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The Fondas
Detroit GarageRockBand
United States Of America
The Fondas [thefondas[AT]thefondas{DOT}net]

The Fondas:
(all recordings)
Julie Benjamin: vocals
Steve Shaw: guitar, vocals
Chip Sercombe: drums
Joe Burdick: bass, vocals
Mark J. Niemenski: guitar, vocals, bongos, maraccas, tamborine


Julie Benjamin's musical history
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  1. Wanna Be 7" (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 2003, SFTRI 723)
    1. Wanna Be
    2. Hey Pretty Baby
  2. Make You Mine 7" (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 2006, SFTRI 777)
    1. Make You Mine
    2. In Your Room
  1. From The Songbook Of Greg Cartwright 7" (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 2006, SFTRI 781)
      promo, mailorder only
    1. The Fondas: Don't Come Back
    2. The Ettes: We Repel Each Other (Reigning Sound)
  1. Way Down In The Motor City Underworld Coming Now! LP/CD (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 2003, SFTRI 710)
    1. Yeah Baby
    2. What To Do
    3. Work Out
    4. Hey! Little Boy
    5. Where Is The Love
    6. Wildman On The Loose
    7. Watching The Late Late Show
    8. I'm So Glad
    9. I Don't Know What To Do
    10. Wanna Be
    11. Stop The World And Let Me Off
    12. Your Heart Belongs To Me
    13. Daddy Loves Baby
    14. Down In The Basement
    15. Down In The Basement/instrumental
  2. Runaway Bombshell LP/CD (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 2006, SFTRI 775)
    1. Make You Mine
    2. Tied Emotion
    3. Can't Live Without Love
    4. Don't Come Back (Greg Cartwright)
    5. What
    6. That's All
    7. Little Bit
    8. Tell Me Lovesick Blues
    9. Might As Well Go
    10. Upset My Soul
    11. I Want My Share
    12. Infatuation
    13. Say You're Sorry
    14. What to Do


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