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The Guilty Hearts
The Guilty Hearts
c/o Edgar Rodriguez
1196 N. Stringer Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90063
United States Of America
The Guilty Hearts [theguiltyhearts[AT]hotmail{DOT}com]

The Guilty Hearts #1:
Leon Zalez: vocals, guitar, harmonica
Edgar Rodriguez: fuzz guitar, vocals
Hermann Senac: drums

The Guilty Hearts #2:
(Pearls Before Swine LP/CD)
Leon Catfish: vocals, guitar, slide, harmonica, accordion
Edgar Rodriguez: fuzz guitar, backing vocals, incomprehensible noise
Herman K. Senac: drums, percussion, backing vocals
Gabriel Hammond: bass guitar, backing vocals


Leon Zalez's musical history

  1. split 7" (Sonico Records, 2005, SORE.06)
      1st version: white vinyl, red-and-white sleeve
      2nd version: black vinyl, black-and-white sleeve
    1. The Guilty Hearts: I Learned My Lesson
    2. The Guilty Hearts: Seven Days Seven Ways
    3. This Damn Town: Love Sick & Stupid
    4. This Damn Town: Something Bad
  1. The Guilty Hearts LP/CD (Voodoo Rhythm Records, 2005, VR 12 27/VRCD 27)
    1. Too Far Down
    2. Big Mouth Mickey
    3. She's Trouble
    4. Turn It Off
    5. Satisfied
    6. Him Or Me
    7. It's My Time
    8. Ghost In My Room
    9. Pine Box Ritual
    10. Move
    11. Over You
    12. Gimme Some Wather
    13. Jack On Fire (The Gun Club)
  2. Pearls Before Swine LP/CD (Voodoo Rhythm Records, 2008, VR 12 50/VRCD 50)
    1. Devil's Tail
    2. 3000 Miles
    3. Ain't That A Good Man
    4. Forbidden Wayout
    5. My Left Hand
    6. Seven Days
    7. Glassell Park
    8. Shake
    9. Don't Wanna Know
    10. Of Faith
    11. Drowning Song
    12. Suffer So Easy
  1. Records To Ruin Any Party - Label Sampler Vol 2 CD (Voodoo Rhythm Records, 2005, VRCD 30)
    1. Jack On Fire
    2. Turn It Off
  2. The Astounding Freak Party: Dance With The Werewolf CD (Rigolboch Ricordz, 2009, RIGOLB 001)
      packed in a round metal box with booklet
    1. I'm Alright


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