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Big Legal Mess
rootsey label
United States Of America
  • BLM 0207 Pure Country Gold, Yellow Bubbles 7"
      yellow vinyl
    1. Yellow Bubbles
    2. Millionaire
  • BLM 0222 John Paul Keith, Spills And Thrills LP
      released under the bandname "John Paul Keith & The One Four Fives'
    1. Lookin' For A Thrill
    2. Pure Cane Sugar
    3. Secondhand Heart
    4. She'll Dance To Anything
    5. Cookie Bones
    6. Let's Get Gone
    7. Smoke In A Bottle
    8. Otherwise
    9. Rock N Roll Will Break Your Heart
    10. If I Were You
    11. Too Hip
    12. Doin' The Devil's Work
  • BLM 0264 John Paul Keith, The Man That Time Forgot LP
    1. Never Could Say No
    2. You Devil You
    3. Anyone Can Do It
    4. Songs For Sale
    5. Afraid To Look
    6. The Man That Time Forgot
    7. I Think I Fell In Love Today
    8. Dry Country
    9. Somebody Ought To Write A Song About You
    10. Bad Luck Baby
    11. I Work At Night
    12. The Last Last Call

This is a sublabel of Fat Possum.

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