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Cheetah's Records
United States Of America
  • CHR 013-1/CHR 015-2 Black Cat Music, This Is The New Romance 12"EP/CDEP
    1. Lloyd I Would've Done The Same (CD-only)
    2. Journal Square Train
    3. Cut You Up Good (CD only)
    4. Red Velvet And Roses
    5. Wine In A Box
    6. Plain White Cross (12" only)
    7. Haunted Hotel Colorado (CD only)
  • CO-18 The Pre-Teens, Why Don't You Marry It? LP
    1. Waiting For Nothing
    2. Fashionably Queer
    3. Sombrero
    4. So
    5. Sierra
    6. Los Gatos
    7. Save Me
    8. Pretty Song
    9. Skatepark
    10. Park Underground
    11. First Prize
    12. Red Rover
    13. Spanish Song
  • CHR 019-1/CHR 019-2 Black Cat Music, "The Only Thing We'll Ever Be Is Alone" LP/CD
      album is also knows as "Hellbound Hearts"
    1. Hellbound Hearts
    2. Fallen On Hard Times
    3. We Don't Have Much Anymore
    4. Watch Out
    5. China Lake
    6. Full On The Lips
    7. One Foot In The Grave
    8. Outside Rochelle
  • CHR 022 Black Cat Music, Mess 7"
      red vinyl
      tracks ?
  • preteens-001 The Pre-Teens, Mess 7"
      sleeve is photocopied on red, yellow or white paper
    1. Mess
    2. New And Old