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King Louie Bankston
from New Orleans with love
King Louie Bankston
P.O. Box 750927
New Orleans, LA 70175-0927
United States Of America
King Louie [kingcrazy[AT]msn{DOT}com]

King Louie Bankston ...

  1. has a 7" with King Louie The 69th & The Harahan Crack Combo on Goner Records. One of the tracks appears on a compilation CD on Shangri-La Records.
  2. 's doing the vocals on King Louie Stomp by Oblivians.
  3. was in Royal Pendletons.
  4. is in The Persuaders.
  5. has a track on the Blood Red Battle Royal LP/CD (Blood Red Vinyl & Discs, 1998). It's credited as King Louie & The Lakeview Kings.
  6. is the one and only member of the King Louie One Man Band.
  7. runs Splitsville Records.
  8. was in one-off band Bad Times.
  9. was in The Exploding Hearts for a short time.
  10. has a track on A History Of Memphis Garage Rock: The '90s CD (Shangri-La Records, 2003, shangri-la 037).
  11. was in 10-4 Backdoor.
  12. is in Kajun SS.
  13. appears with his "King Louie And The Hot Rod Addicts" on the Live Vol 2 At Subsonic CD (Lola Product, 2005, SRLP 010).
  14. is in Black Rose Band.
  15. is in King Louie And The Loose Diamonds.
  16. is in Missing Monuments.


  1. 10-4 Backdoor official website