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defunct aussie label
P.O. Box 908
Crows Nest NSW 1585
Bruce Milne [bmilne[AT]ozemail{DOT}com{DOT}au]
  • LAMPCD 001 Andre Williams, Is The Black Godfather CD
      WARNING 18+ this recording contains explicit language and is not (re)commended for persons under the age of eighteen
    1. Intro (sample from Boss Hog's Daddy Sez)
    2. The Black Godfather
    3. Whip The Booty
    4. Whatcha Gonna Do
    5. Sling That Thing
    6. The Dealer, The Peeler And The Stealer
    7. Freak Blues
    8. You Got It And I Want It
    9. Nasty Women
    10. I Hate Cha
    11. Montana Slim
    12. I Wanna Go Back To Mexico
    13. Can't Find My Mind (The Cramps)
    14. Jailhouse Blues
    15. Fire In The Hole
    16. Hit Squad
  • LAMPCD 002 Zoobombs, Bomb Freak Express CD
      licensed from Odeon Records JAP
    1. Black Satin
    2. Belt Out Rock'n Roll
    3. Hot Love
    4. Don's Mood
    5. Hot Dance
    6. Tighten Rap
    7. Fun, Fun, Fun, Key, Key, Key
    8. Circle X
    9. Baby's In A Rainbow
  • LAMPCD 003 Boss Hog, Whiteout CD
    1. Whiteout
    2. Chocolate
    3. Nursery Rhyme
    4. Stereolight
    5. Fear For You
    6. Get It While You Wait
    7. Jaguar
    8. Itchy & Scratchy
    9. Trouble
    10. Monkey

This sublabel of EMI Australia was run by Bruce Milne.