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Eric Geevers
dutch surfrock guy
Eric Geevers
Hugo De Grootstraat 328
2613 VD Delft
The Netherlands
Eric Geevers [bietel[AT]xs4all{DOT}nl]

Eric Geevers ...

  1. was in Paradogs.
  2. was in The Ace-Tones.
  3. was in Link Protrudi And The Jaymen. He appears as bassplayer on a bootleg 7" (recorded in 1994) with 'em.
  4. was, with amongst others Rob Louwers, in Link Wray's band.
  5. recorded with Inneke 23 of De Bossen, he produced a solo album for Inneke 23, he also appears playing guitar, drums, church organ, etc.
  6. is in The Bunny Club.
  7. is in The Napoleons.
  8. is in The X-Ray Men.
  9. is in The Raving Bonkers.
  10. is in Thee Hepburns, see their website @
  11. appears with Dr. Reverb (both live and on record). He also produced most of their stuff.
  12. is a producer for various garage and surf bands.
  13. produced several EP's for The Perverts, plus their LP Maybe Tomorrow.
  14. played vox organ (as guest musician) for The Perverts, De Bossen, Jerry and others.


  1. Eric Geevers official website