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Miz Kafrin
Memphis, TN label
United States Of America
  • Miz Kafrin 102 Ron Franklin Entertainers, World Famous Memphis Obscurity And Lackluster Promotion CD
      recorded at Willie Mitchell's Royal Recording and Doug Easley's McCain
    1. I've Got The Keys To Judgement Day
    2. Hannah
    3. Graveyard Dancing
    4. Stella
    5. Oompha
    6. Morning Train
    7. Honey, Honey, Honey
    8. Fuck-ups And All
    9. Bring Your Fine Self Down On The Scene
    10. Telegraph
  • Miz Kafrin 201 Ron Franklin Entertainers, Feather Bed & Other Mixes Remix E.P. 12"
      recorded at Miz Kafrin's Kitchen, and Monsieur Jeffrey Evans' Tillman Audio Research
    1. Feather Bed (Strike Mix)
    2. Panola County Acoustics/The Electric
    3. City Lights (Cricket Mix)
    4. Feather Bed (Strike Mix Radio)
    5. Number 2, 1949 (Feather Dub)
    6. Feather Bed (Baldwin Mix)
  • Miz Kafrin 303 Ron Franklin Entertainers, The Collected Singles CD
    1. RFE Stomp
    2. Goin' Down South
    3. He's Out There
    4. Oompha
    5. Pills
    6. Baby Lee
    7. Honey Honey Honey
    8. Feather Bed (Baldwin Mix)
    9. City Lights
  • Miz Kafrin 007 Natural Kicks, Natural Kicks CD
    1. Leiden Girl
    2. Leavin' Here (Eddie Holland)
    3. Pontiac
    4. C'Mon Sarah (Let's Shack Up Again)
    5. Killing Floor (Howlin' Wolf)
    6. I Thought You Were Somebody Else
    7. Spankcity, Tennessee
    8. I'm Not Like Everybody Else (The Kinks)
    9. Talk To Me (Huey "Piano" Smith)
    10. Dark Night, Cold Ground
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