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Black Pisces Recordings
United States Of America
  • BPR 02 Tijuana Hercules, When The Moon Comes Up Wild CD
    1. Do The Do (Willie Dixon)
    2. Like Siamese Twins
    3. Wrong Place/Wrong Time
    4. Hound Dogs Ain't The Only Ones That Got To Be Lookin' Over Their Shoulders
    5. Lucky Charm
    6. Chickenfeed
    7. Fever In The Bunnyhutch
  • BPR 03 Tijuana Hercules, Tijuana Hercules CD
    1. Skinned Alive
    2. So Ripped
    3. Pack It In, Mama!
    4. Whales On Every Side
    5. Common Sense Has Lost Its Mind
    6. Ax Grindin'
    7. A Heart Attack Is Comin' On
    8. Turn This Around
    9. This Orchard Is Rotten
    10. Baby Needs New Shoes
    11. A Boiling Pot Shows No Mercy
    12. Mental Revenge
    13. When The Moon Comes Up Wild
  • BPR 04 Tijuana Hercules, The Undertaker Cancelled 7"
    1. The Undertaker Cancelled
    2. Fighting Off The Evil Eye
  • BPR 05 Tijuana Hercules, The Almanack Of Bad Luck LP
    1. Quicksand Passin' Through
    2. Down In The Bottom Lines
    3. These Rough Patches
    4. Light My Way
    5. Why? Why? Why?
    6. Comin' On Hard Times
    7. When The World Was Flat
    8. Breakin' A Leg Ain't Always Good Luck
    9. Bring On The Firing Squad
    10. No Way Out
    11. No Matter What
    12. Burned Again