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Weanietots & El
from Grunnen with loads and loads of love
c/o Willem "Snorkel" Kolvoort
Soerabajastraat 49A
9715 LP Groningen
The Netherlands

Weanietots & El:
(lots of them, including these)
Petra: drums
Peter: guitar
Kurt: organ
Pieter: vocals
Pepr: tambourine
Yol: vocals
El: recorder
Snorkel: bass


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Willem Kolvoort's musical history
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  1. Weanietots & El 3x7"-box (Tombstone Records, 1997, TS-64/65/66)
      smashing release, 200 only, unique package that should have set the standard for releasing records for the 21th century RECOMMENDED, package made by Snorkel
      T-64 and T-65 were recorded by Hein, when they were opening for Dead Moon, offcourse in VERA, Groningen
      T-66 was recorded on 4/12/1993 in the infamous The Pit's in Kortrijk, Belgium
      order this box by sending US$15 to the adress above
      first 7" (T-64): 3 tracks; second 7" (T-65): 2 tracks; third 7" (T-66): 4 tracks
    1. El: Blitzkriegweanie (Ramones)
    2. Pain In My Weanie (The Rockers)
    3. Why Should I Weanie For You (Halfbeats)
    4. Ain't It Weanie (Rocket From The Tombs)
    5. 6 More Weanies (Hank Williams)
    6. I'm So Weanied Up (The Child Molesters)
    7. Public In The Pit's
    8. Sweet Weanie (Daniel Johnston)
    9. Weanie Says Ungh (Gories)
  1. All The Way From Unox 4xCS-box (Selfreleased, 1993, no cat no)
      a pizzabox including lots of artwork, other garbage, 4 tapes and a t-shirt
      1st edition: 30 copies
      2nd edition: 45 copies
      totally out of print
    1. "All The Way From Unox CS" (live 24 apr 1992, Walrus, Groningen)
    2. Why Should I Wait For You (Halfbeats)
    3. Laurie (Daniel Johnston)
    4. Prisoner (The Saints)
    5. For You (Roky Erickson)
    6. Cast A Shadow (Beat Happening)
    7. Chicken In Black (Johnny Cash)
    8. Took Her Hand (The Cynics)
    9. Fucked Up (The Child Molesters)
    10. Bony Moronie (Larry Williams)
    11. Ain't It Fun (Rocket From The Tombs)
    12. Loose (Iggy And The Stooges)
    13. Twist Barbie (Shonen Knife)
    14. Can't Help Falling In Love (Elvis Presley)
    15. "Rocketship CS" (live 18 nov 1992, VERA, Groningen)
    16. Sweet Heart (Daniel Johnston)
    17. Laurie (Daniel Johnston)
    18. Honey I Sure Miss You (Daniel Johnston)
    19. God (Daniel Johnston)
    20. True Love Will Find You In The End (Daniel Johnston)
    21. Speedy Motorcycle (Daniel Johnston)
    22. It's Over (Daniel Johnston)
    23. Casper The Friendly Ghost (Daniel Johnston)
    24. Funeral Home (Daniel Johnston)
    25. Rocket Ship (Daniel Johnston)
    26. No More Pushing Joe Around (Daniel Johnston)
    27. "Weanietots CS" (live 11 dec 1992, Simplon, Groningen)
    28. Sweet Heart (Daniel Johnston)
    29. True Love (Daniel Johnston)
    30. Fucked Up (The Child Molesters)
    31. Baby I Love You (The Ronettes)
    32. Then He Kissed Me (The Crystals)
    33. Be My Baby (The Ronettes)
    34. Honey I Sure Miss You (Daniel Johnston)
    35. Chicken In Black (Johnny Cash)
    36. Ain't It Fun (Rocket From The Tombs)
    37. It's Over (Daniel Johnston)
    38. Speedy Motorcycle (Daniel Johnston)
    39. Rocket Ship (Daniel Johnston)
    40. "Rocketship CS" (live 18 nov 1992, VERA, Groningen)
    41. El: Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones)
    42. El: Tortoise Brand Pot Cleaner (Shonen Knife)
    43. El: Motörhead (Motörhead)
    44. Hey There Little Insect (The Modern Lovers)
    45. It's You (The Modern Lovers)
    46. I'm A Little Dinosaur (The Modern Lovers)
    47. Since She Started To Ride (The Modern Lovers)
    48. Party In The Woods Tonight (The Modern Lovers)
    49. UFO Man (The Modern Lovers)
    50. Buzz Buzz Buzz (The Modern Lovers)
    51. I'm A Little Airplane (The Modern Lovers)
    52. Baby Says Ugh (Gories)