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sunday, march 28, 2010

Next Up: Sonics, The loudest band of the 60s

HAHAHA In two days I'll see one of thee most legendary bands ever. Next tuesday, march 30, The Sonics will play @ Paradiso, Amsterdam. Since I need to be in The Hague (for my job) this tuesday and the wednesday right after it'll be a a nobrainer that I'll go and see them. Of course if you're dutch and you're not there you cannot be a true garagerocker, not at all really.

Next post will not be there before next wednesday, busy times. In the meantime I'll be available through twitter.

thursday, march 25, 2010

So Cow

Ofcourse I'm really slow. Back in 2007 So Cow released a great song on a 7" called "Moon Geun Young". Brian Kelly is the one man in this band and he is an irish guy (from Tuam actually) living in Seoul, South Korea. Only recently discovered "Moon Geun Young" on his 1st LP "So Cow" on Tic Tac Totally. Great album, lotsa cool stuff, best line: "I'm the boy that hormones forgot". "MGY" is the key-track, hit if you will, it also can be heared at So Cow's myspace-page. So Cow just released a 2nd LP "Meaningless Friendly" on Tic Tac Totally and there's all sorts of older stuff released in at least South Korea, Ireland and USA.
Or: I can use some help with this discography.

Anyway be sure to ...

  1. check out "Moon Geun Young" on the aforementioned MySpace-page
  2. buy everything So Cow released
  3. get him touring at the continent of Europe (not UK/Ireland and in Belgium only)
  4. praise this great man
  5. and certainly see this man as one of the best in the current (last 2/3 maybe years) overwhelming flow of beautiful garagepop coming our way

wednesday, march 24, 2010

Does Google do its job?

Hmmm will see. Last night I created 4 files with listings of all urls in the 4 main categories. Those files are called sitemaps and they now are available for bands, labels, people and covers. There also is a overview file for the sitemaps. Now if Google does what it says it should start indexing all 19.473 (!) urls listed in those 4 files. Hmmm will see.

A big thank you to Hans Duifhuis is well-deserved.

In the meantime I'll be playing that excellent CDEP by Kylfa.

tuesday, march 23, 2010

Vinyl Forever

Today a short post on the funny and cool world of vinyl.
At the immaculate Wikipedia you can read AWESOME STORIES about:

  1. the history of the gramophone record
  2. unusual types of gramophone records

Obviously there have been very strange releases in the history of vinyl.
- Flexidiscs were made of very thin plastic, like the Mummies/Supercharger tour split released in 1993.
- Double concentric parallel grooves, for instance the Sonic Youth 10" to the right. That record has two tracks per side and two grooves per side aswell. It's just a matter of luck/chance what groove/track you hear when putting the needle on the vinyl.
- There's a lot more, locked grooves, funny colors, funny shaped discs, a record with more than hole, etched discs, picture discs, etc.
- Most notable are the funny formats, though these have a mighty high insane collector scum character, anyway here's a small list.

  1. At SXSW last week there were 8" and 13" records for sale, released on Third Man Records. There appears to be a box with 14 8" records even.
  2. Several bands/labels released 5" records, that's a vinyl record at the size of a regular CD (don't forget there's 3" CDs aswell). Sympathy For The Record Industry did some:
    SFTRI 250 Man Or Astroman?, "Postphonic Star Exploration"
    SFTRI 293 E.A.R., "Pocket Symphony"
    SFTRI 311 The Shitbirds, "Faster And Shorter"
    SFTRI 373 Rocket From The Crypt, "Plays The Music Machine"
    SFTRI 392 Supernova, "Monsta!11"
    SFTRI 397 Red Aunts, "Paco"
    SFTRI 414 The Quadrajets, "I Wanna Do Everything To You"
    and last but not least
    SFTRI 452 El Vez, "Twentieth Century Boy"
    and there's a Big Black 5" with a cover of Mary Jane Girls' "In My House".
  3. Don't know anything about 4" records.
  4. The White Stripes issued a 3"-recordplayer with 3" records.
  5. Slap A Ham released, besides at least one as yet unlisted here very funny 50+ bands compilation ("Son of Bllleeeeaaauuurrrgghhhh!") with each one locked groove on the disc (each band has a almost 2 second long song on it), a by definition unplayable 2" by japanese hardcoreband Slight Slappers.
  6. And Slap A Ham released an also unplayable 1" by Spazz.

The world of twitter is quite new compared to the history of vinyl but wax_fm is a rather neat account to follow.
And in case you know of more funny/strange vinyl do twitter me.

Next post will probably take some days, need to do a nasty job on sitemaps first.

monday, march 22, 2010

ATCB #5 Delta 5

The fifth All Time Cool Band (ATCB #5) is Delta 5.
Delta 5 was a shortlived postpunk/new artwave/punkfunk-avant-la-lettre band from circa 1979-1982. Usually this is not the kind of music I'd pick, but hey what the heck. They were from Leeds, UK and released 5 singles and 1 LP. A couple of years ago Kill Rock Stars released a compilation CD which I played quite a lot. It's called "Singles & Sessions 1979 - 81". Last thursday I bought their third 7", "Try"/"Colour" @ Magic Buzz, Groningen, that's why they're included now.

Never saw 'm live, ofcourse, since the first band I ever saw was Muziekvereniging Ons Genoegen aka M.O.G. (= not Mog) back in 1986. They opened for It Dockumer Lokaeltsje @ Debarak, Zutphen, NL. Read more about dutch punk (sadly in dutch) @ -> nice website though anybody listing the Ramones' "Blitzkrieg Bop" = "Hey Ho Let's Go" as #66 on a punktracks of all time list must be out of his mind.

Anyway Delta 5 now is @ #5 in my All Time Cool Band list.

sunday, march 21, 2010 #2

Back Of A Car

And as a bonus since it is spring (aarghhhhh!!!) a small piece on a defunct canadian magazine called "Back Of A Car". It had three issues, 1994, 1995 and 1997 respectively. You can see the covers of those 3 magazines here. It was run by Judith Beeman and back in 1996 she was among the first 5 contacts that I made through this website (then available on the ugly url ""). Issue #2 and #3 of the magazine had records with them. On the 6"-flexi record with issue #2 there was a solo-song by Chris Bell called "Country Morn". With magazine #3 there came a 7" entitled "BOAC Presents ... Memphis 70s Pop". It had two songs, the first written by Jody Stephens and the 2nd one by the late Alex Chilton. Of course his death made me think of this, but anyway here's the listing for Back Of A Car. If you speak to her be sure to be nice and say hi to Judith.

sunday, march 21, 2010

ATCB #4 The Daily Void

The fourth All Time Cool Band (ATCB #4) is The Daily Void.
There won't be many bands on the ATCB list that I didn't see live. The Daily Void is the first sofar. Their awesome 7" Hozac alone already is enough to include 'em, in my opinion that might be the best post-2005 7", but the album is really good too. The album is out on Dead Beat Records, was released in 2007 and has the magnificent title "The Identification Code 5271- 4984953784-06564". They are a dark-art-wave band, with one happy tune which actually is "Surprise, Surprise, You've Lost Your Eyes", the a-side of that 7". They are from Chicago, have at least 1 Functional Blackout among their ranks (Mac to be precise) and I think they need to get new stuff out, if they still exist that is.

Static Static-update: the discography now is complete, I think (you never know for sure).

saturday, march 20, 2010

Static Static "Psychic Eyes"

Ha, this week's first post on new music. New music ofcourse does not exist. Quite a number of dance, acid, jungle, techno, electro fans over the last 25 years presented the music they liked best then as "new music", yeah right, in your dreams. Any music by definition is build on the music legacy we all carry in our heads and hearts. I myself can't think of any band that was fully original in all respects. Not at all really. Some bands add a minor thing to what pre-existed. Obviously that's an important, good and cool thing to do, but no band ever made "new music". Newly made or newly released music does exist though, over to that most interesting subject.

The band of today is Static Static. After two mighty cool 7"es ("Mutation" 7" on Babytooth Records or N.P.O. Records and the awesome "Black Fingers" on Hozac) they released a debut LP on the cool Tic Tac Totally. It's called "Psychic Eyes", it was released march 2009 (only bought it 3 weeks ago or so) and their music can in my opinion best described as build on Suicide, Devo & the stompin' beat of the Gories with clear links to the excellent Volt and a lot more "modern" electro-garagebands. Great album, great sound, a must! For the sake of completeness there were 200 hand-screened tour-copies of the same record released in 2008, guessing you won't find one of them ever.

BTW If anyone knows whether that mentioned 3rd and 4th 7" ("Frantic" on 4:2:2 Records and one on Neat Neat Neat Records) ever made it to the real world: please do tell me.

thursday, march 18, 2010

Alex Chilton RIP

Sad news. Underground rock'n'roll legend Alex Chilton sadly died last night. He'll be missed, ofcourse as a member of the Box Tops and Big Star, but my personal fave music by him is his awesome 1980 solorecord "Like Flies On Sherbert".

Read more about his untimely death @ or @
And in case you can read dutch:
read this cool tribute by the Jans from local recordstore Elpee, Groningen.

Mr. Chilton will be missed.

wednesday, march 17, 2010

ATCB #3 Ramones

The third All Time Cool Band (ATCB #3) is Ramones.
Well everybody knows about them, or should have known at least. The Ramones were from NYC and are the first ever "real" punkband. Punk as a music-genre that is, though some "pop-professors" argue with the use of that term I find it perfectly valid. Of course we're not counting proto-punkbands like The Stooges or Rocket From The Tombs, that's why it's proto folks. And ofcourse we won't mention the name of that UK punkband, cause they don't match up to the first and coolest punkband ever. Almost any release is good though anything before the Phil Spector-produced "End Of The Century" is the best. If you're new to them start with "Ramones Mania". If that doesn't get you jumping around within 2 spins you know you're not meant to be a punker in any way. Nuff 'said.

I saw the Ramones myself twice. Once at Pukkelpop, Hasselt, Belgium 1991 and once in De Oosterpoort, Groningen. The festival in Belgium was an extraordinary day. The poster to the right is not fully right, the Limbomaniacs did not play, Nirvana replaced them. And Frank Black was added to the roster. And I still consider the Sonic Youth gig that day to be the most impressive gig I ever attended.

Just to be clear: I do not consider the Ramones to be the best band ever. Up to know they are "the best" of the 3 bands on the list. You all know that #1 and #2 on any band-of-all-time list as compiled by me are taken :-)

tuesday, march 16, 2010

ATCB #2 Supercharger

The second All Time Cool Band (ATCB #2) is Supercharger.
The 2nd "Grunnen Rocks Core" album was going to be bought at the same day I bought New Bomb Turks' "Destroy-Oh-Boy". The record wasn't in the shop so I had to wait some more days but on march 9, 1993 I bought Supercharger's 2nd LP. This excellent album is called "Goes Way Out" and was released on the mighty, mighty cool Estrus label. Supercharger was from San Francsico. This self-called "worst rock'n'roll band of all time" did not exist for very long, they started around 1990 I think. They released 2 regular albums, both really neat, though I always preferred the second one. They once toured Europe, opening up for the Mummies. Later on the band-members went on to do all sorts of things, but take my word for it you need your own copy of "Goes Way Out".

monday, march 15, 2010 #2

ATCB #1 = New Bomb Turks

The first All Time Cool Band (ATCB #1) is the New Bomb Turks.
The first "Grunnen Rocks Core" album I ever bought was the 1st New Bomb Turks LP. It is called "!!Destroy-Oh-Boy!!" and was released on the mighty, mighty cool Crypt imprint. Bought it march 1, 1993 at the Flat Record Shop in Groningen, The Netherlands. The NBT are/were from Columbus, Ohio, started in 1990 and "Destroy-Oh-Boy" was their debut LP. A seminal album if there ever was one and certainly the best punkLP of the 90s. What to say about this best live-band-ever? IMHO their best songs are "Last Lost Fight", "I'm Weak" and later on "Spanish Fly By Night" and "Pretty Lightning". They played VERA 6 or 7 times and stopped 2004/5 or something. At one of the gigs they had the audience pick little notes with songs written on it. I was quite happy to be the 1st one to be allowed to pick a song and I was out-of-my-head that I accidentally picked "Last Lost Fight". Nowadays they still do play an occasional gig, like last year when they returned to Europe for at least one gig at the Speedfest. Their choice of covers would be a perfect starting point to get the know the world of cool punk. Best ones are "Mr. Suit" (Wire), "I Hate People" (Anti-Nowhere League) and "Youngblood" (Billy Childish), but on record they never did any bad cover. Be sure to check 'em out at their MySpace-page and please do not hesitate to contact me if there's anything missing on their page.

monday, march 15, 2010

ATCB = All Time Cool Band

Lately thought a lot about how to introduce a (more or less) regular feature to include older bands on the newspage. Main "reference point for such a plan" was/is the Top 442 Bands of all time I made in the summer of 2002. As you may or may not know back then I had a web-radio-show at dutch public broadcasting organization called VPRO. That web-radio-show ended up running for 5 years from march 2002 until june 2007. On the "best bands of all time list" in total 442 different bands were played in 21 hours of webradio. The first part was broadcasted september 2. Since it was webradio broadcast #16 it was called Grunnen Rocks Radio #16. The same afternoon #17 and #18 were broadcasted. The next week it was #19-#20-#21 etc. Last day was october 14, 2002. This day had 3 hours of non-stop-music the best 59 bands of all time: #34-#35-#36. The then top 10 of best bands of all time was:

The idea is behind the current plan is this. Whenever I like to I'll write a small piece about any band that I want to say something about. After that piece the band will be added to the new "Evert's best band of all-time list." There will be an order in the bandlist at any moment, though nothing ever is definite, and we'll see where things will lead us. Obviously new bands will not be added, all bands should have their debut release out before 2009. And also it is obvious that still the best band of all time is the Gories, they will be added in due time.

sunday, march 14, 2010

Cranford Nix and his band The Malakas

Well here's another dead guy added to the long list (see below, march 10). His name is Cranford Nix and he died back in 2002. To be honest I don't know much about him or his former band The Malakas, but mighty cool italian label Rockin' Bones released a good 2xLP called "Too Good To Be True" with a shitload of tracks by The Malakas. So this is to honour the late Cranford Nix and a bit to honour The Malakas and Rockin' Bones. Included on the 2xLP are:

  • all tracks previously released on The Malakas' "Too Good To Be True" CD on I-94 Recordings
  • another album called "Sorry Bout My Drinkin'" (don't know anything about its original release)
  • 3 unreleased tracks by The Malakas
  • 5 unreleased solo-tracks by the late Cranford Nix

Last but lot least there is a website dedictated to Cranford Nix:

saturday, march 13, 2010 #3

Christmas Island

That Christmas Island LP is really growing on me. You already know it's out on cool In The Red. Actually I bought it in the shops here some weeks ago. Now there is a tiny problem. Wanted to buy the only record Christmas Island released that I don't have (yet). That is their 7" on Captured Tracks, ofcourse you try to buy from the label first. The 7" is $5.50, postage to europe is $12.50 so that'll add up to $18.00 dollars for two tracks. About the same as I paid for the entire LP in the local shop. I'm afraid that 7" is not going to be in Grunnen Rocks City very soon. To compensate that to the right a bandpic and below that the sleeve of the "missing in action" 7".

In the meantime I'll twitter some more:

saturday, march 13, 2010 #2

Eddy Current Suppression Ring

2010 "even bigger hero's in the making" are Eddy Current Suppression Ring. Their 3rd album is out in aussieland but I have not seen it here yet. First two were (re)releleased on several labels, like Dropkick Records, Aarght! Records and Goner Records. I had a go at Eddy Current Suppression Ring's discogaphy, but there is quit some info missing. If you can help: please do email me or twitter me.

Also seriously updated aussie punksters UV Race and aussie labels Aarght! Records and Stained Circles. Help is welcome with those lists aswell.

For the dutch-language capable people: read all about SXSW, Austin, Texas which takes place upcoming week at

saturday, march 13, 2010

Camero Werewolf

Ha, finally got a hold on a decent list of bands NYC legend Camero Werewolf was/and/or/is in.

Thanks to Scene Report: Midnite Till Death No. 28, Punx is Homozilla! at MISHKA NYC = The "report" is written by Fuck School's Nick Gazin.


friday, march 12, 2010

Kan dit GFT afval meer fans krijgen dan Kane?

Most detested dutch fake-rock-fake-band is Kane. I'm not gonna link 'em in any way but whenever you're into any band/label belonging to the core of this site, please ...
Make my day a good one and join this Facebook-group called "Kan dit GFT afval meer fans krijgen dan Kane?" The name of the group is in english something like "Can this bio-garbage get more fans than Kane?". Well I hope so, since that bio-garbage would deserve it, since there's more music in bio-garbage than in Kane for sure.

thursday, march 11, 2010

The XXs

Well this is not about that new band The XX (aka "the exes"). I must say that ain't my type of music. Obviously this is about the 2 punkbands named X.

X from Australia started in Sydney in 1977 and still exists and is to be found at MySpace here: X.
X from the USA started in Los Angeles in 1977 and still exists and is to be found at MySpace here: X.

I finally had a go at splitting up (in 2 pages) their releases and bands covering their songs. If I made a mistake (which is very likely) please do tell me.

wednesday, march 10, 2010 #2


Yowsa, didn't know we had this much talent in The Netherlands=NL. In the south is a city called Eindhoven, for the americans: say the New Orleans of NL. Overthere there's a 42-year old threesome make psychedelic loud rock. Mighty cool, especially "Moon Boogie" = "Gonna Dance Until Sun Rise, Gonna Dance Until The Moonlight" and "Will You", the first 2 tracks of their debut CDEP. They're called Kylfa, on average they're 14 and they rock! They'd make a really cool opening act for And So I Watch You From Afar (april 17, VERA).

wednesday, march 10, 2010

Remember The Dead, All Of 'Em, RIP

Well life is short and the deaths of Sparklehorse's Mark Linkous and Jay Reatard (unneededly) demonstrated that once again. It made me think of a lot of other dead people listed on this website. Several were never mentioned so in order to honour them all I made this list. Only people listed on this site and part of the "Grunnen Rocks-core" (as defined by me) are included. In general it's only people that died after the start of this website (that is september 9, 1995). But for various reasons several people who died in the early 90's will be mentioned aswell.

Charlie Ondras june 1992 Unsane
Mia Zapata july 7, 1993 Gits
Kurt Cobain april 5, 1994 Nirvana
Kristen Pfaff june 16, 1994 Janitor Joe
Mike Ball 1994 Beguiled
Jeffrey Lee Pierce march 31, 1996 Gun Club
Tim Taylor may 23, 1997 Brainiac
Mike Loughnane december 9, 1997 Cry Baby Killer
Jack Taylor 1997 Gibson Bros.
Larry Terbush september 25, 1999 Dirtys
Jim Shepard october 16, 1999 Ego Summit
Rik L. Rik june 30, 2000 Electric Frankenstein
Bryan Gregory january 10, 2001 Cramps
Jerry Wick january 10, 2001 Gaunt
Joey Ramone april 15, 2001 Ramones
Dee Dee Ramone june 5, 2002 Ramones
Ben Eberbaugh december 1, 2002 Black Lips
Joe Strummer december 22, 2002 Clash
Adam Cox july 20, 2003 Exploding Hearts
Jeremy Gage july 20, 2003 Exploding Hearts
Matthew Fitzgerald july 20, 2003 Exploding Hearts
Chris "Playboy" Saathoff february 14, 2004 Miss Alex White & Chris Playboy
Johnny Ramone september 15, 2004 Ramones
John Peel october 25, 2004 BBC
Randy "Biscuit" Turner august 18, 2005 Big Boys
Kike Turmix october 16, 2005 Pleasure Fuckers
Witt Drawls december 15, 2005 M-80's
Tom "Pig Champion" january 31, 2006 Poison Idea
Robbie Watts july 1, 2006 Cosmic Psychos
Larissa Strickland october 9, 2006 Laughing Hyenas
Matthew Odietus june 28, 2008 Candy Snatchers
Lux Interior february 4, 2009 Cramps
Bobby Ubangi july 1, 2009 Lids
Jay Reatard january 13, 2010 Lost Sounds
Mark Linkous march 6, 2010 Sparklehorse

Anybody who thinks somebody is missing on this list or anthying is incorrect please do email me or twitter me.

Thanks to Wim Cottenier and Frommel1972.

tuesday, march 9, 2010

The New Christs

Allright, finally listed this one, me= still slow. The cool new (2009) album by the seminal aussie garagey-rockband The New Christs. It's called "Gloria", it's out on newly listed aussie-label Impedance Records, it's on LP and CD and you definitely need to check band, record and label out.

The very same label will also release the aussie CD-version of the 3rd The Mojomatics album: "Don't Pretend That You Know Me".

Next up on this website: my little tribute to the "Grunnen Rocks Dead Stars".

monday, march 8, 2010 #2

Almost Ready Records

Allright another cool label fully updated now. This time it's Almost Ready Records. This label is very wellknown for their excellent "The World's Lousy With Ideas" series. That series had 6 volumes (all 7"es) released before 2009, besides those 6 volumes (all 7"es) the label released these 4 before 2009:

  1. So Cow 7"
  2. Pink Noise 7"
  3. Dan Melchior Und Das Menace 7"
  4. Wicked Awesomes 7"

In 2009 these 3 releases came out:

  1. V/A, The World's Lousy With Ideas Vol 7 7"
  2. V/A, The World's Lousy With Ideas Vol 8 LP
  3. Pink Noise, "Alpha" LP

BTW I'm still looking for the tracklist of the So Cow's "Moon Geun Young" 7" (ARR-002/MR-01). In case you know it please do email me or twitter me.

monday, march 8, 2010

Hozac's "Spring 2010 Collection"

Cool Hozac Records from Chicago, IL just announced it's spring collection for 2010.
Here are their 4 new releases ...

Dum Dum Girls previously released a 7" (HZR-027) and the other 3 are debut releases. BTW For the LP's I'm looking for the tracklists. If you know a tracklist please do email me or twitter me.

Thanks to Gosse Nijkamp (not really) now the tracklisting for Haunted George's "Where's Charlie Jones?" 12"EP (In The Red, ITR 172) is listed aswell.

sunday, march 7, 2010 #2

S-S Records

And another really cool label fully updated. Scott Soriano's S-S Records from Sacramento, CA now has all 44 releases, up to SS 046, listed. Only missing catno's (probably both have not been released yet) are SS 039 and SS 045.

Thanks to Dejan Todorovic now the tracklisting for Hunches' "Home Alone 5" LP (In The Red, ITR 164) is listed aswell.

sunday, march 7, 2010

Vivian Girls

OK, finally updated the Vivian Girls page. Now their discography is fully up-to-date for singles and albums. The compilations aren't listed, if you know anything, please do tell me about them. As you guessed they released their albums on In The Red, what else is new?

Also listed (newly or updated):
Vivian Girl Cassie Ramone, VG's friends Woods, her former band Bossy and former-Vivian Girl Frankie Rose

saturday, march 6, 2010 #5

In The Red continues #3

OK, now I'm officially done with "IN THE RED"-day march 2010. On the internet or in my email there ain't no more info to be found that should be included in the In The Red-discography. So offically missing are:

  1. ITR 058 -> All info missing, Never released?
  2. ITR 085 -> All info missing, Never released?
  3. ITR 120 -> All info missing, Ever released?
  4. ITR 121 -> All info missing, Ever released?
  5. ITR 157 -> All info missing, Ever released?
  6. ITR 164 Hunches' "Home Alone 5" -> tracklisting is missing
  7. ITR 172 Haunted George's "Where's Charlie Jones?" 12"EP -> tracklisting is missing
  8. ITR 175 -> All info missing, Not released yet?
  9. ITR 180 -> All info missing, Not released yet?
  10. ITR 183 -> All info missing, Not released yet?
  11. ITR 186 -> All info missing, Not released yet?

If you can help me: please do email me or twitter me.

saturday, march 6, 2010 #4

Christmas Island

#nowplaying the excellent LP by Christmas Island. As you guessed this is out on In The Red. We'l transfer this day officially into "IN THE RED"-day. Christmas Island is especially for you if you're into lo-fi pop. And is even more for you if you are, like yours truly, into Beat Happening and/or Modern Lovers. Cool band, cool album, cool label.

saturday, march 6, 2010 #3

In The Red continues #2

Dug up (on the internet) another newly listed In The Red-release: ITR 116. That is Country Teasers' "Live Album" CD (it is not on LP I think).

If you can help me: please do email me or twitter me.

saturday, march 6, 2010 #2

In The Red continues

Just found out (thanks people) ...

  1. the catno for Haunted George's "Where's Charlie Jones?" 12"EP -> ITR 141.
  2. the catno for Mystery Girls' "Incontinopia" LP/CD -> ITR 172.
  3. the releaseyear for Davie Allan & The Arrows' "Chopper" 7" (ITR 38) --> 1995.
  4. the releaseyear for Strip Kings' "Lightning Breed" 7" (ITR 46) --> 1996.

If you can help me: please do email me or twitter me.

saturday, march 6, 2010

In The Red

Featured label of today:
In The Red
Not all info is there so any help is welcome.

(a lot of This was previously posted on Twitter but what the heck?)
Here's some issues I have with the ITR-listing ...

  1. There's no info info on catno's ITR 058 ITR 085 ITR 116 ITR 120 ITR 121 ITR 141 ITR 157 ITR 172 ITR 173 ITR 175 ITR 178 ITR 180 ITR 183 and ITR 186.
  2. Tracklisting for ITR 164 Hunches' "Home Alone 5" is missing.
  3. Tracklisting and catno for Haunted George's "Where's Charlie Jones?" 12"EP are missing.
  4. Catno's for the Strange Boys' "Be Brave" LP/CD and the Mystery Girls' "Incontinopia" LP/CD are missing.
  5. I don't have no year of release for Davie Allan & The Arrows, "Chopper" 7" (ITR 38) and Strip Kings, "Lightning Breed" 7" (ITR 46).
  6. I'd like that Gories 7" to be released.

If you can help: please do email me or twitter me.

friday, march 5, 2010 #3

Slovenly Recordings

Today we feature a label that should have been featured way before (what's new, me=slow). But here we are because they deserve it ...
Cool Slovenly Recordings' discography now is almost fully completed. Anybody who can help me with missing/incomplete tracklistings or anybody who can answer "What are 702-77 / 702-81 / 702-84 / 702-90 / 702-93 / 702-94 ?" be sure to email me or twitter me.
Some releases to definitely check out and/or buy are:

  1. Digger & The Pussycats, Night Of Two Moons 7" -> aussie-trash-legends
  2. Okmoniks, Party Fever!!! LP -> best party record of last 5 years
  3. Proto Idiot, Andrew Anderson LP -> solo LP by Hipshakes' Andrew
  4. Rippers, Why Should I Care About You? LP -> great italian neo-60s band
  5. The Spits, ANYTHING -> everything is great, so ...

friday, march 5, 2010 #2

RecordStore Day

Funny idea. April 17 will be "RecordStoreDay", see Local recordstore Elpee, Groningen is participating aswell. Same goes for Plato Groningen and De Jongens Van Hemmes. All participating dutch recordstores are listed aswell. RecordStoreDay looks like a cool idea. Be sure to keep buying records and to keep buying them at your local recordstore aswell, otherwise we'll end up with internet-shops only and I'd really hate that.

friday, march 5, 2010

New French "RockStar" Listed: Arsène Obscène

Newly listed star: Arsène Obscène.
He's from France and like all "Grunnen Rocks Alumni" he released solostuff (7" on cool Slovenly Recordings, see Arsène Obscène "bandpage") and was/is in a number of bands:

  1. He was in The B-Monsters.
  2. He was in The Electric Mormons.
  3. He was in Flaschen.
  4. He was in Les Valponi.
  5. He is in Veines.

thursday, march 4, 2010 #2

The Winners of FREE VINYL #103

As stated previously I'm horribly slow lately. Anyway here's the winners for the FREE VINYL #103 competition. The winners are Raymond S and Tanna Carpenter. Hope they can email me their street addresses. They win a Silver Lion's 20/20 7" (released on Sweet Velvet Vinyl). Of course they'll also get a The Monroes 7" (released on my own High Maintenance). The sleeve of the Silver Lion's 20/20 7" is pictured to the right and was made by mighty cool Tim Kerr.

thursday, march 4, 2010

Cosmic Psychos

Ha, third day with old geezers on the "newpsage". Last days I played some old stuff by Cosmic Psychos in order to prepare for their gig next thursday (march 11). Men they were (and probably are) really great. Don't ask me why but I think they will live up to the expectations you get while listening to their best stuff and especially their best album. IMHO that best one is the second album, released on Mr. Spaceman back in 1987. It is appropriately named "Cosmic Psychos" and still sounds as strong as it ever did. This band defined and is the sole act making BULLDOZERPUNK. No "stoute punker" (= "naughty punker", quoting 39 months old "dutch-language only sofar" Gosse here) can truly exist without this seminal aussie band's best records. Ross, Dean & John: Looking forward to seeing you (again) a lot.

wednesday, march 3, 2010

"Our Boy Roy" - Tribute To Roy Orbison LP

Ha, since we're into covering old geezers anyway. This post is on a new release: "Our Boy Roy" - Tribute To Roy Orbison LP. Of course this is a LP with all Roy Orbison covers. It's out on the newly listed canadian label Telephone Explosion Records. It has an all star line-up including Charlie And The Moonhearts and the acclaimed (and still much overlooked) Cheater Slicks. Charlie And The Moonhearts do "Chicken Hearted" and The Slicks do a version of Roy's classic "Crying", also done by the horrible Don McLean by the way. And, speaking of classics: Holy Cobras do a version of "Domino", also done by The Cramps ofcourse. Be sure to get your hands on a copy of this outstanding release. I hope there's one left for me.

tuesday, march 2, 2010

Johnny Cash does Kris Kristofferson's "For The Good Times"

OK dead people release music. Well they don't but sometimes there's this still kinda funny phenomenon called "posthumous release". Anyway there's a new, supposedly final (but who really knows?), album by the late Johnny Cash. It's called "American VI: Ain't No Grave" and it has all covers from the "American Songbook". Best track is the awesome "For The Good Times" written by Kris Kristofferson.

You can listen to the album (but not for long I think) through 3Voor12's Luisterpaal. Here's the straight link (for as long as it is valid): Johnny Cash's "American VI: Ain't No Grave" The best track is A3.

monday, march 1, 2010

Spring Is In The Air and I Kissed Charles

March 1 is meteorological spring. It's (almost) in the air today, at least it was this afternoon. Album of the day is the debut album by a 100%-non-garage-punk-or-rock quartet from Meppel, The Netherlands. They're called I Kissed Charles. This is their second release, the first full length. The debut release was a 5-track CDEP released back in 2008. Three songs of that one now are on the album aswell. Just plain happy electro pop, nothing more or less and very happy and totally fit for the season. Cool stuff! Check 'em out @ their MySpace page, which is to be found at the bottom of the I Kissed Charles page at this website.

sunday, february 28, 2010 #2

And So I Watch You From Afar

Ha there they are. Finally listed after a breathtaking show in VERA, Groningen @ EuroSonic. No garage, rock or punk in it but this is a Northern Irish (Belfast) instro-metal-noise-hardcore quartet with a great liveshow. Check 'em out:

And So I Watch You From Afar

sunday, february 28, 2010

Next Up: Cosmic Psychos

Of course every living person in this city will be @ VERA, Groningen march 11. Then the beloved Cosmic Psychos once again (8th time) will trash the place with their seminal aussie bulldozerpunk.

The gig-agenda for me:

saturday, february 27, 2010

The Daily Bread - "Well, You're Not Invited"

Ha finally got my hands of a copy of the debut CD by The Daily Bread. They are a dutch band, frysian even since they are from Leeuwarden. They make an infectious mix of elekctro, pop, garage and a little trash. The CD is called "Well, You're Not Invited" and it's out on dutch label Excelsior. Funny enough this isn't on vinyl, a shame I think. Would buy it instantly. This is one of the best 3 dutch albums of last year (together with The Accelerators and Roosbeef).
I saw the band twice, january 2009 @ Noorderslag and january 2010 at the same festival. Second time they were a bit more easy-going, more "Hammer I Miss You" instead of "Plastic Skin". Hope they don't soften up any more but if they won't we dutchies might have a true winner here.

friday, february 26, 2010 #3

The Ettes

Last night in the world's best club VERA, Groningen: The Ettes. Good show, though I think especially the first half could have been a bit more powerful. And the sound wasn't right: the male guitarist was nowhere to be heard. Great vocals though (reminding a bit of Gossip's Beth Ditto, big shoes to fill) and some cool tracks aswell. They could become #recordoftheyearmaterial since they will be recording another album with Greg Cartwright. He produced their 3rd album aswell, but on the new album he will be appearing on all tracks. Looking forward to that. To the right a picture of their debut 7", the a-side probably was the best track last night.

friday, february 26, 2010 #2

"bigletdown" won a Monroes 7"

A small contest will get an italian lady (Valeria Graffeo from Genova) The Monroes 7". She was the first to message me on twitter after the 1000th message. Congratulations. Record will be on it's way asap, but that might take a while since I'm horribly slow lately.

friday, february 26, 2010

1000th Tweet

I know I know you fossiles think Twitter sucks, except ... it doesn't. Today I produced my 1000th message (tweet) and counting. I think lately this is the quickest way of contacting me.

tuesday, february 23, 2010

Sven Kramer is the best but did not win gold at the 10k Speedskating


monday, february 22, 2010 #2

Free download included with the purchase of a vinyl copy

A short post today since I need to do a lot of stuff tonight. But I must say that these free downloads that accompany a vinyl album do come in really handy. Would be cool if all labels would do that.
Thumbs up to Goner Records, they use

monday, february 22, 2010

Ireen Wüst wins gold at the 1.5k Speedskating

HOLA! HOLA! Vancouver is dutch. Dutchie Ireen Wüst won the olympic gold for the 1500 metres at the speedskating in Vancouver. The dutchies won 3 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal, my god what a surprise, I really didn't expect that. And what's more Sven Kramer will (probably) win the 10k ...

sunday, february 21, 2010 #2

Frantic City

Ha Frantic City Records, one of the coolest labels of France/Europe, just released new stuff. Two singles this time.
First one is by trashy stompin' garage beatpunk by The Skeptics. Another band from La Rochelle, La Douce France.
The second one is by UK band Atomic Suplex. They say themselves this is "a sonic assault of loud, trashy, tasty, rock 'n' roll", quite good description. You cold also have said is a mix of Electric Eel Shock and Sludgefeast.
Of course both singles are worth your money 100%.

sunday, february 21, 2010

Mark Tuitert wins gold at the 1.5k Speedskating

YOWSA! Dutchie Mark Tuitert won the olympic gold for the 1500 metres at the speedskating in Vancouver. Congratulate him through

friday, february 19, 2010

Strange Boys New Album

Already a new album by The Strange Boys coming in.
It's called "Be Brave".
It'll be on ultracool In The Red (again).
You can listen to it through 3voor12's #luisterpaal.
Straight link: Strange Boys @ #luisterpaal.

thursday, february 18, 2010 #4

"God Listens To Slayer"

HAHAHA, thanks to Jan Kooi.

thursday, february 18, 2010 #3

Medication LP

Latest LP release by cool Hozac Records from Chicago, IL. It's the debut LP (after a debut 7", also on Hozac) by pschydelic garage-band Medication. They are from New Milford, Connecticut, USA. Good album, check it out. On their MySpace-page they describe their sound spot on:

Member Since8/7/2007
Band Membersit doesn't matter
Influences60's garage, the homosexuals, guided by voices...i don't know.
Sounds Likeme left alone in a room too long
Record LabelHoZac Records

thursday, february 18, 2010 #2

Sick Of Being Sick LP

And another cool compilation LP added. It's already out since 2007 but still available. Mostly italian punkrock on it and it's out on cool startup-label Primitive Records.

thursday, february 18, 2010

Bootleg Series Vol. 1 - "Up North/Downunder" LP

Ha cool new compilation LP.
Swedish powerpunkrocklabel Bootleg Booze just released a compilation with 12 bands. All powerrrock/punkrock, half the bands come from Australia, half the bands come from Sweden itself.
They also just released a solo 7" by Adam West singer Jake Starr. That one has Easybeats and Small Faces covers.
Good stuff from a cool label.

wednesday, february 17, 2010

Old Stuff Rereleased

I know it's my own private party, but anyway ...
Tonight I repaired the newspages of 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.
So now you can see what was on the newspage of this website the last years.

Anybody care for the rerelease of older stuff?
If so:
Email me or Twitter me.

tuesday, february 16, 2010

Heavy Trash' 3rd LP: "Midnight Soul Serenade"

And here is ... ... ...
It's out already some months but worth mentioning here anyway. The 3rd LP by superduo Heavy Trash. It's called "Midnight Soul Serenade" and it's out on various labels and it probably is their best LP yet. The NYC superduo consists of Jon S and Matt V-R and well basically I'll quote the review written by Jan & Jan from local recordstore Elpee:
It's less rockabilly, soulful, now and then even a bit doo woppy. It has a good production, good sound, partly recorded in the Toe Rag studio in London. No bad track on the record: besides a beautiful cover of Lavern Baker's "Bumble Bee" my fave track is "(Sometimes You Got To Be) Gentle".
Be sure to check this out.

monday, february 15, 2010

Cococoma's 3rd LP: "Spectrum Of Sounds"

And here is ... ... ...
The 3rd LP (now they have 3 7"es, 3 splits and 3 LPs out) by the totally awesome Cococoma. It's out on mighty cool German Red Lounge Records. It is a compilation of singles, unreleased stuff (a demo from 2005) and some live stuff. Needless to say you need this.

sunday, february 14, 2010 #2

Trouble In Mind

New label listed. Chicago, Illinois based Trouble In Mind. The label just started, released 8 singles already and is run by Lisa Roe & Bill Roe. Together they ofcourse are ...

  1. from Chicago
  2. in Cococoma.
  3. married.
  4. father and mother of a 1-year old daughter (that travelled along while touring in Europe last january).

sunday, february 14, 2010

Slow Gold Zebra Records

NYC based Slow Gold Zebra Records released a new 7" by Snakes and an LP by NYC-punkrockalumni Another Saturday Night. Check 'em out!

And for those who need this or like this horrid tradition:
Happy Valentine's Day

saturday, february 13, 2010 #3

Sven Kramer wins gold at the 5k Speedskating

YOWSA! Dutchie Sven Kramer won the olympic gold for the 5000 metres at the speedskating in Vancouver.

saturday, february 13, 2010 #2

Hozac Records Big Update

Hela Hola Hozac: the world's coolest label right now just released 6 (!) more 7"es and 1 LP. LP is by Medication and the 7"es are 2 from the Hozac Singles Club (called "Hookup Club") by Flight and Teepee. The other four 7"es are by Nerve City, Mess Folk, Myelin Sheaths and current Mac Blackout outfit Mickey. Get 'em all.

saturday, february 13, 2010

Fave Sports: Speedskating & Tennis

Just a joke-around non-music post.
My fave sports are ...
1 Speedskating: 4 more hours till the 5k for the men starts at the Olympics, Hey Ho, Sven Go!
2 Tennis: No punkrock-sport I know, but I do not care. Last week I saw a lot of ATP-Tennis in Rotterdam, Cool stuff!

sunday, february 7, 2010

The Monroes

Yowsa, miracles still happen. I got a copy of the debut-CD by The Monroes. It's out on cool dutch Tocado Records. It's called "Roulette" and (no surprises here, since I released their debut 7") I like it a lot. Back in 2004 (!) after seeing their 2nd show ever (ORKZ) we agreed on releasing a 7" on High Maintenance. And now 4-and-a-half years after that first release they have their second out. This debut-album has their signature soulfull garagesound and some instrumentals added for good taste (no kidding). Female vocals by Josje and a cover of the immaculate Oblivians makes this a cool release. Check 'em out @ their MySpace Profile Page and buy everything they released! All good things come slow.

thursday, february 4, 2010

Brenda Vaqueros

Ha cool new band from Alberta, Canada. They are called Brenda Vaqueros, there's 5 of 'em. Garagesoulpunk with organ, kinda like a mix of The Forbidden Tigers and our local Green Hornet. Believe me that's a big thumbs up! In case you don't believe me: The Forbidden Tigers LP and 7" are awesome and I released an LP by Green Hornet on my own High Maintenance label. Check those canadians out @ their MySpace Profile Page. And while we are in Canada anyway: 8 days to go and the Olympics will start. Of course the entire dutch nation (including me) will be following the Speedskating event, way to go dutchies!
And last thing: any Forbidden Tigers' plans for 2010? Still need to see 'em live.
Truly last thing: twitter to @GrunnenRocks in case you feel like chatting me up and also tell me there to follow your bands/labels Twitter account/profile.

wednesday, january 27, 2010

The Cramps Forever

OK, I'm oldfashioned, but do I care? NO! Today the whole "world of internet / gadget - believers" is trying to tell me that an iPad will change my world. And what do I do? I just play old Cramps footage on YouTube. You can find amazing cool stuff, for instance try clicking the image to the right ... And ofcourse these gadgeteers all say books will disappear. How come I don't believe that? Twitter to @GrunnenRocks in case you feel like chatting me up. And BTW the Hex Dispensers (with @elalexcuervo) play in @beerlandtexas (= Beerland, Austin, Texas) upcoming saturday!

friday, january 22, 2010

Hex Dispensers

Cool news. Here's a roundup on fave-band Hex Dispensers, they ...

  1. released (IMHO) the best LP back in 2007, it's plainly called "The Hex Dispensers".
  2. gave the best 2 shows I saw in 2008.
  3. released (IMHO) an even better second album in 2009. Again my year-fave, this one is called "Winchester Mystery House".
  4. will be #4 with WMH in the VERA album-poll over 2009, with amongst others VERA-booker Peter, VERA-manager Robert, VERA-hotel-host Nynke and yours truly listing the record to be the year's best.
  5. reached #44 with their debut album in VERA's albums of the 2000's poll.
  6. WILL PLAY in VERA may 6!!! more tourdates at, Vegas Kings will be opening that night

thursday, january 21, 2010

Jay Reatard, Earthmen And Strangers & Tokyo Electron

FYI (thanks to pink@you):
Some help on the Jay Reatard list. Sadly missed Jay produced Earthmen And Strangers (newly listed) 's debut LP. That is out on FDH Records. Earthmen And Strangers includes the awesome Ryan Rousseau. And you are damn right: he is the main man in Tokyo Electron. And Tokyo Electron has a 2nd album coming up, also on FDH Records.

Any more info on Jay's prolific career is welcome. Email or twitter me.

BTW 2000's #15 is Wax Museums debut LP (Douchemaster Records).

thursday, january 21, 2010

Best 10 Records Of The 2000's

Two months to go until the astronomical/astrological spring. Can't wait, fed up with snow really. Today the VERA poll will be out. The annual list of what is really cool is published for the 20-somethingth time. Because of humanity actually managing surviving 10 years in the 3rd millennium the VERA poll asked to fill in a list of your personal Best 10 Records Of The 2000's. Here's my list:

  1. Dirtbombs - Ultraglide In Black LP (In The Red)
  2. Reigning Sound - Time Bomb High School LP (In The Red)
  3. Hex Dispensers - Winchester Mystery House LP (Douchemaster Records)
  4. Black Lips - Let It Bloom LP (In The Red)
  5. Hunches - Hobo Sunrise LP (In The Red)
  6. mClusky - mClusky Do Dallas LP (Too Pure)
  7. Spits - The Spits LP (Dirtnap Records)
  8. Riverboat Gamblers - Something To Crow About LP (Gearhead Records)
  9. Okmoniks - Party Fever!!! LP (Slovenly Recordings)
  10. Cococoma - Cococoma LP (Goner Records)

Bubbling Under (actually forgot 'em while typing in the first 10):

  1. Maharajas - Unrelated Statements LP (Low Impact Records)
  2. Forbidden Tigers - Magnetic Problems LP (Dead Beat Records)
  3. Tokyo Electron - Tokyo Electron LP (Shattered Records)
  4. Box Elders - Alice And Friends LP (Goner Records)

monday, january 18, 2010

Eurosonic/Noorderslag 2010

OK here's my report on the 2010 version of our yearly local Eurosonic/Noorderslag festival. Quite a few remarks appeared on my Twitter-profile but anyway here's the "story". BTW my Twitter-profile is updated quite a lot, so you might wanna watch it.

day #1 - Thursday january 14, EuroSonic #1

Allright this year's version started off with me looking for the main office. Last years it was located at "De Grote Markt" (central square in town) but now it moved to the Ciboga-Area (near Simplon). That is caused by lack of space at the central square due to the Groninger Forum. Since that'll last some years they already decided to move the main office for this year.

First band I would have liked to see was The XX. Since I probably wouldn't be able to get into De Stadsschouwburg I went to the EBBA Awards. This event was in De Oosterpoort with Jools Holland. Funny enough dutch princess Maxima called the people appearing "musicians". Well not in my book, as they were quite horrible. A danish (?) girl started off. The Vengaboys would have been better, though her version of Charles Aznavour's "She" (with Jools on piano) was ok. Sliimy from France and Giusy Ferreri from Italy didn't do it for me at all. When the austrian weltschmerz-piano-girl-in-black (called Soap & Skin) started playing I had enough. So I didn't see Esmée Denters or Milow, not a big loss. Main thing was seeing Jools and all-n-all it only took 30 mins.

And now for the real music. In The Opera (a tent really, no pun intended but I thought it was funny) near the main office the festival started off with Agua De Annique. Agua has Anneke Van Giersbergen, former frontwoman of The Gathering, in its ranks. Their show was OK, "Hey Okay" was a great song. At the bar they sold horrible Heineken ice-cones, not that environmental-friendly (and no Grolsch).

Isbells in De Spieghel was packed, couldn't get in. Then off to what is "my" club, the german Kilians were in VERA. OK, but not very good if I might say so.

Then back to The Opera to see the norwegian band Kaizers Orchestra. They were here in 2003 aswell, I never saw 'em and I was quite happy to see 'em, good band, best band of the first night.

day #2 - Friday january 15, EuroSonic #2

Together with debutDJ Stella Druiven I was DJ in VERA. A good night, ofcourse we played quite a lot of Jay as did thursday's DJ aswell.
4 bands played:

  1. Agent Fresco from Iceland
  2. Hickey Underworld from Belgium
  3. And So I Watch You From Afar from Northern Ireland
  4. The Low Frequency In Stereo from Norway
A cool night. Agent Fresco were OK, especially one of the songs I previously heard on their MySpace profile was neat. Hickey Underworld were OK, though they might be a bit overrrated. If it should be from Belgium I prefer Triggerfinger (they played a mighty solid show in VERA december 10, 2009). And So I Watch You From Afar (horrible bandname) is a band to watch. They played kind of a instro-metal-noise-hardcore. Catchy strong stuff, a big surprise and by far te best band of this friday. The much anticipated The Low Frequency In Stereo were a bit of a letdown. A couple of songs were OK but in general they didn't get to me really.

In general the bands that got booked for these 2 days were OK. There was no portugese Coldplay or greek Kane among them, but I really missed "sharp edges". No straight-up punk, no garagerock, artpunk, whatever it is in that is in the core of this website. It should be an easy job to make the festival quite a bit broader (musically). I'd also like to see way more things organised next to the official program. Through the years it gets better, but there could be a lot more. This is especially needed since it is getting nearly impossible to get (the expensive) tickets. The conference for the professionals takes a lot of space and I think a decent festival needs non-pro music-lovers too. For instance these non-pro's move a bit more when there is a band playing :-)

day #3 - Saturday january 16, Noorderslag, Oosterpoort

Allright the third night of the festival isn't a showcase a festival but a festival meant to show the current state of affairs in dutch (semi)alternative msuic. It is called Noorderslag and it's in the biggest concert-hall of the city clled De Oosterpoort. It started off quite bad since the printed programs were gone. I don't know who thought of that but during the evening it took at least an hour extra to find out what was playing where, a big miss.

Me and Bert-René started off with Moss in De Kleine Zaal, aka de 3FM Zaal. An ok band, "I Apologise" was very neat. The 5 boys in the band managed to feature 3 beards. So clearly a band without "sharp edges" like about every band that is popular among the dutch music critics. Even 3 guitars couldn't make up for that. Next up Elske De Wall, she's kind of the dutch take on Sheryl Crow. Kraantje Pappie makes quite boring hiphop. Basically me saying that does not mean a thing since hiphop is not my cup-of-tea at all. The Mad Trist was packed, we didn't see anything but it sounded OK. We missed Bettie Serveert, but they never do anything wrong anyway. Di-rect, a mainstream dutch band with a new singer (now there's 6 of 'em), played in a living room-like stage. The stage was neat, the band is and will not ever be my cup of tea. After Moke, mainstream rock with a cool guitarsound and a-not-so-cool singer, things were finally about to kickoff. Dennis Weening (former Spider Rico singer) announced the what was going to be best band of the night.


A great band, probably the best dutch band around at the moment. Catchy-as-hell-garage-electro that you definitely need to checkout, see/hear for instance their MySpace-page.

Then I went to go and hear the (what I think) is best dutch female voice around. JANNE SCHRA (formerly of Room Eleven) makes jazzy songs. Not my type of music all together but hey what a beautiful voice.

Next up the biggest national award for popmusic, called "De BV Popprijs" was awarded to Kyteman's Hiphop Orchestra. A mighty impressive band, but over 6 people in a band really is too much for my simple musical taste. Wende is as cool as can be but her gig didn't do it for me. Rigby's pathetic cover of MJ's "Human Nature" needs to be mentioned but please forget the band's name asap. DeWolff makes bluesrock and I can only say this music cause the appearance of punk, I prefer punk. Dio (dutch rapper, not the hardrockband) was OK, funny and at least people danced to his music. De Staat were pretty neat, one of the better bands of the night. And then ...


One more day to go and that day, sunday january 17, brought the best band of the weekend. Ofcourse hardly anyone in NL takes notice but man they do make music that you can move to.


© Agua De Annique

© Kaizers Orchestra


© The Daily Bread

© Janne Schra

saturday, january 16, 2010

Cococoma Live in O'Ceallaigh's

Times are busy: Three days of (semi-)alternative music all over town. It's called the Eurosonic/Noorderslag festival. Eurosonic is one of the biggest showcase festivals in Europe and again it was (thu/fri) here in Groningen. Tonight it's Noorderslag presenting the state of modern music in The Netherlands. They won' succeed since The Accelerators weren't booked but anyway. Tomorrow I'll write a (little?) piece on te festival(s).

For now there's just one ANNOUNCEMENT. Brilliant garageband Cococoma will play in a pub in town. The pub is called O'Ceallaigh (Gedempte Kattendiep 13). The pub will open around 21 hour, the band will start around (not before) 22 hour. The gig was only arranged yesterday so that is why it is mentioned this late, but be sure not to miss this AWESOME band.

thursday, january 14, 2009

RIP Jay Reatard

Damn, this morning I read the news that Jay Reatard died at a mere 29 in Memphis. He died in his sleep in the night from last tuesday onto last wednesday. Don't know what happened, I think some higher power lost it once again, but for sure Jay will be sadly missed. Enjoyed his records and the shows I saw with him playing a mighty lot. First time around, 1998, was his awesome, overseen everywhere one-man-band solo-debut 7" on the immaculate Goner Records. The first (1999?) time I saw him play live was with Reatards in VERA, I think I was DJ then. Later on I saw the awesome Lost Sounds at least twice and I'll never forget their best songs, "Plastic Skin" and "I Get Nervous". Back in 2005 there was my sole trip to The Pit's when I saw him with Angry Angles and Reatards again. A memorable day if there ever was one. The AA's "Apparent Transparent" is a song I'll never forget too. I also very much enjoyed Final Solutions' "Eye Don't Like You". And I saw his new "soloband", Jay Reatard, twice, both times in VERA, best songs for me are "Hammer I Miss You" and "Night Of Broken Glass". All together I hate the thought that there won't be another Jay Reatard band anymore, there should have been many more. Love to him, may he rest in what he considered to be peace, and lots-of-strength to everybody else.

tuesday, january 5, 2010

!!! Happy 2010 !!!

thnx and © Remco