up And Die
  1. Big Bobby Rocks & His Nightcaps Roll! LP (Screaming Apple Records, 1998, SCALP 118)
    1. I Can't Believe You (Lost Ones)
    2. Leavin'
    3. Brand New Man (The Fuzztones)
    4. You Don't Know
    5. Did Me Wrong
    6. Why I Cry (Fortune Seekers)
    7. She'll Be Sorry
    8. Surfin Sambo
    9. Ain't Foolin' Me
    10. Uncle Willy (Crescendos)
    11. So Cool!
    12. I Don't Know
    13. First Time Is The Best Time (DMZ)
    14. Jezabel (Frankie Laine)
    15. Going Nowhere Fast
  1. Trash On Demand Volume 2 CD (Ultra Under Records, 1997, UUCD 501)
      other bands ? their tracks ?
    1. Wanna See Her Cry
  2. Thats' Bad! (Music For Unrepentant People) - Punch One! CD (Do The Dog!, 1998, DTD 291098A)
    1. Alcoholic Suicide
  3. Urine Stains Across Virginia 7" (Black Lung Records, 2003, BL-26)
      yellow vinyl
    1. Knead My Love