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Moulty Records
garagerock label
United States Of America
Moulty Records [distrec[AT]aol{DOT}com]
  • M-105 Head And The Hares, Head And The Hares LP
    1. Try To Forget
    2. Tommorrow Never Ends
    3. Get You
    4. Love If You Can
    5. A Message To Pretty
    6. How She Was Good For Me
    7. I Saw Erica
    8. I Don't Know
    9. From My Window
    10. One Against The World
    11. I've Been Told
    12. Sorry
  • M-106 Lyres, Stay Away 7"
      ed #1: black-and-yellow sleeve, red vinyl
      ed #2: black-and-white sleeve, black vinyl
    1. Stay Away (Joe Docko)
    2. Grounded (The Syn)
  • M-107/DR 1022/STP-0?? Head And The Hares, Two Tymes 7"
    1. Two Tymes
    2. Lost
  • M-108 Lyres, Seven 7"
    1. "7"
    2. Feelin' No Pain
  • M-109 Lyres/Wrong Directions split 7"
      Lyres hide/credited as the "Yag People"
    1. Lyres: Don't Wanna Cry (Buckinghams)
    2. Wrong Directions: Heart Of Wood (Gelaides, Salemi)