NEWS wednesday, december 24, 2008

... while moving house ...
(last) budget-update #9!

OK, we finally moved and I managed to unpack about 60% of my vinyl records. CD's still are all boxed, but who really cares? Anyway I finally got my hands on that white vinyl debut LP of the immaculate Wax Museums on the infamous cool Douchemaster. I also got a free CD. Might be a promo release/present and it might be all LPs have a CD as an additional handy non-valuable digital audio thingy ;-) The record now has got a week to make it into my top10 of 2008, but my guess it'll be in the top5, we'll see early january.

For now: Happy X-Mas! Because I don't know if I'll post next week I'm gonna wish you a Miraculous 2009! aswell, ENJOY.

NEWS monday, december 15, 2008

... while moving house ...
budget-update #8!

Tonight I won't be at The Dirtbombs show in Amsterdam, sob sob sob. There's simply way too much to do at home and at the office. Next wednesday I'm gonna do/give a lecture (at the office) on this website, it's history and my record collecting and that is taking all my time. Will mention The Dirtbombs though! Since there isn't internet at home and there isn't any time in general it (again) might take a while before this website gets properly updated again, sorry.

NEWS tuesday, december 9, 2008

... while moving house ...
budget-update #7!


Next time I'll move I'll be 60+ for sure, damn do I hate it that all (!) my records are in boxes now.


Anyway: today's update again is a minor one, go check the Arctic Circles.

NEWS friday, december 5, 2008

... while moving house ...
budget-update #6!

Today we're moving all our stuff to the garden of the new house. Tonight I'm gonna be needing a lot of Thunderbird ESQ and Oblivians records. Since "modern technique" by far isn't as reliable as my 3 old recordplayers I expect to be playing records tonight and this weekend onwards. Next update of this website wil be monday :-(

NEWS thursday, december 4, 2008

... while moving house ...
budget-update #5!

Thanks to Unrecording Records' Frederic Abramovitch here's some mighty good news:
!!! The Chrome Cranks reunite !!!
One of the best 20? 30? 40! bands of all time, mighty good news indeed.
Read all about it @ their MySpace profile ...

Oh @ the band: NYC is only 6 hours away, so why not come and play the VERA once again?

NEWS wednesday, december 3, 2008 #2

... while moving house ...
budget-update #4!

Is this debut LP by the Wax Museums the best LP of this year? Don't know yet, don't have it (yet) ... Still have to listen to their MySpace profile (on average about once per working day for the last half year) :-(

By the way (BTW):
If your band is listed here and ...
- plays/is gonna play in NL, or ...
- released or is gonna release a new (vinyl)record anywhere on this planet ...
PLEASE do not hesitate to email me asap.

NEWS wednesday, december 3, 2008

... while moving house ...
budget-update #3!

For the dutch and the tourists:
december 15 you gotta be in Paradiso, Amsterdam,
cause ... The Dirtbombs are playing!

DAMN! Last time they played NL I was getting married in that same week. Now we're moving house. Gotta see if I'm able to be in AMSTERDAM on a monday, but I'm sure as hell gonna try!

BTW it would have been cool and IMHO mighty deserved (cause of the great new LP already) to have 'em in VERA.

Oh and Ben: get rid of that beard, you look like you're in The "Horrible" Eagles ;-)

NEWS tuesday, december 2, 2008

... while moving house ...
budget-update #2!

Go to
at the "pseudo-modern"
and maybe try to ENJOY!

NEWS monday, december 1, 2008

... while moving house ...
budget-update #1!

Go to the
at the immaculate
and see the soon/newly created group overthere:
Grunnen Rocks

Once again: a big thank you to kopper!

NEWS sunday, november 30, 2008

Things To Do

  • (Try) making kids
  • Collect records
  • Play with duplo
  • Get yourself born in the house you wanna die in ;-) Basically you should never move!
  • Update this website once again (asap)

Thing NOT To Do

  • Never move house while still owning a record collection, blurgh!
  • Update my website the next week? month? rest of the year?

"Carpe Diem"

NEWS saturday, november 29, 2008

Now and then I try to play some cool records. Most of the time I don't succeed fully, but hey, who cares? I tried last wednesday @ the BBB&RnRKids show. The week before I was doing better at the Bellrays show.

I'll try and finally become the world's coolest DJ next year ;-)

NEWS friday, november 28, 2008

Yowsa, life is busy as hell. Next week we're gonna move to the house with a garden. This will be loads of work, but we'll be very glad by Christmas. And me, myself and the rest of me will be extra happy if our records will fitt in 1 room again. This last happened in 2000, no exaggeration here.

The 10001+ Bands Fest obviously ain't over.
Come on, you gotta realise that you have to do something in order to win. Make me smile might do the trick. You never know. The 10001+ Bands Fest surely will not finish before 2009. At the ultimate last it will be finished when I see the Gories play VERA, HA! So get your email-software in gear, you do know how to email me, right? Tell me whatever you want to tell me about the music you like, the music I should like, or any music at all. If you do email me do NOT forget to tell me your street address, please do not speak dutch in the e-mail and try to keep me connected to this world while moving al our stuff to the new house.

And finally as a round-up:

  1. Love Boat was AWESOME!
  2. The BellRays were awesome, though it's a shame that they didn't get to play "Stupid Fuckin' People".
  3. The R'N'R Adventure Kids were good, entertaining and really hard to pin down (which is a serious achievement, no kidding here).
  4. Beat Beat Beat wasn't what I expected, not fully at least, though "Don't Tell Me Now", "Cheap Time" and "Savage Girl" were really neat.
  5. Next up: The Rascals (dec 4, VERA, Groningen, NL offcourse)

New Gories T Shirt

NEWS tuesday, november 18, 2008

New Gories T Shirt

The 10001+ Bands Fest ain't over yet. Come on! Bring it on, you do know how to email me, right? And don't forget to tell me everything about the music you like, why you desire a Gories Tee and why you want it. Don't forget telling me your email and your street address and please do not speak dutch in the e-mail ;-)

Oh and in case you are (almost) blind. There's a banner on the site, check it out! And yes I am fucking around with the lay-out of this horrible black/white/site.

New Gories T Shirt

NEWS monday, november 17, 2008



aka ... Sister Everdina

role of wax
where the hell is my LP?
78 RPM 12"
78 RPM 10"
CD's suck!
3"CD with 5"adapter
Love Boat released the best CDS I heard in years
Love Boat
to Kouwes
Sweet Oblivians


NEWS sunday, november 16, 2008

Thanks to Love Boat, Claudio, MarcK and MarcW, 1 or 2 Rippers, The Crowbar. Last Night was mighty cool.

Don't know if I ever mentioned this but buying records through works really neat, especially when you're buying oldie stuff.

And btw here's my wantlist ;-)


NEWS saturday, november 15, 2008
NEWS friday, november 14, 2008
Severely updated the server side statistics of this website.
Client side statistics are available through the menu.
Both show a neat progress, thanx 2 u all ;-)
NEWS thursday, november 13, 2008
Holy Mother! Damn this page is/was white for now that is ;-)
No worries the black devil will be back asap.
And OH MY GOD! There even is a nasty :-) banner on this page.
The best sponsor this site ever had for sure, THANX Arnoud!
And the last for today: that Gories#TeeShirt is gonna leave my TeeShirt collection.
See the 10001 Bands Fest below (tuesday november 11, 2008).
Next update here on the newspage might take a while ...
Please do keep emailing what music you like and why this is such a bad design ;-(

NEWS wednesday, november 12, 2008 #2

10003 Bands Fest

aka ... Sister Petra

A good friend of mine is going to Seattle in january.
What bands, clubs, etcetera should he visit before returning to the great Grunnen Rocks City?
He likes bands like ...

NEWS wednesday, november 12, 2008

10002 Bands Fest

aka ... Sister Bob#2

The 10002 Bands Fest is getting along quite well. Already 3 (!) people emailed me ;-) Feel free to join those 3 early emailers ;-) ;-)

Here's some good news from ...


  1. Rock And Roll Adventure Kids (Nov6-Dec13)
  2. John Schooley And His One Man Band (Nov14-29)
  3. Lover! (Dec3-Jan3)


  1. Omens (Jan22-31)
  2. Cheap Time (March4-April4)
  3. Thomas Function (March26-April25)
  4. Thee Vicars (April4-18)
  5. Apache (May28-June27)
  6. The Carbonas
  7. LiveFastDie
  8. Hex Dispensers (fall)
  9. Cococoma (fall)
NEWS tuesday november 11, 2008
New Gories T Shirt

10001 Bands Fest

aka ... 1000+1 Sister Pegs

"11 November is de dag" ;-) This is the day we start the 10001 bands fest. When it'll end? Who knows. Basically it is done cause I wanna hear what music you like. What to do? How to join this 10001 BANDS FEST? Please do email me your fave-band of all time. Please add to the email: your name and the country you live in. Make the subject of the mail "10001 Bands Fest". One of the people e-mailing me will win 10 (not necessarily the same) singles on my own label. The label is High Maintenance and that is cause I'm low maintenance myself. During the period of the fest the prize for the winner may be raised or lowered depending on your local bank's musical taste. The fest can end at any time, or maybe it never will ;-) And here's for the sake of making it a real prize: I'll thrown in an original Gories T-Shirt. Printed for the european tour 1992. Bought on eBay for 40+$. And a guy named Jack was gonna make me an offer ... That is when Iggy wouldn't play ...

Next up: The Bellrays with "Stupid Fuckin' People".

Best joke of yesterday:
Calling The Oblivians an overproduced load of crap. Now really, that is the best musical joke I heard in a while. Bob, please keep reviewing "my music" ;-)

Gosse The Ruler

Oh and one thing ... Where can I buy a "wasrol"?

NEWS monday november 10, 2008

Bob The Ruler

aka ... Sister Cora

Best joke of today:
Why the hell didn't the americans vote for an indian instead of a grey (50% "white" and 50% cool) person? Well, tell me, cause I don't know?

Top 5/6/7 of "hate-songs" of all time:

  1. The Oblivians - Stupid Asshole
  2. Angry Samoans - Stupid Jerk
  3. Supercharger - You Irritate Me/Don't Mess Me Up
  4. New Bomb Turks/Wire - Mr. Suit
  5. New Bomb Turks/Anti-Nowhere League: - I Hate People

Next up: The Bellrays with "Stupid Fuckin' People".

Bob The Ruler


NEWS friday november 7, 2008

The Mac Ain't Ba(ra)ck

aka ... Sisters Michelle + more

Well since the "whole world", except 50% of the americans, is cheering we're not gonna discuss Mr McCain anymore. I just think Lisa K won't do "Stupid Fuckin' People" nov 19. Damn that's a loss, I'm gonna be DJ that day and I'd love to hear the Bellrays' best track once again. The first republican voter to email me gets a Monroes 7", NO KIDDING!

Best show of the last weeks was the "homo-pornotic" (thanks for that joke!) 6Ft Hick. What a monster-band. Their best song is "White Light, Wet Heat", says it all ;-) Hardly a dry guy to be found in the audience. I think they never played the USA, you americans don't know what you're missing! Buy anything you can afford ...

Last wednesday in VERA a "noise-triple":
White Circle Crime Club / No Age / Ligtning Bolt
WCCC is kind of a belgian take on indie-noise, good band. NA is a noisy indieband from the US. Everybody apparently loves them. The record is OK, but the live-show was a bit too indie for my current taste. I think they sound like Jason's songs sung by Lou (for the Sebadoh fans). LB is a great live-band, almost as cool as 6FtHick, I mean really almost ;-) Next up: Daniel Johnston (maybe) or LPG (even more maybe).

And for those who wonder: we still have both a balcony and a garden. The balcony still is for sale (though we're still living in the house attached). We'll start living in the house with a garden early december. I know this all is a luxury-problem, but it prevents me from buying records every day, sob, sob, sob ;-)

NEWS sunday october 19, 2008

6FtHick (AUS) in ORKZ

aka ... Sisters Geoff, Ben + more

Next Up, ORKZ Bar, next friday (october 24, 22:00 CET, entr. 5 euro, beer 1 euro):
6FtHick & de Fuckups & Mad Engine & Rawk 'n Roll DJ's

Like VERA had Dead Moon playing twice per year the local ORKZ Bar has aussies 6FtHick. They're gonna play there for the 3rd time in 2 or 3 years. 3 times "shipright" ? ..... Uuuh Whatever! For the 3rd time these swampy rockers from Australia will come, destroy, conquer and put upside down the ORKZ Bar. This time they even have a TV-crew. That TV-crew is gonna film the whole gig and everything before and after the stage and the gig. Which will give local outlaws an unique chance to get their drunk head on aussie national (!) television.

All up Sixfthick has played way over 700 shows, done 60+ East Coast Australian tours and toured Europe and Japan (and broke lots of shit there). The same thing happens all over the planet: "The looks on people's faces go from interest to pure horror as Ben humps a few people's legs and Geoff spits all over them". We'll see about that.

The evening will include local Fuckups Fuckups and local madcows Mad Engine (from way back when my family "included" virgins) and local RNR-DJ's (not me btw), be there or be square!

NEWS thursday october 16, 2008

Me = Column-Writer?

aka ... Sister Gisèle "Dream On" Bündchen

Here's my first attempt to write an English piece that has no fact in it whatsoever ;-)

A 7" should have 2 sides, 1 track per side, 1 song per side. It should have no etchings, no holes in it, no marks on the vinyl. The label of a record should carry all songs present on the side it was glued on. It should also carry the RPM, the year of release and the label it was released on. If it is a rerelease it should carry 2 years: the year of original release and the year of rerelease. A horrible record is 1 with 1 song on one side and none on the other. A worse record would be one with a label that mentions songs that are not on that particular side of the record. I mean really: that is confusing.

A record should be released by a, preferably not major-, label and not by a record company. Companies in general tend to take profit over creative artistic beauty, enough said. A label should number its releases according to a certain scheme. For example 7"es should be numbered HM0701, HM0702, HM0703, HM0704, ... HM being the short for the 2-word label-name. All LPs should be named HM1201, HM1202, etc ... The first 13" should be HM1301. If needed the first CD might be numbered HM0501. If there's no vinyl release a CD should not be released. Though CD's are convenient the artwork is too small and what's more: the quality of any record(ing) is not important. The record should carry good music, otherwise it should not be released. This offcourse comes with the exception of a one-sided 7" with the best track ever made by any band imaginable.

Larry, can you release that lost Iguanas cover done by The Gories? Or is there a self-written track recorded by them that is not released yet. Ah what the hell? Do please make it a singles-comp LP with previously unreleased tracks and their greatest hits. Please do call the LP: "The Greatest Hits Of The Gories By The Gories". For a CD it should be called: "Greatest Hits" The rest of the correct title wouldn't fit on a jewel case anyway. But do this only if and only if you do exactly the same for that "other best band of the world" The Oblivians. Next up: The Black Lips.

And here's a neverending contest: Which train is quicker?

NEWS wednesday october 15, 2008

National Endowment for Arts Jazz Master

aka ... Sisters Toots & Jakhals Erik

Ha! Offcourse there are internationally wellknow dutch bands like The Motions, The Outsiders, Shocking Blue, Golden Earring and 2 Unlimited. Individual dutch musicians in general are less known internationally. But there is an exception to any rule. Offcourse we have the worldfamous (actually belgian) jazz-harmonica master "Jean" Toots Thielemans (to the left). Next friday he'll be awarded an "oscar for jazz". From then on he'll be a NEA Jazz Master: Congrats Toots!

For dutch nation televisionshow DWDD Jakhals Erik (to the right) made a nice short portrait from Mr. T. Offcourse Mr. Jakhals is worldfamous for his 20 copies CD-R release with De Erven Bruinsma. I cannot find my copy, but if I'll do I'll add it to the listings here asap. Erik: welldone!

The Commies will get us! Not ;-)

aka ... Sisters Bob De Vries & Obama

The stupid and/or silly remarks and jokes about that international financial crisis continue. Now and then there's a good cartoon. To the right you see a nice one. For the non-CCCP people: That is a mix up of the russian flag and the euro-sign ;-) For non-europeans: The euro is the currency of (a part of) europe ;-)

In case you need good news cause you lost your savings or your house (or both):
Go to real cool politics and enjoy their electoral map.

And if you wanna hear the coolest new band of 2008 ... Go and listen to the Wax Museums @ MySpace. Play loud and try not to destroy anything while partying all your financial angst out of your head ;-) Worked for the kid and me (no kidding).

NEWS tuesday october 14, 2008

Me=Stupid Baboon

aka ... Sister Evert

Anyway that rumoured financial crisis is nothing but a big hoax. Just banks and insurance companies short of money. Now the governments spend loads of money on the banks and the rest of the financial system. And countries guarantee banks insane amounts of money to lower their needs. Most insane thing is that the countries/governments try to solve the lack of money on the financial markets by guaranteeing big amounts of money. Money that, if needed, comes from the very same financial markets. Weird but true. But ... Guess what ... Everybody will continue eating and buying records just like in the old days. Maybe the sales of CD's will lower a bit, who cares? I don't. Proper music is released on vinyl and if possible on CD, enough said.

For those capable of reading dutch:
When you wanna read about the USA and it's elections go to Frans Verhagen's diary. Reading what he says makes me feel a non-understanding mummie everyday.

NEWS monday october 13, 2008

Noise Annoys

aka ... Sister Pete S and the rest

Today's hit is a nobrainer. That fucking crisis on the financial markets annoys my head off. Probably because of that I'm humming The Buzzcocks' "Noise Annoys" all day. The whole "crisis" comes from quite a number of US-families who couldn't afford their mortgage/house anymore. I sure do pity them, NO KIDDING. But ... I do hate the banks/insurance companies/etc, say the "financial system", for spoiling my otherwise perfect life. But hey this week the stocks will go up, and the oil and the gas/petrol will too. All the financial people will be (re)hired before christmas and getting the bonusses back in before next spring. BAH! Why not try and have a proper job? Like in ICT? Or Telecom? Or the music bizz ;-)

Way better for my moods and spirit is is the listing of a new label. Especially when it's one from Kalamazoo, Michigan. Here we have Ufo Dicatator Records. There's a new 7" on the label coming in aswell. It'll be by The Throbbin Urges.

NEWS sunday october 12, 2008


aka ... Sisters Janneke, Ellee & Francesca

October 9 (last thursday) I saw the RIPlets for the last time. THEY (again) ROCKED! Hopefully I get to see Mmme. Ellee Bandita on a stage again. And some more kisses from JANNEKE "redefining cute" Riplet would not be bad either ;-)

Salon Helga aus Meppen opened this night in VERA GRONINGEN. They were OK, they ended with their hit "To" Ficken "Fuck". Hate To Say I Told You So, but covering L7's "Shove" would have been besser.

NEWS saturday october 11, 2008

Whattaway To Die

aka ... Sister D Leone

Today's and yesterday's song is The Pleasure Seekers' "Whattaway To Die". Today for the xxth day in row all newspapers are and will be filled with all kind of bogus on economics. You'll read about people mentioning the possibility of a "Worldwide Recession". My answer to that suggestion would be "OUCH, What A Way To Die"!

I don't think the economic growth in China and India will be below 0% so a worldwide recession will not happen. At least not before The Gories reuniting or The Ramones reuniting and doing "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" in the garden of our new house.

A worldwide recession would be very good for this world. It would make the people in governments, working for banks and insurance scam companies think a bit more. I can think of 10 reasons why that'd be good.

Pardon me if I don't care but I'm gonna play some music today. Maybe even my Amy Winehouse LPs or the Duffy one ;-) I'm gonna play with the kid and together we'll dance to "Pappa, Can You Teach Me To Fish?". Economy is a load of crap. I tried to study chemistry, way better ;-)

NEWS thursday october 9, 2008

The Pleasure Seekers

aka ... Sistah Jan-Peter B Diplomette

To cheer us up I figured today we picture a threesome of threesomes. You gotta do what works best on rainy days ;-) Yesterday's worst song of all time: Robert Jacketti & The Scooters' Icesave The Day. A 1983 #3 hit in NL, played especially for all you money-savers trusting icelandic banks ;-) You only need to alter the text a little and you can adjust this ugly monsterhit's sore lyrics to modern day financial times. Basically thee planet won the cold war and we almost lost the capitalistic one and we will win the musical one!. BTW RJ without his Scooters later on also did The Hunters' Russian Spy And I, the original being a 1966 top 10 hit in NL. Thanks to Renee Banus.

The Diplomats Of Solid Sound

aka ... Sistah Wouter B Diplomette

I'm not gonna vote for him next election, but our next prime-minister will be named Sistah Woutah, TRUST ME. And tomorrow it'll be the yearly official The Diplomattes Of Solid Sound Day. I'm gonna play everything they've got, 2 singles, 1 split7" and 3 CD's. :-) I'm only missing their debut 7" :-( #2

aka ... Sistah Robert Diplomette

Here's some news from
"New" eurotours on their way:

  1. M.O.T.O.
  2. Brimstone Howl
  3. John Schooley And His One Man Band
  4. Rock n Roll Adventure Kids
  5. Lover!
  6. The Omens

march 2009 and later:

  1. Cheap Time (March 4 - April 4)
  2. Thomas Function (March 26 - April 25)
  3. Thee Vicars (April 4 - 18)
  4. Apache (May 22 - June 27)
  5. Livefastdie
  6. The Carbonas

And the best rumour of last week: I heard Nobunny is gonna tour in europe together with the acclaimed Wax Museums. Now that'd be a wish come true.

NEWS tuesday october 7, 2008


aka ... Sister Helene 33

Today's post will have a stunning number of four (4!) pictures. One of 'em actually is an animation, how cool is that? Well not nearly as cool as The Okmoniks!!!
Don't know what to say about them. Except they sound like organ-overloaded 60s based partymusic. And they do make my strange brain think of that darn cool Brentwoods. Buy or die. The LP is on Slovenly, the CD too.
After three weeks of painting I sadly had to get to my job yesterday :-( Yesterday, like many days before, was "saved" by The Okmoniks.

The 3 weeks of painting was "saved" by awesome I Kissed Charles. They are from Meppel, The Netherlands and they have 3 cuties and a singing and keyboarding girl. No garage or punk in their sound, but that debut CDEP is as happy as electropop can make me.

Brimstone Howl

aka ... Sister Nick

Brimstone Howl was great, again!
There's a great new LP and I don't know what label it is on ;-)
CD's were sadly sold out already ;-) ;-)
And yes I managed to shorten my wantlist, YOWSA!

aka ... Sister Roberta

Some news makes you happy, like the FC being on #1. Some people make you happy too. Like's Robert. He does great eurotours for (mostly) bands from overseas. Basically any band listed on this website should harass him for booking a tour, but if you don't ... YOUR LOSS!

Mail Robert (robert[@]kissnrun[.]com) or call: +31 630 216 283.

NEWS friday october 3, 2008

© Willem Kolvoort

Gories + Oblivians

aka ... Sisters Peg, Dan, Eric, Greg, Jack & Mick

For the 3rd (and last for now) day in a row news on that DOUBLE HEADLINING tour ... You can book 'em through Ankie Snaas. She's dutch, booked eurotours previously, for instance for Reigning Sound. Ankie's email is [ankster[AT]chello{DOT}nl], offcourse no bogus-mail, send only money-and-gig-offers ;-)

And yes, tonight I'm gonna see Brimstone Howl, lucky me!, they'll start in the Crowbar, Grunnen City, at 22:00 CET sharp!

NEWS thursday october 2, 2008

Oblivians + Gories

aka ... Sisters Peg, Dan, Eric, Greg, Jack & Mick

(thanks to Ankie!):
About The Gories and The Oblivians playing next year: read and weep @ the Goner message-board. There appear to be 2 us shows aswell, Memphis & Detroit, lucky them ;-) and 2 dutch shows, 1 in VERA and maybe one in Amsterdam. Eurotour will probably be end of june/early july.

NEWS wednesday october 1, 2008

Gories + Oblivians

aka ... Sisters Peg, Dan, Eric, Greg, Jack & Mick

(thanks to Jasper De Wilde & Pepr!):
The Gories and The Oblivians will do a eurotour. It'll be next summer during two weeks. That'll be something: the best 2 bands ever on one night. Finally a chance to correct history and get me to see the best band ever! After that tour I'll decide what the best band ever is, HA! More news will follow as soon as I know it.

NEWS tuesday september 30, 2008

The Hip Priests and KenRock

aka ... Sisters Lee, Stefan & Friends

OK, Today I will be known, officially and worldwide, as a poor and lazy cowboy. Poor cause there's no money @ home left to buy records anymore. Lazy cause I forgot to tell you about one of the best albums released last year. It is by the amazing Hip Priests. They are from the UK but the album is out on excellent swedish label Bootleg Booze Records. By the way: the label has a mighty cool swedish rock 7" by Backyard Babies out now.

Back to those UK punkers called Thee Hip Priests. Album reminds me of vintage punkrock bands like Lazy Cowgirls, NBT, X-Rays and Yum Yums. If you don't have it: BAD LUCK!

Last thing about thee awesome Hip Priests: They are looking for a gig: next sunday actually. Any help is appreciated. Mail hem @ [thehippriests[AT]aol{DOT}com] I would love to be able to go and see'em live ;-)

Last thing for today:
Acknowledged alumni swedish label KENROCK released new stuff last weeks/months:

  1. SINKS - No Money EP7" (ken68)
  3. SWINEHOOD - Im A Fuckin' Misanthrope 7" (ken66)
  4. GUT REACTIONS - Yer so Cruel 7" (ken 65)
  5. CCCPn - Knulla Knulla Knulla EP7" + CDEP (ken 64 and CPCD1)

And don't forget the label's awesome Wax Museums and Trashies 7"es.
Basically you need the label's entire discography. NO KIDDING!

NEWS monday september 29, 2008

The Robots

aka ... Sisters Papa & Fish

Today's "Where are they now?" is a no-brainer really. Band of this day and the last 3 days aswell is The Robots. One of the best rock'n'roll 7"es ever to come out of Sweden is their "Papa Can You Teach Me To Fish?". In case you don't have any trouble with money, mortgage, job, or other SHIT you should spend up to 50 bucks for this monster-hit-7".

What does not make me happy on a bad-weather day like today ...

  1. My job
  2. Our old house! Wanna buy?
  3. No cash at home
  4. Abba's "Mamma Mia"

What does?

  1. The Robots
  2. The local soccer club still is this country's #1. Keep on going boys!
  3. Me is playing records.
  4. The painting in the new house is doing fine.
  5. Lords Of Altamont nearly killed me ;-)
  6. Very maybe next up:
    = the band is playing, but I probably have to do somethin' else :-(
    Brimstone Howl, friday oct 3 in the Crowbar, 21:00! Grunnen Rocks City!
NEWS wednesday september 24, 2008

Boss Hog

aka ... Sister Cristina

What if there would be a "Where Are They Now?" feature on this website?
Today it would have been: "Where is Boss Hog" now?
Well I don't know, but happily I stil have all (?) their records at home and listed here. In case you don't know 'em: Try to hunt down their best tracks "Ruby", "Whiteout", "I Dig You" and their hit "BLACK THROAT". In case you like naked women: to the left you can see the front of their 1989 debutLP.

Anybody wanna trade a house with a balcony for a record collection? I've got 1 copy of each and I'd rather have 2 record collections :-( Anyway the painting of the new house is going quite OK. First band to played in the new house was Tyvek, 2nd The Dutchess & The Duke and 3rd The Spits' "I H8 Pussies And I Don't Like Sex". Musically we're doing mighty fine.

Financially it's less OK. Some years ago somebody in the USA chose to spend 3 billion on a stupid war. Instead it should have been spent on something wiser, like food or clean energy or records for that matter. Now the USA is virtually bankrupt. The economy overthere is like the one here @ our own private home and that is bad, real bad :-(

Funny enough the dutch national economy is doing quite OK, compared to others brilliant even. Stupid enough nobody appears to notice. The economic news from the USA is way to dominant in the press. This country is getting itself into a big depression just by thinking "oh what if it would go here like it does go overthere?". BAH!

NEWS tuesday september 23, 2008

La Douce France

aka ... Sisters Elizabeth & Jeanne

How come there is so much cool and tough garagerock in France?
Why is as an example the UK running behind compared to the frenchies?
Is it because the records need to be shipped by boat or plane?

France has ...

  1. New listed band: Wild Zeros. They just have a 7" out on very cool Frantic City.
  2. The ultracool Yakisakana label that just released an awesome LP by The Feeling Of Love.
  3. Another ultracool label, called Polly Magoo Records, just released a 7" by dutch (!) band The Nixe.

France had/has/both ...

  1. Fatales
  2. Brigitte Bardot
  3. A whole slew of cool, tough, garagebands

But several things are comforting the brittish ...

  1. They are to the north (see map) so they have more rain.
  2. The brittish didn't lose square metres to Italy back in 1940 (see map).
  3. There's more britpop from the UK ;-)
  4. They don't have a queen in France.
  5. The brits do have Black Time.
  6. And they do have The Surgens. The latter just released an awesome followup to their equally fabulous debutCD and they have 3 cool as fuck 7"es now!
NEWS monday september 22, 2008

The Dutchess And The Duke

aka ... Sisters Kimberly & Jesse L.

You probably heard of 'em already but here's a short piece on The Dutchess & The Duke. They are a duo from Seattle, Washington. They have been in various bands over the years, together or not. Now they released their debut album.

There's also 2 7"es, the first of 'm I'm still looking for btw. The first is the one on "Boom Boom Castle Party Records".

The LP sounds like a singer-songwriting duo doing some weird mix up of Leonard Cohen, Pogues, Levellers, a tiny bit of Dylan, and a nice garagey-neo-soul sound added. All mixed up in the Ladd-Blackwell vein we've grown acustomed to last 5/6/7 years.

Here's the plan:

Buy the album.
Tell your local pusher to order another copy.
Tell your local booker he should organise a gig.
(I heard there are plans for europe in january 2009!)
And have 'm play and conquer anybody sceptic about singers-songwriters-duo's.

NEWS sunday september 21, 2008

Reigning Sound

aka ... Sister Ron

Our national sport is (european) soccer. Our local team is called "FC Groningen" and they are #1 this week! Their coach is called Ron Jans and he is rumoured to love one of the best 10 bands ever: Reigning Sound. RS for me is one of the beste 10 bands ever. As requested by you here's the (current) top 100 of bands of all time ...

  1. Gories
  2. Oblivians
  3. Black Lips
  4. Reigning Sound
  5. Dirtbombs
  6. Blacktop
  7. Lazy Cowgirls
  8. Compulsive Gamblers
  9. Ramones
  10. Talking Heads
  11. Sonics
  12. Creedence Clearwater Revival
  13. New Bomb Turks
  14. Claw Boys Claw
  15. Turbonegro
  16. Spits
  17. Beavers
  18. Hex Dispensers
  19. Lost Sounds
  20. Cococoma
  21. Cramps
  22. White Stripes
  23. Daily Void
  24. Tyrades
  25. Wax Museums
  26. mclusky
  27. Neil Young
  28. Tyvek
  29. Jay Reatard
  30. Forbidden Tigers
  31. Jesus Lizard
  32. Mule
  33. Mudhoney
  34. Nirvana
  35. Sonic Youth
  36. Gibson Bros.
  37. JSBX
  38. The Wailers
  39. '68 Comeback
  40. A-Frames
  41. Bob Dylan
  42. Nine Pound Hammer
  43. Cosmic Psychos
  44. Cheater Slicks
  45. M.O.T.O.
  46. Chrome Cranks
  47. Speedball Baby
  48. Bruce Springsteen
  49. Riverboat Gamblers
  50. Boegies
  51. Straaljagers
  52. Monroes
  53. Green Hornet
  54. White Hassle
  55. BYOB

The rest of the top 100 you can fill in as you wish yourself ;-)

This weekend we had the third round of our national soccer competition. FC Groningen managed to be #1.

Here's what I hope for:
Reigning Sound records a new (again dashing) album this fall. It is relesed on ITR early 2008. They are gonna tour Europe in may and june 2008. First show of the tour will be right after the last round of our national competition. I'm gonna be DJ for the Reigning Sound gig. And the entire soccer selection of our home-team will celebrate their championship while they play "Timebomb Highschool".

© In The Red, Reigning Sound

NEWS saturday september 20, 2008

Modey Lemon

aka ... the 3 Brotha's

Yesterday a great show by Modey Lemon in VERA.
Nobody showed up, but that ain't my fault.
I told ya days before, didn't I?
The band deserved and deserves way better though.

Best track of the show: the first one.
I managed to miss out on "Crows", silly me ;-)
Best track of the new album: A1.

Anybody else want free vinyl?

  1. And here's what I played ...
  2. And here's what I played last time I was DJ, before yesterday that is ...

Buy the new album, go see 'em live and say hi to 'em.

Next up: Lords Of Altamont in ORKZ, thursday sept 25

NEWS friday september 19, 2008

My 13th birthday!

aka ... Sister Grunnen Rocks

13 years ago I was born because my daddy is a music maniac. My mommy is unknown as of yet ;-) My insane daddy also is collector's scum which clearly was a main issue in the 13 years of my life. The 3rd big issue in my life was that daddy had to make money and become a computer-programmer, snif. :-(

Around my 7th birthday daddy organised a big party. He gave away lots of free vinyl and compiled a list of "the best 442 bands ever". He recorded 1 song for all 442 bands and crafted these into a 21-hour internet-radioshow. They were Grunnen Rocks Radio #16-#36. Offcourse the first show started with #442 and the last ended with #1. The playlists are still available, but the radioshows aren't available anymore :-(

  1. #16
  2. #17
  3. #18
  4. #19
  5. #20
  6. #21
  7. #22
  8. #23
  9. #24
  10. #25
  11. #26
  12. #27
  13. #28
  14. #29
  15. #30
  16. #31
  17. #32
  18. #33
  19. #34
  20. #35
  21. #36

If daddy would make this list again nowadays, he says, this list would be completely turned upside and down. #1 would still be the same but actually I'm daddy's #1. Later on the radioshow was killed by the VPRO. They do exist (only) 10 years today, congratulations! Time to grow up ;-)

When I was 10 there was a really nice gig in VERA. If daddy's Korsakov' mind remembers well The Drones and the Nazis From Mars played.

Lately daddy found a girl and now some labour of love got him a 2nd child. But hey he is getting used to that and now "me, myself and I" is getting way more attention again. Soon we'll do lots of new stuff and we might even gonna play soccer together ;-) ;-) ;-)

Tonight we're gonna celebrate my birthday in VERA!

xxx, Grunnen Rocks

NEWS september 18, 2008

Cool Dutch Records

aka ... Sister Charlotte

To Quote The Deadly Snakes' "I Can't Sleep" ... I can't sleep :-(
Here's a small list of the coolest dutch records ever.

  1. Beavers, any record, but especially the debut 7"
  2. Claw Boys Claw, any record, but especially that Indian Wallpaper 12"
  3. Doe Maar's De Bom 7"
  4. Fatal Flowers, Younger Days 7"
  5. Firebirds, any record but especially the debut 7"
  6. Green Hornet, any record, but especially the debut 7" and the LP on HM
  7. Monroes, 7"on HM
  8. Shocking Blue, "Send Me A Postcard, Darling"
  9. Straaljagers, any of the 2 7"es
  10. Waistcoats, any record, but especially that ... 7"

and ... offcourse 20.000+ more records, now I'm going to bed again ;-)

NEWS september 17, 2008

I Need Money

aka ... Sister Michelle My Belle

OK, besides buying records, sex and consumption in general I don't have many expenses. Lately I don't have money to buy records anymore. Why? First of all because our balcony isn't sold yet. Why is that? Well putting 2 and 2 together would make you say: "It's the economy".

Well what is wrong with the dutch economy,you might wanna ask. Basically nothing, we haven't been doing so well since years. Well what are the people afraid of then? The disasters in Denmark, UK and most of all the USA.

What is wrong in the USA then. Well some "terrorists" behaved as the biggest assholes since ... well who knows? They bombed two towers. The US president got scared and wanted to fight back. Though I can understand that, in my honest opinion that probably isn't the best thing to do. What is? I don't know really, but spending an amount of or something like that on a war isn't the best thing to do in general.

I read that amount is enough to solve the world's trubbles with lack or shortage of food. The current US president chose to start the war nevertheless. Hmmm. I still can understand but I do not approve or appreciate. Mr. Bush is a republican. I have to be voting for Barack Obamama. But hey, I'm not registered to vote. Not even cause his predecessor made my life miserable. Time to play a record ... a scarey one ... That's gonna be Lost Sounds "I Get Nervous".

© In The Red, Lost Sounds

NEWS september 16, 2008

Modey Lemon

aka ... the 3 Sisters

Next friday (sept 19th) the Modey Lemon will play VERA. On that very day my website will exist 13 years. Almost 1 third of my life I did this labour of love. In a certain way it is my first labour of love. BTW Now I have three and I'm still counting.

In 2002 when the website existed 7 years I organised a big party on the website. Free vinyl every day (no kidding) and 7x3 hours of internet-radio broadcasted through the VPRO. In 2005 when the website existed 10 years there was a gig in VERA. In 2008 I will be DJ at the Modey Lemon show in VERA. My current status of "daddy moving house, wife, kid and his record collection" prevents me from organising the party that'd be appropriate.

The website will exist 13 years. Funny is only 10 and same goes for a local recordstore named Plato. Exactly ten years ago they changed from being "De Cirkel" (a circle) into being less square ("De Plato"). Does Altavista, the search engine that got me my first visitor and my first email (from Stephane Fourdu) still exist? Don't know. And when the hell will I see The Gories or The Oblivians returning to VERA? Don't know that either.

About Modey Lemon I do not have much to write. Great band, the debut 7" and all albums rock my ears out and my socks off. I saw them 3.5 years ago at the immaculate SXSW in Austin, Texas. The new record (Birdman) is good or maybe better and has some psychedelic touch and an organ added. Three more days to go and I'll see a gig again, way better than painting the new house ;-)

NEWS september 15, 2008

Small News

aka ... Sister Marlies

  1. Martin won the contest.
  2. Report on server-side visitor stats is here: april-august 2008

And the main question of today:
Which is more rotten, the musicbizz or the world of finance?
No need to email me about that, I know the answer to that question already. The good answer is banks and insurance companies are the worst. If that ain't true it's any other company involved with money basically :-)

NEWS september 14, 2008

The Evolutions

aka ... Sisters Adam and Eva

Today is the day everything evoluted into something better. You all know Evolution, but what is it? Evolution is a process that adds meaning to life, or digits to a giant number. But why is the evolution there?

Evolution is there because we need meaning. Why is that? Because otherwise life would be useless, an an-unnerving thought. But is all this humbug important? Hmmm ... hmmm ... I don't know.

Lots of things really are important though:

  1. Friends
  2. Sex
  3. Toys Went Berserk
  4. Lazy Cowgirls
  5. Wine, beer, liquor
  6. Blacktop, The Dirtbombs, The Gories
  7. Oblivians, Reigning Sound
  8. The Black Lips
  9. The evil 6 from 2008:
    The Daily Void, Forbidden Tigers, Tyvek, Wax Museums, Cococoma and The Hex Dispensers
    and ...
  10. The Evolutions!

The Evolutions are or were a mighty good band. They are on No Fuckin' Chance Records. Apparently cause they have no chance in the evolution of that darn monster called musicbizz. Is that a shame? YES!

Anyway, in 5 days, september 19, this website will turn 13. This birthday is gonna be celebrated in VERA with some free vinyl. There's a band playing aswell: Modey Lemon, yessiree! Be there or be a Nancy.

NEWS september 13, 2008

The Beavers

aka ... Sisters Jack & Titus and more ...

Anybody wanna buy a balcony?
E-mail me if you wanna trade ... :-)

Here's a short post with my program for my next week
Until october 6 it is only painting, DIY, cleaning, etc in the new house.
For music the upcoming 14 days might feature (for me) these gigs in Grunnen Rocks City ...

  1. 19 sept Modey Lemon in VERA, me = DJ
  2. 19 sept Beavers, the band that released the best dutchmade (dutch band, dutch label) 7" ever in Walrus. They just released an awesome 10" on the also dutch label High School Reject Records. Koos, who runs that label invested good money in good music, welldone and muchos gracias for the beautiful sleeve!
  3. 25 sept Lords Of Altamont in ORKZ

Next post might be uploaded while being in the new house, who knows?

NEWS september 12, 2008

Burning Down The House

aka ... Sisters David, Berber & Anneke

On #7 or #8 of 9/11 we had a mighty good night in VERA.
Cool DJ Elpee's JanK played a more original version of The Gories' Trick Bag. By the way I would have liked to hear the Mummies "I'm Down" too. Sorry, that's just "me = stupid baboon" complaining, welldone Jan!

The stompin' surfin' garageband Royal Pendletons are cool as fuck. They played in "the world's best club" great tracks like ...

  1. Hot Rod Dissertation
  2. The Losing Hand
  3. The Jesters Of Newport's Stormy.
  4. The Pleasure Seekers' What A Way To Die

And offcourse their immaculate hitsong "Sore Loser". Next time I'll marry they should come over and play "He's A Sore Loser" at my 2nd wedding :-)

Opening up were the Krontjong Devils. This best dutch surfband ever just released a new LP, be sure to check that out. A lot of fun on stage btw, they might be funnier than Obama Barack. They sure are funnier than Jay Leno or Conan O' Brien. Now we'd like a 6th 7", is that possible?
After my visit to the merch-table I realized it should have been the Krontjong Devils opening up for the Royal Pendletons. But hey who cares. Two equally cool/good/lekkere bands on one evening. Me = spoiled ape = not complaining.

The day before me and the boy next door saw The Futureheads and I Kissed Charles. Both good (if possible) Britpop, both bands outwitting Oasis though, hands down really. I Kissed Charles opened up. They are from Meppel and their singer is mighty nice. It might be they're a bit of mix of We Start Fires (where are they?) and Fay Lovsky. Probably with a tiny touch of Depeche Mode and a finishing of dark-haired, short "Long Blondes".

And there's a cool 6th 7" by the Wax Museums and I already ordered their new virgin vinyl LP. My guess is as good as yours but I think that's gonna be the best LP of 2008. Though it might be that the new LP by the very, very nice Nothing People is better, we'll see about that. And btw ... The LP by The Duke And The Dutchess is neat aswell. And eh ... maybe somebody can help me getting copies of the new Nobunny LP or the old Sneaky Pimps 7"?

What about the band that released the best 7" of 2007: The Daily Void. Anything upcoming guys?

Next up: Modey Lemon, sept 19 and I'll be your DJ. On that special day I will turn 13, which is not really true, I'll still be 39.

And guess what: tomorrow I'll get a CD from The Deadly Vibes from Taiwan.
Not really ... or maybe ... who knows?
Would like to get a CD from an african band, that'd be cool.

NEWS august 17, 2008

The Krontjong Devils & The Royal Pendletons

aka ... Sisters Gerhard, Kees, Nico, Hendrik, Jan and more ...

What if I wouldn't be a busy daddy moving house?
Well 1st of all I would have seen Drive By Truckers in VERA last wednesday.
Second I would have been at the Lowlands festival this weekend. I would have lived in a tent from friday onwards to tomorrow. I would have been drunk 3 evenings in a row, you know the drill. And I would have seen a lot non-Grunnen Rocks bands that are OK or even better than that. Think of Pigeon Detectives, Black Mountain, Blood Red Shoes, British Sea Power, Henry Rollins, Sex Pistols and The Wombats.
Grunnen Rocks bands on the festival would only have been:

  1. Claw Boys Claw - the best dutch band ever
  2. Fucked Up
  3. Danko Jones and ...
  4. The Hives

By the way the Lowlands festival used to have more Grunnen Rocks bands. In the past bands like Danko Jones, Be Your Own Pet, The Hives (again), Stooges, White Stripes, Raconteurs and loads of others played. Back in the day they even had bands like Jesus Lizard and Cosmic Psychos. I'm still surprised The Dirtbombs and De Straaljagers never played this festival.

Anyway if I wouldn't be a daddy at the very least I'd see these 8 bands on these 7 evenings:

  1. 21/8 Dan Sartain VERA DJ=moi
  2. 28/8 Polysics VERA
  3. 10/9 Futureheads VERA DJ=moi?
  4. 11/9 Krontjong Devils & Royal Pendletons !!! & !!! VERA
  5. 19/9 Modey Lemon !!! VERA DJ=moi
  6. 11/10 Adept VERA
  7. 26/11 Beat Beat Beat !!! VERA DJ=moi?

But HEY ...
I am a busy daddy moving house during the next 10 weeks/2 months. That's gonna take a lot of time, but after that hard work the kid will have a garden, instead of a balcony, to play in.
Life gotta be really miserable if I'm not gonna be DJ in the VERA the 21st of august and the 19th of september.
And I gotta turn severely ill to make me miss The Royal Pendletons (three 7"es, 1 LP) opening up for the best dutch surfband of last 15 years The Krontjong Devils (four 7"es, one CD, one LP, one cool new LP). We'll see what more gigs I'll be able to attend but trust me Royal Pendletons: I'll be there, ill, sick or neither.

NEWS august 11, 2008

Popquiz Results

aka ... Sister Gerry & His Dictators

Last saturday we had the (5th) annual popquiz in VERA. This time only questions on dutch music, mainly dutch-language music. Biggest questions were on pre-1960 music and foul-language music.

There were 14 teams competing, about 70 or 80 people joining. Maxscore was 61 points, minimumscore zero. Here's the results for the team-round:

1Lex' All Stars
Trio 1.0
The Dictators
4Jean Claude Maar Wat Aan43
5Dan Maar Soep40
6Oh God We Gaan Beginnen37
De Senioren
9Sjors Doe Het Niet
Former Downstage Team
btw1: Congrats in advance to now-bachelor Sjors
btw2: Next time we'll do a tiny international question and yes we'll do something on VERA's famous history aswell.
11The Misfits32

Due to 3 teams ending the team-round with equal scores the final was horribly chaotic. To prevent such chaos next time I'll bring 24 caps to play cap-on/cap-off then. Krontjong Tielman Brother Devil Crazy Gerry won because of his earal capacities. He recognized Breedbekkikker Herman Brood the first. CONGRATS!

NEWS august 5, 2008


aka ... Sisters Leo & Willem

HA! Next saturday (august 9) there will be the 5th annual Popquiz in the world's best club. There'll be a popprofessor called Leo B. and a quizmaster called Willem "EN" Ruis. This year it'll be a mighty dutchie quiz. There will NOT be a question on music accompanying television-ads. But there will be big prizes and beautiful laydies assisting Mr. Willem. Be there or be square. VERA will be open 22:30 and the quiz will not start before 23:15. After the quiz DJ's Sebastiaan and Evert will rock your socks off. Maybe you'd better leave the socks at home ... :-)

Below you see the cool room in VERA. Try to find the U2-tourposter out of 1980 ...
And yes the girl to the right is Cristina Martinez. The boy to the left is PW aka Pepr.

NEWS august 2, 2008

Information Overload

aka ... Sister Gloria

Hello to you all.

Since we're going to the zoo today here's a small post.

As a small example of "Information Overload" here's a current state of affairs.

  • There's a mailbox at home that doesn't fit on a DVD.
  • My DVD-writer isn't functioning well at all, damned thing.
  • I have over 400 messages in my inbox.
  • There's loads of accounts.
  • Besides the regular ones I have accounts at Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • I even have a WAYN-account now.
  • My ToDo folder with emails has over 3000 messages in it.
  • And yet still nobody dares joining the the contest below, how come?

But no worries I Still Love The Old World and I Will Survive!

BTW: We Europeans should hurry up and check out Eat Skull. As usual we are a little bit slow on the uptake around here. The American part of the world already knows these guys. On our side of the Atlantic I didn't hear anybody speak about them though. Nor did I hear anybody speak about the label they are on: Siltbreeze Records. That is since the label was resurrected some years ago. What are you all listening to? Anyway both Eat Skull and Siltbreeze Records come recommended. Off course same goes for Times New Viking.

BTW#2: The next post will not be here today or tomorrow.

NEWS august 1, 2008

Ten Pieces Of Love

aka ... Sister Boss

Here's ten pieces of love to play while having a regular working day:

  1. MOTO - "I Hate My Fucking Job"
  2. Entombed - "I Hate People"
  3. Motorama - "Lucienne" / "Tell Me! What?!"
  4. Wire - "Mr. Suit"
  5. Supercharger - "You Irritate Me"
  6. Headcoats - "(We Hate The Fuckin') N.M.E."
  7. Clutters - "9999 (Ways To Hate Us)"
  8. Anti-Nowhere League - "any track"
  9. NBT - "You Can Take Your Fucking Money And Shove It Up Your Ass"
    (and for my girl and Gijs ...)
  10. Bruce Springsteen - "These Are Better Days"
NEWS july 30, 2008


aka ... Sister Erik

YES! A new record by one of the best dutch bands of the last 10 years.
Lo-Lite always did their own version of "neat trashblues". Since Tjeerd and his mate are dutch they didn't called this nederbeat, but puinblues.
The new record is called "12 Picks" and sounds a bit harsh, but hey that is why it is trashblues. The LP is out on cool german label Red Lounge Records. They recently released the CD aswell. Buy this earal pleasure or be stupid.
Great live-show too, book 'em through
Would like to see 'em once again btw.

One last thing: contending for the contest below can be done through e-mail aswell. Last 3 days I got 100s of e-mail with other subjects already, but hey ... I'd rather give away those 50 bucks of vinyl (!) records to anybody not emailing any dutch. When you email me be sure to make the subject like "*contest*", otherwise my email-software might neglect your email ;-) One way or the other do not use MySpace to message me! comments are OK though ...

NEWS july 27, 2008

The FUCKING Record Industry

aka ... Sister Long Gone John

What to do when you want to meet old friends?
A modern day answer would be:
E-Mail all the email-addresses on your website and see what happens.


Anyway here's what Long Gone John wants to tell ya:

In October 2007 Long Gone John aka Two-Bit Johnny completed moving his feline menagerie and 70,000 pounds of art and artifacts to a secret waterfront location in the middle of the forest in Olympia, Washington. He has appropriately named his new home, Xanadon't ... It is rumoured that he spends much of his time walking on the rocky beach, watching mindless television and sleeping as much as possible ... He is also devoting time to his other venture, necessaries toy foundation ... It appears that he is quite happy and no matter how much you wish it to be so we have probably not heard the last of him ...

Hmm, well ...
While in Grunnen Rocks HQ there's not much to add to that message from Xanadoesn't.
Except maybe that I do NOT have any sympathy whatso-ever for the record industry, except for ...
Sympathy For The Record Industry
funny but true ;-)

NEWS july 25, 2008

Rockin' Bones

aka ... Sister Gualtiero

So today we're back on track in getting all records and info listed on the website asap. First up: the coolest, best, oldest, biggest label of Italy listed here: Rockin' Bones. The label is run by the famous Gualtiero Pagani. Back in the 90s he also ran Killyourself Punkarrecords.
Gualtiero released almost 70 record to date. He released lots of cool singles, cool albums and a nice number of reissues. He released albums of (slightly) bigger bands, like Action Swingers, Briefs (a great singles compilation), Dwarves, South Filthy, Supersuckers and offcourse the infamous Winks (back then with Hex Dispensing Alyse).
Best release of the last year is a 7" by new italian band The Gagfactors. Screw-mixing Alicja Trout even appears on it. Another mighty good, awesome even, release is a 2xLP reissue/updated version of a canadian punkcompilation released back in the days. It's called "Vancouver" and is an easy recommendation for anybody into classic sounding punk. All and all you'll have a hard time in finding another label like this one, it's a classic!

Be also aware of Lady Kinky Karrot Records. Like Rockin' Bones this label is a combination of new stuff (a neat M.O.T.O. album for instance) and classic reissues. By the way this label is run by Gualtiero's girlfriend Laura Metelli.

NEWS july 23, 2008

© Moderately Confused by Jeff Stahler

Kids Music Top 10 Of all Time

aka Sister Gosse

Here's the all time top 10 of KIDS MUSIC, as selected by Mr. Gosse himself:

  1. VOF De Kunst - "Dikkertje Dap"
  2. Gories - "Sister Ann"
  3. Oblivians - "Do The Milkshake"
  4. Sesamstraat - "Ik Verloor Mijn Koekie In De Disco"
  5. Jonathan Richman - "Important In Your Life"
  6. Andre Williams & Green Hornet - "I Wanna Be Your Favorite Pair Of Pajamas"
  7. Koot & Bie - "I Wanna Fuck You"
  8. Sjakie Schram - "Tante Mien, Mag Ik Je Poesje Even Zien"
  9. The Fatals - "Angry"
  10. Dulce Pontes - "Garça Perdida"

BTW (by the way) #1:
That contest (see below) is as "easy" as can be.
You all disappoint me quite a bit here.
Here's what you should do:

  1. Try to google city + trash + mark + meppel (click here will do).
  2. Take the 4th entry
  3. The answer is to be found in the piece at, you even needn't follow the link.
  4. Read and think (only a really tiny bit)
  5. Post on my MySpace profile ...
    ... and you risk getting over 60 dollars worth of crappy vinyl ...
    (all on the "world's best label" High Maintenance)

I mean really ... for God's sake ... why are you reading this then?

"Me = Stupid Baboon" started to clean up all the comments. While thinking I was deleting the oldest comments first I was actually deleting the newest ones. So accidentally I deleted all contenders sofar. "ME = A REAL STUPID BABOON!" Man ... I'm drunk already at 11:55 CET ;-) If I'd have to make the decision sweet Erik De Wilde and (almost) sweeter Carl Voelk would win ex aequo. But hey! it's up to Mark K. himself to choose the winner. Offcourse previous contenders can raise their chances of winning by posting again (no kidding here) ...

NEWS july 21, 2008

Modern Multitalented Monster #1

aka Sister "Wax Museum" Daniel

© TV's Daniel

Let's start this week with a modern day youngster who happens to be in 4 singles-releasing bands. His name is TV's Daniel and he's from The Lonestar State.
- His first releasing band is/was The Wrists. A couple of CD-R's (I did get my hands on the first of 'em at the SXSW 2005) and 2 singles sofar, awesome noisy screamo-artpunk.
- He used to be in The Gash, who released a split 7" with fellow austin punkrockers The Ape-Shits.
- His most wellknown (and best in my opinion) band is the awesome Wax Museums, aka "A ZOO FULL OF RAMONES". This band released 5 singles sofar. You should try to hunt 'em down, but hey they are rare as fuck. Their MySpace profile has great songs so there's a little comfort to be found. The Wax Museums also have 1 compilation track on the immaculate Almost Ready Records. And what's more: there is a 7" on Fashionable Idiots and an LP on Douchemaster Records in the works.
- His 4th band is The Pumpers.
- The 5th one is Bad Sports. Both Pumpers and Bad Sports released two singles each sofar.
All and all he and his 5 bands released 11 singles, one split single and one compilation track sofar. Everything is out on cool, good, awesome labels. My guess is as good as yours but I think in a few years he'll outwit quite a number of personal heroes here ... And remember: I Warned Ya!

NEWS july 13, 2008

Subpop's 20th Birthday

aka ... Sister Jonathan P(oneman) and Sister Bruce (Pavitt)

Apparently Subpop decided to party since it started 20 years ago. I always thought the first records to be released in 1986 or 1987, but anyway, who cares. Well partying is what we like so we'll do a short piece on this seminal label. Apparently the people at the english Mojo Magazine thought something like that. Mojo #177 has a CD with only 15 Subpop tracks on it.

The best tracks are the first 6 (the oldest ones) and #12 (Kelley Stoltz) and #14 (Pissed Jeans). The compilation clearly shows the historic development of the label. Most of the awesome stuff on the label was released (way) before 1995. Also the label was as far as I know the first to release a split single with the a-side-band covering the b-side-band and vice versa. Also they used to run the Singles Club, which was awesome in it's time. That also might be a first, don't know for sure.

Anyway here's my own top 30 all-time Subpop non-split-singles:

  1. SP 18 - Mudhoney - Touch Me I'm Sick 7"
  2. SP 23 - Nirvana - Love Buzz 7" (don't have this one, even though it's a Shocking Blue cover)
  3. SP 29 - Thugs - Chess & Crimes 7"
  4. SP 31 - Mad Daddys - Take Me Back To Woodstock 7"
  5. SP 43 - Lazy Cowgirls - Loretta 7"
  6. SP 45 - Love Battery - Between The Eyes 7"
  7. SP 48 - Screaming Trees - Change Has Come 2x7"
  8. SP 50 - Dwarves - She's Dead 7"
  9. SP 51 - Honeymoon Killers - Get It Hot 7"
  10. SP 58 - L7 - Shove 7"
  11. SP 65 - Lubricated Goat - Meating My Head 7"
  12. SP 71 - Headcoats - Time Will Tell 7"
  13. SP 74 - Beat Happening - Red Head Walking 7"
  14. SP 76 - Unsane - Vandal-X 7"
  15. SP 80 - Tad - Jinx 7"
  16. SP 91 - Rein Sanction - Creel 7"
  17. SP 96 - Reverend Horton Heat - Psychobilly Freakout 7"
  18. SP 134 - Gories - Give Me Some Money 7" (pictured to the right)
  19. SP 152 - Fuckers - Block Party 7"
  20. SP 159 - Mono Men - Skin & Bones 7"
  21. SP 180 - JSBX - Big Yule Log Boogie 7" (though worse than any JSBX ITR 7")
  22. SP 200 - Dead Moon - Dirty Noise 7"
  23. SP 211 - Sebadoh - Soul And Fire 7"
  24. SP 216 - '68 Comeback, You Could Call Me Job 7" (ITR 7" is way better)
  25. SP 314 - Supersuckers - Born With A Tail 7"
  26. SP 339 - Grifters - Last Man Alive 7"
  27. SP 527 - White Stripes - Party Of Special Things To Do (3 Captain Beefheart covers) 7"
  28. SP 563 - Briefs - C'mon Squash Me Like A Bug 7"
  29. SP 718 - Pissed Jeans - Don't Need Smoke To Make Myself Disappear 7"
  30. SP 726 - CSS - Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above 7"

Only one of these singles made it to the MOJO-Compilation, a classic punkrock-monster-hit called "Shove". That's quite a disappointment, considering what the CD could have sounded like. And after all: How good can a label be when you can't find their full discography on their own site? Next post on this website will be july 21st, gonna take a small break ...

NEWS july 12, 2008

City Trash aka Sister Mark K.

The best dutch music rag is called City Trash. It is run by Mark K. and some others from Meppel City, Drenthe, The Netherlands. They are up to #30, congrats boys, KEEP ON ROCKING!
The new edition has Cococoma on the frontpage and inside you'll find interviews with The Sonic Chicken 4, Intelligence and the awesome duo Cococoma & Hex Dispensers.

While drinking some garbage wine I was thinking about music magazines in general and I think there are about 8 that I recently read.

  • Denimzine, swedish magazine, glossy, but Roky is on the cover of #17. Good stuff, inside you'll find (small) articles on loads of good bands, like BYOP, Haunted George, Poppets, Dead Man and Fucked Up.
  • High Heels Slut, a belgian mag on mainly garagerock and punk, especially singles.
  • Razorcake, an american magazine, doing a lot of reviews, mainly punkrock.
  • City Trash [citytrash[AT]hotmail{DOT}com]
  • Oor, the biggest dutch music-magazine. This magazine ain't what it used to be. There are a couple of good reviewers. One even is awesome, but in general I read the mag in say 15 minutes. #6 of 2008 has Coldplay on the cover.
  • NME, english guttermagazine. Though they recently had something on Eat Skull, try to find that in The Netherlands.
  • Mojo, english magazine, lots of old/big bands, they have Nirvana on the cover of #177.
  • VERA-Krant ... what to say, love it.

Hey let's do a contest. Here's The Question:

What's the lastname of Mark, who runs City Trash?

Here's how to answer:
Just post your answer in the Comments section of my Myspace profile. Don't send an email or worse a myspace-message, just post a comment with your answer on MySpace. Mark will pick the winner himself. On what grounds? I don't know. The winner will get a copy of City Trash #30 and 4 7"-singles. All singles are/were released on my own label High Maintenance.

  1. The Monroes, they are from Grunnen Rocks City. They should have been called "Grunnen Cobras" and they are very, very good.
  2. White Hassle, NYC sweet rootsey rockin' band. Band includes Marcellus Hall. He used to be in the underapproved Railroad Jerk.
  3. Speedball Baby, NYC monsterband. Single is sold out for a couple of years, but I got some copies left.
  4. The Dirtbombs, the first 7" on my label, released back in 1998. I had 1000 copies made and the single has been sold out for ages. Last time I saw this on eBay it did 40 bucks or the like.

City Trash is the best!

NEWS july 11, 2008

Sleazefest aka Sister Bjørn

Here's the poster of the Amsterdam festival called Sleazefest. Obviously I can't be there, but I do regret this a lot cause zZz's Bjørn Ottenheim booked a great line-up. You're a a moron if you're in Amsterdam next week and you won't go to this festival, no kidding here. I mean really, the Hidden Charms are playing, go and see'em! The festival do have a website by the way.

The Double Agents aka Sister Kim

Aussie rootsey rock'n'roll band The Double Agents recently played in the ORKZ-bar in my backyard. A great gig, good music, a hit ("Makin' Eyes") and nice people, especially Kim ;-). Anyway they still have copies of their hit 7" and the second album is available on vinyl now. LP is out on the french Beast Records and CD is out on the native In-Fidelity Recordings. !!!VIVA VINYL!!! rules, FUCK CD's and love to Kim and her Friends In Low Places.

Damned Singles Clubs aka Sister Jay

Here's a call from me to you. I'm looking for still more records. Now Matador started a limited edition singles club series by Mr Jay L. Reatard. Can anybody help me with finding copies of these releases. Obviously I need to pay, but hey who do I need to paypal how much?

NEWS july 10, 2008

Bachelor Records aka Sister Justine

Since june 13 I'm not suposed to like this label, but nevertheless I do love Bachelor Records. It's relatively new label from Austria, maybe from Vienna I don't know that. It would easily fit inbetween Radio X and Estrus.

Among their first singles was a truly awesome Black Lips single. Obviously the Clorox Girls, aka modern times Buzzcocks, are really great. The austrian Staggers surfpunk smoke out of your ... In case you don't know: I'm still looking for their debut 7". German girlpowertrio The Elektras is as cute as german girls can be. Think Heidi ... what's her name?

Later on singles of ao the awesome Suspicions and a white LP by the Mugwumps. The Feelers 7" also is awesome. BTW Didn't see The Feelers, despite the fact that they played in VERA's basement. Me = stupid baboon, but you knew that already.

The one-but-last batch brought us the debut 7" of Batman & Robin, a very funny austrian partyband. Beat Beat, also an austrian band. They do have a 2nd 7" on Spin The Bottle. The Beat Beat 7" on Bachelor is a corelease with Milk & Chocolate Records. The swedish Poppets (with former heartattacker Magnus) and the second 7" by The Yolks. The Yolks happen to have an awesome debut 7" on Criminal IQ.

The latest 3 singles are:

  • The second RRnR KKids 7" on the label. They are from Monarch Beach, California.
  • The third 7" by the Boys Club. BTW#2 that debut 7" of 'em is way expensive, my gosh, I mean freakin' hell.
    ... and ...
  • The second 7" by Batman & Robin.

Everything comes recommended, as always, ENJOY. And now I'm gonna read my mail while watching Batman & Robin and drinking some grüner veltliner.

NEWS july 9, 2008

The Manikins aka Spend The Night Alone

HA! Our honeymoon is over. We didn't see no Honeymoon Killers around but Jonnie B says hi. And for the record Hans says hi and Sergio and Ellemieke are getting married aswell. Last saturday The Manikins played the world's best club VERA, Groningen, The Netherlands. After a small tour in Italy (5 shows I believe) they smashed VERA's basement.

Here's some tracks they played:

  • their 4th single and best track (sofar): "Spend The Night Alone"
  • their first single: "Don't Gimme A Choice"
  • "I Am That Guy", a really neat Compulsive Gamblers cover
  • the first track of the first LP on P.Trash Records: "Epileptic"
  • the titletrack of the new album: "Crocodiles" (pictured to the right)
  • best track on the new album: "Losin' Streak" (on P.Trash Records)

Funny though that nobody covers the best Compulsive Gamblers tracks. They all are to be found on the second 7" by this great band. Anyway now I'm gonna drink Priorat, eat gehåkt bullår and have sex afterwards.

NEWS july 4, 2008

Beat Beat Beat

OK, now we're catching up with things/bands/labels that should have been mentioned here months/years ago. Here's another one. Beat Beat Beat are from Atlanta, Georgia. Sofar they released one great punkrock single and one great punkrock album only. There's a connection with The Carbonas but I don't know the details (help is appreciated: mail me). Anyway they're planning a tour in europe for november, december 2008. And I'll be damned: I want to see 'em! Preferably in Grunnen City but any gig reachable inbetween the kid going to bed and the kid waking up would be cool enough. Book 'em through Jon K [jonk[AT]alleycatrecords{DOT}se]. BTW he runs swedish label Alleycat (I guess).

NEWS july 3, 2008

Daily Void

As previously discussed The Daily Void have a monster hit called "(Surprise Surprise) You've Lost Your Eyes". I also bought the album about a month ago. Great album, and a new monster hit: "The Man Without A Face (HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA)". The first monster hit is on the album aswell. And there's some 7"es. All of 'm great, but besides that monster 7" on Hozac Records the one on Florida's Dying also carries a third monster hit: "Man Machine". Just buy everything and you won't feel lonely anymore ...

In case you still do feel lonely and you don't have money or a local recordstore: go try their myspace page, it carries all the hits.

NEWS july 2, 2008

Funny Characters

One of the nasty leftovers after doing all the covers (see may 16 below) were the funny characters. Especially scandinavian, czech or croatian people probably have been annoyed for ages. Same for members of bands like Atomångest, Buzzov·en, Capitán Entresijos, Cécilia Et Ses Ennuis, El Desvän Del Macho, etc, etc, etc ...
But now it all works.
As said everything works, besides your regular characters like:
a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
all these punctuation stuff works aswell:
- _ , ? / \ ( ) ! ' " . : # * ~ & + $ % < > @ ( ) { } [ ] | ^
And what's more, characters like
· © ° ½ ¡ ¿ ¶ § « » ¾ ¯ à À á Á â Â ã Ã ä Ä å Å æ Æ ß ç Ç è È é É ê Ê ë Ë ì Ì í Í î Î ï Ï ñ Ñ ò Ò ó Ó ô Ô ö Ö ø Ø õ Õ š Š ù Ù ú Ú û Û ü Ü ý Ý ž Ž
and even
ć č đ ě ů
now are readable aswell.
YES! Now the Grunnen Rocks Backend Application (aka GR's CMS) is capable of generating webpages with about any character sensible people can think of. HAHA! Offcourse back to our beloved music tomorrow.

NEWS july 1, 2008

Cheap Time

How does a 21st century american take on mainly english 77 punkrock sound? Add some Runaways, some Sparks, some New York Dolls to The Buzzcocks. Mix in quite a bit of trash and a lot of garagey rock 'n' roll and you get Cheap Time's debut LP on In The Red. Great band, great album! The band includes Grunnen Rocks alumnus Jeffrey Novak. Record includes an awesome cover of an early Jack Yarber band called The End. BTW#1 I'm looking for acopy of that 7" by The End. BTW#2 And like with Forbidden Tigers their two singles are not too be missed. They're on Sweet Rot Records and on excellent Douchemaster Records.

Bonus #1:
HA, Be Your Own Pet might be playing VERA in august. Hey Jemina, please tell your dutch/european booker you want to play in Grunnen city! And why not take Cheap Time with ya?

NEWS june 30, 2008

Forbidden Tigers

One of the best trashy rock'n'roll records of last years is by Nebraska's Forbidden Tigers. A must have for anybody into garagey rock'nroll. The band includes two Brimstone Howlers. They were scheduled for this year's april, I hope they'll soon be able to play europe ... BTW their two singles on Savage Records and A Fistful Of Records are awesome too.

Bonus #1:
And here's to the spanish soccer team: CONGRATULATIONS!

NEWS june 23, 2008

Just Married

June 13th me and my cool/cute girl got married.
But basically nothing changed:

  • Gosse is as cool/cute as can be
  • The best band ever still is the immaculate Gories
  • life is still way too busy
  • VERA is the best club in the world
  • dutch soccer always is destroyed by euphoria
  • the next update of this website will be asap ... maybe tomorrow, maybe some other day ...

photo by Willem Kolvoort

NEWS june 10, 2008

Be Your Own Pet

You should know 'm by now, but hey I gotta tell the people about the music I love. Today we have another no-brainer. The (quite new) second album, "Get Awkward", by Be Your Own Pet is again a blast. Even better than the first if I might add and I loved that one already. Best song: "The Kelly Affair". Please do come and play VERA asap, Jemina, please?

Bonus #1:
Next update will only be next monday (june 16), since me and my girl are getting married friday 13th (no kidding here btw).

Bonus #2:
Say Hooray for the dutch soccer team. At the european championships they amazed our sore depressed country with the best match they played in years. Sorry for the italians, but hey we were the best ;-) Next up: the "fuckin' frenchies" ...
NEWS june 5, 2008

Bonne Aparte

Bonne Aparte. Ouch, saw these 6 dutch guys last friday (may 30) for the 3rd time and yes they blew me away again. They're called Simon, Johan, Jorrit, Gerrit, Michiel and Keimpe (btw the latter 3 are in Adept, together with a guy named Wouter). This time it was the presentation of their new and debut CD, released on Wham! Wham! Records. Serious this is/might be(come) one of the best 10 dutch bands ever. At least the CD is gonna be among the best dutch albums in 2008. I play it all the time and I love it more and more each day. Funniest thing is they are a mix-up of bands like The Hunches and Black Time, but slightly weirder and a little catchier too. Go listen to 'em and say hi @ You won't regret it.

NEWS june 4, 2008

The Dirtbombs

The show was booked only 2 days ago, Monday, June 2, 2008, 5:10 PM CET to be exact. Yes!!! Personal faves The Dirtbombs will play in Utrecht (The Netherlands) next week tuesday. Opening act will be Low Point Drains. I might not be able to go there myself, but I will try. Anyway: for every dutchie including me, myself and I: be there or be square!

And while at the job:
We also have to talk about the new "We Have You Surrounded" LP and "Play Sparks" 7" on In The Red. After a few years of silence (2006 and 2007 only brought us, me at least, one-and-a-half Dirtbombs 7") The Dirtbombs are back with a new album. It is called "We Have You Surrounded". It is the 4th album if you don't count CD-releases or that quite disappointing split LP. I actually think this is a mighty good album. Not really as good as "Ultraglide" but that is not to be expected by any band actually. It still has quite a number of good/cool/awesome (stomping now and then) tracks and 2 excellent covers. Covers of The Sparks and Dead Moon. That Sparks cover is called "Sherlock Holmes" and is on a 7" aswell. My guess is as good as anybody else's but I think this is their second best album ever. Second to the best album of the first 5 years of this millennium. Anybody complaining ? Not Me. Old love never dies.

To the left there's another mighty cool picture of Those Awesome Dirtbombs.

Bonus #1:
And here's band#1 with two awesome singles. First up it's Static Static. They're from LA, USA. They do extremely cool mighty buzzing synthpunk. First 7" is going to be a collector's item. Two pressings released on two different labels: Babytooth Records and N.P.O. Records. The second 7" is even better and is on Hozac Records. Two more singles on their way ...

Bonus #2:
Second for today is equally cool Plexi 3. Their debut 7" is on the acclaimed Dusty Medical Records. And they also have a second 7" on Hozac Records. Both singles are catchy punkrock with female vocals.
Hunt 'em down! That is: hunt all those singles down!
Oh and both bands, Static Static and Plexi 3, have Grunnen Rocks Alumni in the line-up.

NEWS june 1, 2008

Digger & The Pussycats

Today a big heads/thumbs/whatever up to our aussie friends Andy and Sam, together also know as Digger & The Pussycats. The new album is great, the show in VERA (may 1) was great, everything is mighty fine. The live-show was as awesome and enthusiastic as ever. In case you wanna get an idea about that go join 'em at MySpace and go and see the pics ... GREAT BAND!

Bonus #1:
In case you wanna hear some more good music. There's a new dutch radioshow called Takkeherrie. It's presented in dutch by sweet Barbara and sweet Nataly. You can also download mp3 versions of the show, so go ahead and do so. Now and then I suggest a track for the show so it must be good :-)

Bonus #2:
Finally for today: 2 rocking Swedish labels to enjoy: Savage Records and Radio Obligato Records. The wild Savage Records just released a series of 4 new singles, by The Original Three (with a Black Lipper), Cheap Thrills, River City Tanlines (with offcourse Alicia, btw congrats for the baby, xxx) and the best of 'em is by the awesome Forbidden Tigers (with 2 Brimstone Howlers). Together with Obligatory Records they released a new 7" by beloved M.O.T.O. and Radio Obligatory Records released 2 singles on it's own: The Nagz (with "Don Wanna" aka Jonas) and Makeouts. Just buy all of 'em.

NEWS may 27, 2008

Nasty Product

Some more "fuckin' frenchies" to honour ... First a real nasty garagetrash-label: Nasty Product. They've released 20 singles so far. All of 'm straight up trash. The latest being by italian stars Movie Star Junkies, french one-man-band The Feeling Of Love, french garage-duo The Magnetix, french trashy band King Custer McCarthy and beloved aussie duo Digger & The Pussycats. Be sure to not miss any single one of 'em.

Bonus #1:
Here's more straight up french punk: a mighty good 7" by Flying Over and a really neat CD by The Pneumonias.

Bonus #2:
A 7" by awesome new trash-band Chimiks 7", like Complications a band with a former member of The Fatals. Btw the 7" on Sentenza Records is the debut 7" by Complications, not the Yakisakana one.
NEWS may 23, 2008

Yakisakana Records

Time to honour some "fuckin' frenchies" here. Let's start with the awesome Yakisakana Records label. For years Ronan has been the "Dix-Sept Inch Version De Dans Le Rouge" of europe. Last year he had a small hiatus but now he is up and running like good old times (shake hands?). The first 7" after the hiatus was by cool band The Mans. The second one is a reunion (what band they were in together then?) of King Automatic and The Feeling Of Love called The Great Reunion. The third platter is by the cool Lot Lizards. The fourth 7" is the debut 7" by the all-star band Complications. They have a second 7" on another cool french label called Sentenza Records by the way. Basically the advise here is the same as for all other recommended "drugdealers": buy everything, regret is not an option.

Bonus #1:
It's not all trash in france, there's mighty good oldfashioned 1977 punkrock too, like the debut 7" by the Veines, be sure not to miss this hit!

Bonus #2:
Ha! Finally a "serious-not-inappropriately funny", noisy, trashy, "art-punky but not too arty" band from The Netherlands! "Our country" didn't know but we needed that for a long time already, especially to cheer us up in these national politics wise horrible times. They are from Groningen even, which once again shows that "Grunnen Rocks". Be sure to check out Bonne Aparte at their MySpace Page and buy their CD asap. You can check the entire album out online aswell, just go to the album-promotion page @ Especially recommended for fans of In The Red, S-S Records and/or Hozac Records. The album will be presented next week friday (may 30) offcourse in fabulous VERA, be there or be square.

NEWS may 22, 2008


Another great album on excellent Goner Records is the 3rd album by The Carbonas. They were on tour in europe in march and I managed to not see 'em. Me = stupid baboon (no kidding here). Anyway you can buy their toursingle @ the excellent Douchemaster Records' website. Next time they're in Europe they oughtto play VERA aswell.

Bonus #1:
Oh and you're a moron if you don't own a copy of the Digital Leather, "She Had A Cameltoe" 7" on Goner Records, also a monsterhit. By the way Digital Leather played a great show in The Crowbar, a new local club.

Bonus #2:
For the wicked there's a good CD out on Goner Records aswell. It's by Memphis legend Ross Johnson and he is ranting like he's a mad man, shake hands? It's a career overview with loads of cool tracks by cooler bands or Mr. Ross solo. Like anything else on Goner Records this comes recommended.
NEWS may 19, 2008


A lot of stuff still needs to be mentioned here. Most important: the best albumof 2008 so far is the debut LP by Cococoma. It's out on excellent Goner Records and this organ-loaded swinging garage rocks my socks off each time I play it. And I did that a lot, about 50 times last 3 months at least. Buy or Die is the word here. BTW the show mentioned below was excellent aswell, that's why Cococoma and Hex Dispensers are on the top of every page on this website now :-)

Bonus #1:
Offcourse you need to have 1 copy of any 7" out on Hozac Records. But ... you're severely fucked in case you don't own the "(Surprise Surprise) You've Lost Your Eyes" one by The Daily Void. What a monster-hit!

Bonus #2:
Tyvek changed their name to TVK, see their MySpace profile. I guess some lawyer advised them on that. And their debut 7" is almost as expensive as a new bed for a 1-and-a-half year old ... My guess is as good as yours but my female intuition says they'll be on a (too)big(ger) label quite soon. Maybe, like The Ponys, Jay Reateardead and Times New Viking, it'll be Matador? Who knows ... (I don't).

NEWS may 16, 2008

Covers Galore

And Evert ... well ... eh ... what have you been doing last months? I spent my time, besides changing dipers and playing with duplo, on a big job that needed to be done on the website. For years there have been (mostly small) lists of covers here, like Dirtbombs Covers for instance. Until 2 years ago I managed to make (by hand, notepad, etc, no database involved) about 100 lists of covers. Since the migration (roughly feb 2006-april/may 2007) all the data on bands, labels and people is in a database. Since then the biggest job-to-do was getting all track-titles reorganised. Besides separating comments (like "live", "remix" or "CD-only") from the title I also wanted to have any cover listed as a link to a list of covers for the same original interpreter. This took some months of hard work. But now the result is there: almost 1500 lists of original artists being covered. Now there's 110546 tracks in the database, 5655 (about 5%) of which are covers with a linked original interpreter. For the nostalgic: writer-credits were erased in favor of listing the original interpreter of the track/song. Only 134 tracks with undecided/unknown original interpreters remain ...
NEWS may 14, 2008

Hex Dispensers

WHOAH!!! Now that was a punkrock band. One of the best of this millennium? Well there were more (The Riverboat Gamblers, The Spits, Tyrades, ...) but the Hex Dispensers easily rank among the best. We only made'em play 7 songs twice and yes they are awesome. Be back anytime :-) And now there's some more bands I'd like to see on this side of the Atlantic. Let's start with The Daily Void, Forbidden Tigers, Tyvek, Wax Museums and Cococoma (last one again, they still need to play VERA).

photo by Mr. Marc De Krosse, thnks
NEWS may 7, 2008

Hex Dispensers

... 1 day to go ... and the The Hex Dispensers will divide, conquer and destroy us dutchies ...
NEWS may 6, 2008

Hex Dispensers

... 2 days to go ... and the The Hex Dispensers will divide, conquer and destroy us dutchies ...
NEWS may 5, 2008

Hex Dispensers

... 3 days to go ... and the The Hex Dispensers will divide, conquer and destroy us dutchies ...
NEWS may 4, 2008

Hex Dispensers

... 4 days to go ... and the The Hex Dispensers will divide, conquer and destroy us dutchies ...
NEWS may 3, 2008

Hex Dispensers

... 5 days to go ... and the The Hex Dispensers will divide, conquer and destroy us dutchies ...
NEWS may 2, 2008

Hex Dispensers

... 6 days to go ... and the The Hex Dispensers will divide, conquer and destroy us dutchies ...
NEWS may 1, 2008

Hex Dispensers

... 7 days to go ... and the The Hex Dispensers will divide, conquer and destroy us dutchies ...
NEWS febuary 3, 2008

A Fistful Of Records

Another trusted source of 100% dope is the dutch A Fistful Of Records label. Last year this dope as fuck label released 4 singles. The newest one is by threesome The Griefs. They are from Porkopolis, Ohio and they deliver odd-psychy garagerock-n-roll. The sleeve can be seen to the right --> --> -->. By the way all AFOR sleeves are 100% silkscreenprinted by hand. The sleeves are so beautiful you'd almost consider the music to be extra instead of vice versa. AFOR 011 is by The Glow. Again weird trippy garagerock/n/roll here. AFOR 010 and AFOR 009 are a little more up my alley or up my creek. 010 is a split with the awesome dutch Anomalys und die fabelhafte deutsche Garbage Whores. 009 is by the acclaimed aussie Kamikaze Trio. Buy all 4 and everything in the back catalogue and enjoy your ass off.
NEWS january 27, 2008

Perpetrator Records & Kato Music

Andrew Tolley, who runs Perpetrator Records and Kato Music, is like a trusted drugdealer. He never cuts up his strong stuff with lower degree material. Always the best on his labels. His oldest brand is called Kato Music. Kato has a new 7" by The Mysterious Tape Man. I take it this one-man lo-fi trasher is from New Zealand since all stuff on Kato is from New Zealand. Andrew's newer brand is called Perpetrator. Perpetrator releases the coolest foreign stuff. They did 4 cool 7"es last year. #1 is by the beloved This Damn Town, a defunct (?) band with Alex Cuervo, a true Hex Dispenser. #2 and #3 are by acclaimed and tough bands Brutal Knights and Ladies Night. The Brutal Knights play Led Zep's "Communication Breakdown" and Black Flag's "Nervous Breakdown". Funny enough each song has the other songtitle in it's lyrics. #4 is a split 7" with new one-man-band Toby Wong on one side and Michigan trashband Night Terrors on the other. Not a bad track on any 7" mentioned. The message here is easy: buy all your drugs from Andrew Tolley, get it through customs and enjoy.
NEWS january 24, 2008

Cococoma + Headache City

As you all know many american bands come to europe through the infamous Kiss N Run. The equally infamous Robert G organizes tours for american bands and he now and then organises a gig in Groningen, ROCK CITY #1. The next "kiss-n-run-night" will be the next night I'm gonna see a live-band. Be sure not to miss this evening, because there's some mighty cool punkrockbands playing. First up you get Cococoma and next will be Headache City. Both bands carry very good names, great punkrock and even better (wo)men. Enjoy and be there or be square.
NEWS january 23, 2008


Here's a mighty good garagey punkrock 2x7" released last year on a non-punk label. Band is Tyvek, they're from Michigan and this is their second 7". Why a US band names itself after a canadian wrapper material is a mystery to me. Why the hell a label that releases Love Is All and The Long Blondes suddenly releases such a cool band is another mystery. But what the heck, punkrock is punkrock, enjoy.
NEWS january 22, 2008

Rocking In The Red

Thee best label on this planet is for 5+ years or more in a row the acclaimed In The Red. Just updated ITR's page and added 5 good and/or awesome records released last year. The Blues Explosion released a neat singles (+bonus) compilation. The only way for all you vinyllovers to get the excellent "Son Of Sam" on an LP. Lamps released their again migty good 2nd album, like the 1st it is on ITR. Miss Alex White And The Red Orchestra basically did exactly the same. The Intelligence also released their 2nd album on ITR, but for the band this is the 3rd or 4th album. The Sonic Chicken 4 released their debut album on ITR. This might be the best of the 5 listed here. If it is not, Miss Alex White And The Red Orchestra's album is the best. Ah what the heck: just buy all of 'em and enjoy your ears off.
NEWS january 19, 2008

The Quotes

Yessiree, punkrock rules. Best dutch punkrockband in 2007 were The Quotes. Their album will be in my yearlist of 2007 and yesterday they thoroughly trashed VERA. Love 'em all the way. Even more now there's 5 of 'em. Besides covering Gaunt, Guided By Voices, Lyres and Fun Things they even covered the immaculate Toilet Paper Mummies. Neat show guys, be back soon and next time I wanna buy a T-Shirt. Opening up was dutch sixtiesband The Madd, welldone boys. Next up in VERA: The Willowz, february 22, all you punkrockers: be there :-) Or don't :-(
NEWS january 14, 2008

De Straaljagers and Claw Boys Claw

One of the best bands on Eurosonic were the ever amazing De Straaljagers. This dutch bluestrash loveduo released their debut album last year. It's called "Blank Afval", which is "white trash" translated into dutch. Unfortunately it's only on CD, but it rocks my socks nevertheless. One of the best bands on Noorderslag was Claw Boys Claw. This seminal dutch band (best dutch band ever?) will release their new album february 4. It'll be their 8th album or so, the first new one since 1997 I think. Claw Boys Claw played 4 gigs last months with De Straaljagers opening up for 'em. CBC will play VERA in april, hope De Straaljagers wil open up for 'm then too ...
NEWS january 13, 2008


Yes! After three evenings of soldout local festivals there's a lot too do. The yearly festivals are the Eurosonic (euro-bands, january 9 and 10) and Noorderslag (dutch bands only, january 11). Noorderslag is meant to present the current state of dutch music and it does. Eurosonic is a europe-wide showcase festival. Lots of bands around. Handsdown the best band of the 20+ I saw @ Eurosonic was the dutch band Sixtyniners, they are newly listed on this site. Country inspired rock'n'roll ideally suited for any wedding and any other party that needs rootsey music. In the band you get brown-haired not bearded anymore yin-boy Michiel H. and the blond yang-girl Claudia 'formerly "Cowabunga"' H.. They have an excellent 7" on the acclaimed Voodoo Rhythm Records and 2 selfreleased CD-R's. Everything recorded last year, buy or die.
NEWS january 9, 2008

Hex Dispensers

One of the best 5 records of last year is by Hex Dispensers. Former Blacktop hero Alex Cuervo, his lovely wife Alyse Mervosh and Tom Kodiak deliver garagetrash to the core. The trashiest trash always is from (beloved) Austin, (less beloved) Texas. In may (?) they'll tour and conquer europe, beware, info through

Also updated the contact-page today. The main message being: do NOT overuse MySpace, back to oldfashioned email if you please.

Power to the bands

Just read today's newspaper, that is the daily national one called "Trouw". The paper mentions an (unmentioned here) brittish band being at #1 in the albumcharts, regardless of them offering the album for download for free. Well my comment here can be short: the music business is true about downloads or peer-to-peer networking applications (like kazaa) costing the music business money. It ain't theft but it costs the music business money. Smart people in smart bands can make more money out of their work through downloads though. This goes for Radiohead, but it should be possible for bigger acts listed here, like The White Stripes and The Black Lips too. Get rid of the money-costing parts of music business. Power to the bands! Not to the major labels.
NEWS january 8, 2008

John Schooley And His One Man Band

Today we'll get the honor to a guy who deserves it. John Schooley released his second album with his one man can do the whole world act called: John Schooley And His One Man Band. December 1 he did one of the best liveshows I saw in 2007 in Grunnen Rocks city and that new album is one of the best 5 records released in 2007. All the best to Mr. Schooley.

NEWS january 7, 2008


Next up:
The Maharajas.
Swedish finest neo-sixties bands and one of the best bands in that particular genre.
Their new, 5th even, album is called "In Pure Spite" and it again is awesome. It is released on ultrafine swedish label Low Impact Records. Buy and enjoy or be a lesser man without it.

NEWS january 6, 2008

Black Lips

First here's a a splendid 2008 to you all. We'll not be whining about 2007 but the radioshow got killed so let's forget 2007 and ROCK ON!
And you all thought this website was dead ... wrong again. Today this moloch was restarted slowly.
OK, back to business: the first band to be fully updated was the world's best band of the last 3 years:
The Black Lips
Offcourse you all have their awesome fourth studioalbum "Good Bad Not Evil" and their latest live album "Los Valientes Del Mundo Nuevo". If you managed to miss both these albums or the band in it's entirety you'd better hide in shame.

As a kind of collateral damage these pages were updated aswell:
Die Rötzz, The King Khan & BBQ Show, The Carbonas, Renegades, The Original Three,
Die Slaughterhaüs Records, Vice, Norton Records,
Cole Alexander, Joe Bradley, Ben Eberbaugh, Jared Swilley, Ian St. Pé, John Reis
and the most rewarding of 'm all here's a new band on this website:

enjoy :-) and xxx Evert :-) :-) :-)