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Young Soul Rebels Records
Detroit label
United States Of America
Young Soul Rebels Records [youngsoulrebelsmc[AT]hotmail{DOT}com]
  • YSR-002 PDM/Tranzistors split 7"
    1. PDM: Free Electricity (Tranzistors)
    2. Tranzistors: Free Electricity
  • Slumber Party, 3 LP
      produced by Dion Fischer
    1. Electric Boots
    2. No Sleep Tonite
    3. Your Friends
    4. New Trouble
    5. On-T.V.
    6. Air
    7. Black Heart Road
    8. Drunk
    9. Behave
    10. Why?
  • The Denizens, Danger In Disneyland 7"
    1. Danger In Disneyland
    2. I Know You Hate Me
    3. It's Gotta Be Her
  • The Ramrods, Gimme Some Action CD
    1. I'm A Ramrod
    2. Nothin' To Do In Detroit Anymore
    3. Goin Nowhere
    4. Here It Comes
    5. Nothin' Goin Down At All
    6. Gimme Some Action
    7. My Generation
    8. Search & Destroy
    9. I'm A Ramrod
    10. Down To Kill
    11. Nothin' To Do In Detroit Anymore
    12. Real Cool Time

The label is run by Dave Buick and Dion Fischer. There's also a record store with the same name.