Talking Heads' "Mind"

updated: july 17, 2012

  1. songwriter(s)
    1. David Byrne
    2. Jerry Harrison

  2. link(s)
    1. studio version on youtube
    2. Talking Heads on
    3. all assorted songs on

  3. lyrics
  4. Time won't change you
    Money won't change you
    I haven't got the faintest idea
    Everything seems to be up in the air at this time

    I need something you change your mind

    Drugs won't change you
    Religion won't change you

    Science won't change you
    Looks like I can't change you
    I try to talk to you, to make things clear
    but you're not even listening to me ...
    And it comes directly from my heart to you ...

    I need something to change your mind.

  5. various
  6. nothing

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