All Assorted Songs

updated: july 27, 2012

  1. "Bag Of Bones" by JSBX
  2. "Bataille" by The Men
  3. "Bear Trap" by JSBX
  4. "Black Thoughts" by JSBX
  5. "Boot Cut" by JSBX
  6. "Bottle Baby" by JSBX
  7. "Danger" by JSBX
  8. "Get Your Pants Off" by JSBX
  9. "Ice Cream Killer" by JSBX
  10. "Maybe Your Baby" by Stevie Wonder
  11. "Mind" by Talking Heads
  12. "Pedophile" by Thee Headcoats
  13. "Strange Baby" by JSBX
  14. "Test Pattern" by Lime Spiders
  15. "Unclear" by JSBX
  16. "Zimgar" by JSBX

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