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Squirrel Records
english label
United Kingdom
Squirrel Records [squirrelrecords[AT]hotmail{DOT}com]
  • SQRL 04 Pop Threat/The Real Losers split 7"
    1. Pop Threat: No Way Out
    2. Pop Threat: Cheap And Vulgar
    3. The Real Losers: Crime Time
    4. The Real Losers: Tell Me Something
  • SQRL 06 The Real Losers, Time To Lose LP
      pink vinyl
    1. Total Teen Degenerate
    2. Hot Dog
    3. Feelin' Loose
    4. She Was Dumb
    5. Gotta One Track Mind
    6. High School Rock 'N' Roll
    7. Crime Time
    8. Jet Sonic Cheesecake Shake
    9. Gonna Be A Wild Weekend
    10. Hey Hey Nothing To Do
    11. Still Rock 'n' Roll To Me
    12. Aint No Zombie Zero
    13. Gotta Fix Of Rock 'N' Roll
    14. Bad Girl (Cheap Fun)
    15. Cruise To Lose
  • SQRL 09 Savage Lucy, Dead Boys Stay Dead 7"
    1. Dead Boys Stay Dead
    2. I'm An Accident
    3. Outsiders
    4. 1994
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