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Eddie & The Showmen Covers
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  1. The Switch Trout: <Unreadable Japanese Track>/Squad Car
         on Bootfaced (CDS, K.O.G.A. Records)
  2. The Raving Bonkers: Squad Car
         on Snaps - The Primitive Compilation - Volume One (CD, Snaps Music)
  3. Impala: Squad Car
         on Tales From Estrus Volume Three (7", Estrus)
  4. The Phantom Surfers: Squad Car
         on Hell-Beach Party (7", Demolition Records)
  5. Jackie & The Cedrics: Squad Car
         on Tokyo Trashville (CD, Au-Go-Go)
  6. Satan's Pilgrims: Squad Car
         on At Home With ... (LP/CD, Empty Records US)
  7. Man Or Astroman?: Squad Car
         on What Remains Inside A Black Hole? (LP/CD, Au-Go-Go)
  8. Man Or Astroman?: Squad Car
         on Man Or Astroman? Vs. Europa (7", Homo Habilis)
  9. Intoxica: Squad Car
         on I Wanna Wear Your Skin (7", Giant Claw)
  10. Apemen: Squad Car
         on Seven Inches Of Love (CD, Double Crown Records)
  11. Impala: Squad Car
         on Play R & B Favorites (LP/CD, Estrus)
  12. Impala: Squad Car
         on Night Full Of Sirens Anthology '93 - '97 (CD, Electraphonic Records)

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