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Local Oafs
swedish speedpunk
Local Oafs [subwaystar[AT]hotmail{DOT}com]

Local Oafs #1:
W: drums
Nero: vocals, guitar
Demeneted Dean: bass
Shawn Michaels: vocals, guitar

Local Oafs #2:
Chewbacca: drums
Nero: vocals, guitar
Demeneted Dean: bass
Shawn Michaels: vocals, guitar

  1. TBA 7" (Strandad Sjöbuse Records, 2001, SSR 01)
    1. Old Enough To Know Better
    2. Die You New Age Hippie Freak
    3. NKPGHC
    4. (She Wore) Hoochie Mama Clothing (And I Liked It)
    5. I Need Pads And A Helmet
    6. You're Like Me
    7. Local Oaf
    8. Grind The Poser Down
    9. I Hate My Generation
    10. Fuck Me Gently With A Chainsaw
    11. As The Good Christian I Am
    12. Nero The Emperor
    13. Teenage Queen
    14. Artsy Fartsy Fuckface
    15. Today I Kill
    16. Tomorrow I Die
    17. Brain Pain
    18. Lick My Boot Mod Motherfucker
    19. Lowlife Deluxe
    20. 1-2-3-5
    21. Überwoman
    22. Honey I'm Home
    23. I Just Want A Child
    24. (If You Call My Town Fukktown) I Call You Motherfucker
  1. The Brutal Rape Of Kaj Sivervik 7" (Cage Match Federation, 2001, CMF 001)
    1. Local Oafs: You Should Have Been Aborted
    2. Local Oafs: I Dont Want No Braincells In My Brain
    3. Local Oafs: They Are The Youth Of Today (And They Suck)
    4. Local Oafs: Tell Your Friend About Me
    5. Local Oafs: The Birds And The Bees
    6. Local Oafs: These Boots Are Made For Stompin' (Stompin' All Over You)
    7. Local Oafs: It Must Be Destroyed
    8. The Manikins: I Control The Game
    9. The Manikins: Get Away From Me
    10. The Manikins: Been Given The Third Degree
    11. The Manikins: Teenage Brain
  2. split 7" (Subway Star Records, 2002, SBS 005)
    1. Local Oafs: Mr. Bluepants
    2. Local Oafs: Jävla Raggare (Jag Ska Hugga Er)
    3. Local Oafs: Boff You Off My Mind
    4. Local Oafs: You'll Never Catch Me
    5. Local Oafs: I Got Stripes
    6. The Pricks: Child Molester
    7. The Pricks: Oh No!
    8. The Pricks: Life Alert
  3. Mortal Combat 7" (Cage Match Federation, 2003, CMF 003)
    1. Local Oafs: Go Ahead And Clone Me
    2. Local Oafs: Mongo On My Back
    3. Local Oafs: I'll Never Come Home Again
    4. Local Oafs: Crazy HC Fan
    5. Local Oafs: (We Don't Want No) (Pin-Up Girls On Our Sleeves)
    6. Local Oafs: You've Come For My TV
    7. Dyke Hard: Poke You With A Stick
    8. Dyke Hard: The Right Club
    9. Dyke Hard: I Just Want To Choke You With My Cunt
    10. Dyke Hard: A Tribute To Harum Scarum
    11. Dyke Hard: Rob'n'Rape A Truckdriver
    12. Dyke Hard: Girlfriend
  4. Essen Sie Punk? 7" (Strandad Sjöbuse Records, 2003, SSR 05)
    1. Local Oafs: I'll Never Forgive You
    2. Local Oafs: Split My Head Open And Piss On My Brain
    3. Local Oafs: Neighbour J-O Pettersson
    4. Local Oafs: I Don't Want Your Life
    5. Local Oafs: I Hope You Marry Billy Butt
    6. Local Oafs: Behind The Curtain
    7. Local Oafs: 123456 Feet Underground
    8. Local Oafs: Hey Mom Look At Me I'm A Winner
    9. Local Oafs: Fuck The World
    10. Music/Ninja: Just Killing Time
    11. Music/Ninja: Suburban Flesh Monkeys
    12. Music/Ninja: I Make Money
  1. Bara Bra Musik #1 7" (Strandad Sjöbuse Records, 2002, SSR 04)
    1. My Mother Hates Your Face
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