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Zero Boys Covers
only covers of this band listed here

  1. Thee Trash Brats: Civilization's Dying
         on Must Be The Cocaine (7", I-94 Recordings)
  2. The Morning Shakes: Civilization's Dying
         on XXX-Plode With The Sounds Of Sex, Booze And Sin! (LP, Rockin' Bones)
  3. The Vikings: High Time
         on The Vikings (7", Hit Me! Records)
  4. The Atomsmashers: Hightime
         on Burnin' Material - Call The Firemen!! (CS, AlphaMonic)
  5. The Problematics: Hightime
         on The Kids All Suck (LP/CD, Rip Off Records)
  6. The Carbonas: Stoned To Death
         on split (7", Die Slaughterhaüs Records)

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