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Barbara Stok
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Barbara Stok
Postbus 1012
9701 BA Groningen
The Netherlands
Barbara Stok [barbaraal[AT]planet{DOT}nl]

Barbara Stok ...

  1. is a very good, "charming-style" comic artist, her real name is Barbara Stok and her comics all have "Barbaraal" in the title.
  2. her first comic "Barbaraal #1" was released (by her own) in an edition of 600 copies (feb 1996). The first 100 or 200 copies had a 7" by grunnen-noiseband Captain Nemo. Tracks were Party and Answer.
  3. her second comic "Barbaraal #2" was released (by her own too) in an edition of 1200 copies (feb 1997). All copies have a Melvins 7" included, tracks are Untitled #1 and Untitled #2. As the release was approved by the band (they actually made the recordings themselves on their european tour at the end of 1996) it's an "official release".
  4. her third comic "Barbaraal #3" was released (again by her own) feb/mar 1998 in an edition of 1000 copies. Unfortunately no music was included.
  5. her first 3 comics are compiled in Barbaraal Tot Op Het Bot.
  6. in september 2000 released her fourth comic entitled "Sex, Dugs & Strips" or "Barbaraal #4". Again a 7" was added. On The 7" there's a track by noisegods Shellac, Agostino and one by dutch band Caesar, The Safeword. Mind you this is no bootleg, as, again, the release was approved by the bands. Comic's catalogue numbers: ISBN 90 388 6936 3/ISSN 13854674/NUGI 371. The singles is pressed in 1250 copies, the comic in an until now unknown number. It was released by publishing company Nijgh & Van Ditmar. The entire release of the 7" is sold out and probably among the most collectable things released in Groningen/Grunnen ever.
  7. all her releases accompanying comic books are compile on the Barbaraal "labelpage".
  8. made some illustrations and comics for the VERA-krant and Opscene Magazine.
  9. is in Hockeyrockjes.
  10. was in a internet-radio show with the VPRO, see a picture of her at the webpage about the show.
  11. is in De Straaljagers, together with her sweet boyfriend Ricky Van Duuren.
  12. did, with Ricky Van Duuren, the artwork for The Riplets' debut CD (My First Sonny Weissmuller Recordings).
  13. did, with Ricky Van Duuren, the artwork for The Riplets' second CD (U-Sonic).
  14. is the biggest and best dutch comic-artist as she was awarded De Stripschapprijs in september 2009.


  1. Barbaraal official website