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HIGH Maintenance
this is thee best label on this planet
(actually it's my own label, so DON'T trust me)
This label is run by:
Evert Nijkamp
High Maintenance
P.O. Box 6058
9702 HB Groningen
The Netherlands
High Maintenance [evert[AT]grunnenrocks{DOT}nl]
  • HM 001 The Dirtbombs, Maybe Your Baby 7"
      true dirt series #7
      especially handsilkscreenprinted sleeve by Snorkel
      one pressing but two slightly different sleeves, one with a lighter and one with a darker blue background
      there's a beautiful photograph glued to the backside
      it was shot before VERA by Snorkel, friday april 3rd, 1998
    1. Maybe Your Baby (Stevie Wonder)
    2. Theme From The Dirtbombs
  • HM 002 Speedball Baby, The Al Green Shuffle 7"
      especially handsilkscreenprinted sleeve by Yol
      one pressing and one sleeve
      500 copies, out of print
    1. The Al Green Shuffle
    2. Numb
  • HMLP 001 Green Hornet, Maxed Out LP
      sleeve by Ricky Van Duuren
    1. Theme From Heavyweights
    2. Keep Movin'
    3. Get It Going On
    4. A Good Time
    5. I Get Around
    6. Whoopee
    7. Love Attack
    8. Bugs
    9. I Feel A Sin
    10. Maxed Out
    11. HCHM
    12. Buzz
    13. 69 Ocean Drive
  • HM 003 White Hassle, Lazy Susan 7"
      sleeve by Iris Kiewiet
    1. Lazy Susan
    2. Good Feeling (Violent Femmes)
  • HM 004 The Monroes, Not Tonight 7"
    1. Not Tonight
    2. Send Me A Postcard (Shocking Blue)