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Your Permanent Records
punkrock label
United States Of America
  • #12FU F-Hole, I Need A Drink 7"
      300 copies, all have a (slightly) different sleeve
      (the covers for the record are all used as cells for a stop-motion animated video)
    1. I Need A Drink
    2. The Moon Is High (Roger Miller)
    3. Idle Hands
    4. Human Rights
  • YPR-002 F-Hole, Gives A Fuck 7"
    1. Nothing To Do
    2. She's A Runner
    3. Bruce Banner's Lament
    4. F-Hole Fight Song
    5. It's All Over
  • YPR-003 DC Snipers/Shop Fronts split 7"
    1. DC Snipers: Richard Speck Prison Video
    2. DC Snipers: We Don't Like You
    3. Shop Fronts: Bored To Death
    4. Shop Fronts: Converting The Moles
  • YPR-004 Rat Traps, Tennessee Rock 'N' Roll 7"
    1. Tennessee Rock 'N' Roll
    2. People Die Everyday
    3. Gimme Scanners
  • YPR-005 LiveFastDie, Guitar Star 7"
    1. Guitar Star
    2. Forged In Flames 1776
    3. Not A Dog

The label is run by Paddy Bullocks.