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Music For Cats Records
garage/punk label
Music For Cats Records
3 Givins Street
Toronto, Ontario
M6J 2X5
Music For Cats Records [mfcr[AT]musicforcatsrecords{DOT}com]
  • MFC 006 The Glads, Bad Case Of The Glads CD
    1. My Baby Likes To Get Smashed
    2. Cat That's Gone To The Dogs
    3. Hoodoo Girl
    4. Got Your Stink
    5. Talkin' Behind My Back
    6. Bad Buzz Baby
    7. Got It In For Me
    8. Widen Up
    9. Drinkin' And Drivin' Me Wild
    10. Stuck In A Rut
    11. Fashion Conscious
    12. Outta My Head
  • MFC 011 The Glads/The Midways split 7"
    1. The Glads: My Baby's Got It
    2. The Glads: Do The Go To Hell
    3. The Midways: Get Out Now
    4. The Midways: Shake It Up
  • MFC 014 Four'n'Giv'r, Psychle CD
    1. Accidental
    2. Anne Giv'r
    3. Eyes Are Closed
    4. Half Open Door
    5. I Want Love
    6. Won't You Leave
    7. Janet Avey
    8. Pretty
    9. Round 'N' Round
    10. Times Not on My Side
    11. Work Work Work
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