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Borox Records
we hate music, we like noise
Borox Records
P.O. Box 1581
Davis, CA 95617
United States Of America
Borox Records [zine[AT]thesores{DOT}com]
  • Borox 001/NIFI 001 Ni-Fi Nife Fight, There's Blood In My Body 7"
    1. Dead Dinosaurs Litter 21 Jump St.
    2. Gossipy Girls Unite And Dying
    3. What Bike Seat Bloody
    4. Turtle Takes His Legs Across The Road
  • Borox 002 The Sores, Six Songs Of Despair And Frustration 12"
    1. Wormwood
    2. Always Moanin'
    3. Nickel Kissing Booth
    4. Learn To like Eatin' Dirt
    5. AM Static Woman
    6. Jukin'
  • Borox 003 "Zine" 8.5"-square
      a magazine with a thick 8.5" square white piece of vinyl
    1. Lamps: Now That I'm Dead
    2. Ladies Night: Nothing Blues
    3. Tractor Sex Fatality: Blak Flak
    4. Hotel Pistol: Foggy Mountain Breakdown