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Shane White
SF legend
United States Of America

Shane White ...

  1. is Jason White's brother.
  2. was in The Looters.
  3. was in No Mind Asylum.
  4. was in Hawaii's Hardcore.
  5. was in A.N.U.S. (A New Underground Sound).
  6. was in The Dogs Breakfast.
  7. was in Plain Agony (an east L.A. hardcore band) for 2 recordings.
  8. was in Laughing Matter.
  9. was in R.I.P. (Riot In Progress).
  10. was in The Fingers.
  11. was in The Spoiled Brats.
  12. was going to be in the (never really existing) The Lab Rats.
  13. was in The Rip Offs.
  14. was in The Infections.
  15. was in The Tight Fits.
  16. was in The Loose Lips.
  17. ran Pure Filth Zine.
  18. runs Pure Filth Records.
  19. is in The Vaticans.

Killer Klown recorded a 7" entitled Shane White Is A Friend Of Mine.