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The Omens
great neo-sixties garageband
United States Of America
Omens [theomens[AT]hipsville-records{DOT}com]

The Omens #1:
Matt Hunt: bass, backing vocals
Greg Wildermuth: traps, beat, backing vocals
Michael Daboll: guitar, vocals
Greg Dahl: organ, shakes, backing vocals

The Omens #2:
(HIPS-808/809/810, eurotours 2009)
Michael Daboll: 6 and 9 string guitar,vocals
Brandon Richier: 4 string guitar, vocals
Eddie Breidenbach: organ, tambo, shakers
Forrest Bartosh: drums, percussion


Michael Daboll's musical history
Matt Hunt's musical history

  1. Yeah-Yeah! 7" (Hipsville Records, 2004, HIPS-805)
      clear vinyl
    1. Yeah-Yeah!
    2. Try Just Try
  2. Make It Last 7" (Hipsville Records, year ?, HIPS-808)
    1. Make It Last
    2. Won't Be Ashamed
  3. Look Away 7" (Hipsville Records, 2009, HIPS-809)
      two pressings/two sleeves: black vinyl regular-pressing and green vinyl eurotour-pressing
    1. Look Away
    2. Gonna Be Alright
  1. Destroy The ESP CD (Hipsville Records, 2005, HIPS-807)
    1. I Lost My Mind
    2. Just Can't Satisfy
    3. John Fante Blues
    4. Make Time
    5. Heart Full Of Lies
    6. Give It To Me
    7. Walk Last Nite
    8. Hey Moody
    9. Your A Dirty Liar
  2. Send Black Flowers LP/CD (Hipsville Records, 2009, HIPS-8010)
    1. Pray For You
    2. Look Away
    3. You Can't Come Back
    4. She's Just Fine
    5. I Need Your Love
    6. You Don't Know Me At All
    7. Make It Last
    8. It's Down On You
    9. Gonna Be Alright
    10. Won't Be Ashamed
  1. Diggy Diggy Dead 2xLP/2xCD (Rubble Records, 2005, 20-30726)
      500 copies vinyl, 1000 copies CD
    1. Heart Full Of Lies


  1. The Omens official website
  2. The Omens @