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Russell Simins
From New York with love!
United States Of America

Russell Simins ...

  1. is in the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.
  2. appears with Honeymoon Killers on their last album and some singles.
  3. appears, together with the other two of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, with R.L. Burnside.
  4. was in Crunt.
  5. was in Butter 08 (w\ Rick Lee).
  6. mixed a new version of Degobrah from Butter's latest album for a new movie in the U.S. called City of Industry.
  7. plays on Fred Schneider's latest album.
  8. is in a band called Deadly Cupcake with Steve Albini and Rick Lee.
  9. also mixed Here and Naked Eye on two respective singles for Luscious Jackson.
  10. played and mixed on a self-titled Cibo Matto CDEP. He sings and plays on a couple of songs.
  11. is in the one-off Dub Narcotic Sound System & The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion project, that recorded the "Soul Sideways" album.
  12. appears on Andre Williams' Lap Dance 12" (In The Red, 2000, ITR-066).
  13. appears on Andre Williams' Is The Black Godfather LP/CD (In The Red, 2000, ITR-065).
  14. in 2000 released a CD on Grand Royal Records, it's entitled Public Places.
  15. did play live with his own band, and guess what, it was called The Russell Simins Band, amongst others Rick Lee was in it.


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