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Alice Cooper Covers
only covers of this band listed here

  1. Lord High Fixers: 18 (Little Flower Of Ulysses)
         on Is Your Club A Secret Weapon? (LP/CD, Estrus)
  2. Gibson Bros.: Caught In A Dream
         on Dedicated Fool (LP/CS, Homestead Records)
  3. Epoxies: Clones (We're All)
         on (We're All) Synthesized (7", Dirtnap Records)
  4. Pagans: Eighteen
         on The Pink Album ... Plus! (CD, Crypt)
  5. The Hellacopters: I'm Eighteen
         on The Hellacopters And The Doits (7", Wild Kingdom)
  6. Claw Boys Claw: I'm Eighteen
         on Dracula (CDS, Megadisc)
  7. Sonic Youth: Is It My Body
         on "Happines Is A Warm Gun ..." (LP, Bad Fuck)
  8. Sonic Youth: Is It My Body
         on Alice Cooper Tribute (2x7", Subpop)
  9. Angry Samoans: Laughing At Me
         on STP Not LSD (LP/CD, Triple X Records)
  10. Bloodloss: Lay Down And Die, Goodbye
         on Ten Solid Rockin' Inches of Rock Solid Rock (10", Sympathy For The Record Industry)
  11. Demons: Luney Tune
         on Demonology (CD, Gearhead Records)
  12. These Immortal Souls: Luney Tune
         on Alice Cooper Tribute (2x7", Subpop)
  13. Laughing Hyenas: Public Animal #9
         on Alice Cooper Tribute (2x7", Subpop)
  14. The Silencers: Reflected
         on Go Baby Go! (7", Pure Vinyl)
  15. King Snake Roost: School's Out
         on split (7", Aberrant Records)
  16. The Donnas: School's Out
         on 40 Boys In 40 Nights (7", Lookout! Records)
  17. Gumball: Under My Wheels
         on Alice Cooper Tribute (2x7", Subpop)

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