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Electric Pumpkin Patch
Ski-Mask releasing Records
United States Of America
Ski-Mask [MrSkiMask[AT]aol{DOT}com]
  • PATCH1 Ostomy, Early Werks CD
      produced by Ski-Mask
    1. Getting A Guitar To Do A Synthesizer's Job
    2. Tranquilizer (Idea)
    3. Getting The Shaft
    4. Waxing The Pink Edsel
    5. Amphetimine
    6. Edsel Pink
    7. Shaft Gettin'
    8. Reziliuqnart
    9. Synth Job 4 Guitar
    10. Magicke Batte Sacke
    11. Trachea Choad
    12. Arbuckles Wine Bottle (The Jolly Jug)
    13. Catfish Sammitch
    14. General Amin's Acts Of Love
    15. Groping For Prozac
    16. Beheading The Staff Of Peep Show Records
    17. Thalidomide Baby Gets Flipper Caught In Ringer Washer
    18. Over Buffalo's Head
    19. Filter Sweep
  • PATCH2 Black Mass Of Absu, Demo 95 CD
      produced by Ski-Mask
      tracks ?
  • PATCH3 Ski-Mask & The Bucket-Men, Early Works CD
      produced by Ski-Mask
    1. Urinal Mint
    2. Irwin's Castle
    3. Synthesize Her
    4. Pogo
    5. Gacy
    6. Caponizing The Poult
    7. The Happy Capon
    8. Welcome To Hell
    9. 1975
  • PATCH4 Anal Pudding, Anal Pudding CD
      produced by Ski-Mask
    1. Your Mamma's Got A Strap-On
    2. Jon Benet Was A Hot Piece of Ass
    3. Can I Masturbate In Your Car?
    4. Anal Fangoria
    5. Let's Acquaint You With My Taint
    6. Kabuki Bukaki With George Pataki
  • PATCH5 Selections From The Electric Pumpkin Patch CD
    1. Anal Pudding: Come On Granny
    2. Mondo Galla: Round & Round
    3. Rapture: Lonely Road
    4. The Next Syphillis: Codeine
    5. Bertha Mason: Good Thing
    6. Ski-Mask: Synthesize Her
    7. Ostomy: Waxing The Pink Edsel
    8. Anal Pudding: Anal Fangoria
    9. The Backstabbers: Flesh & The Devil
    10. The Blowtops: Greasy Jack
    11. Robot Has Werewolf Hand: Sic Transit Gloria
    12. The Blowtops: Prescription Malfunction
    13. Trailer Park Tornados: Killbuzz
    14. Ski-Mask: My Mama Said
    15. Trailer Park Tornados: Sapsucker
    16. Redd Henn: My Name Is Redd Henn

This label is run by Ski-Mask, he also produced a Trailer Park Tornados' 7" (Big Neck Records!, BN-032).

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