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We Are Going To Eat You Records
punkrock label
We Are Going To Eat You Records
P.O. Box 713
Petaluma, CA 94953
United States Of America
We Are Going To Eat You Records [nlou[AT]wearegoingtoeatyourecords{DOT}com]
  • BFTR-002 Antichris & The Raped, no cover yet ! 7"
      half pink-half black vinyl
      tracks ?
  • BFTR-003 Antichris & The Raped, Every Girl Is A Goddamn Whore CD
    1. I Buy Beer For Runaways
    2. Faggot Sandwich
    3. Does This Black Bandana Make Me Look Gay? (live)
    4. Anneke
    5. Every Girls Is A Goddamn Whore
    6. Deadbeat Wife: Beat Wife Dead
    7. Knuckle Sandwich
    8. The Respectable Elijah Green-Bud
    9. I Walked Up And Kicked The Bitch In The Teeth
    10. Every Day I'm Reminded Of What I Hate ...
  • BFTR-005 Coco Cobra & The Killers, The "I Need Sex Sessions" CD
    1. I Wanna Be With You Tonight
    2. I Need Sex
    3. I Hate You
    4. Coco Cobra And The Killers
    5. You're My Man
    6. Keepin' You For Good
    7. She's Killing You
    8. I Need A Man
    9. When You Cumin' Back
    10. Say Mama
    11. Take Me Back And Hold Me
    12. Drivin' Me Crazy
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