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texas label
United States Of America
  • UR-002 Jack O'Fire, Bring Me The Head Of Jon Spencer 7"
    1. Asked For Water (Howlin' Wolf)
    2. Meet Your Death (Blind Willie McTell)
    3. No Love Lost (Joy Division)
  • UDR-0005-7 Jack O'Fire, I'm Younger Than That Now 7"
    1. Soulfinger (The Barkays)
    2. Wine Wine Wine (Stiks McGhee & His Buddies)
    3. Run, Run, Run (The Who)
  • UDR-0008-10 Oblivians, Walter Daniels Plays With Monsieur Jeffrey Evans & The Oblivians At Melissa's Garage 10"
    1. It Don't Take Too Much
    2. Rockin' In The Graveyard
    3. Don't Worry
    4. Dearest Darling
    5. We're Not In It To Lose
  • UDR-??? Glorium, Cinema Peligrosa LP/CD
      produced by Tim Kerr
    1. The Misinformed Vs. The Uniformed
    2. 70x7
    3. The Final Dis
    4. Death Of The Insect Queen
    5. Mutant Lover Special
    6. Victim
    7. The Fossil
    8. Having The Devil On Your Side
    9. Under The Lid
    10. Blue Lights Beckon
    11. Possession Weapon
    12. A Place To Crash
    13. Cinema Plastique
  • UDR-??? Glorium, Phantom Wire Transmissions 7"
    1. My Demolition
    2. Electricidad
    3. Matches For The Fuse