NEWS june 15, 2007

Things are still going great, though there is a major turnoff I'll tell you about the end of next week. Anyways the website will probably get better out of it. Better: Gosse says hi and has a mighty cute smile on his face. Like him the website can and will not lose impact what so ever, bluh.

The migration of all the stuff is difficult to round up, but ... at any (undetermined yet) time june, july, or august this newspage will be done properly like back in the old (pre-radioshow ?) days. In the mean time I leave you with (a lot) ...

  1. If you're on this side of the atlantic, be sure to go to The Primitive Festival in Rotterdam. It's next weekend and besides The Staggers and The Cheaters The Yardbirds and Kim Fowley and a dozen others are playing.
  2. Buy anything by The Black Lips, like their awesome new (live-)album "Los Valientes Del Mundo Nuevo" and the (haven't heard it yet) new single "COLD HANDS". I guess that new single is from a new "studio-album", would be nice if somebody could update me on that.
  3. Jay Reateardead and Boston Chinks. Go and see them (like I did last night, VERA, great show guys). And if you do (or don't) be sure to buy everything by anyone of 'm, especially that tour 12" by Jay The Not-Gay.
  4. Don't forget the cool records of this year:
    1. Surgens = awesome country-inspired rootsey music from the UK, buy or die
    2. Touch-Me-Nots = awesome rootsey inspired garage-duo, that 10" is quintessential.
    3. Hex Dispensers = Alex and his few good (wo)men, a must
    4. Purple Wizard = awesome neo-soul, actually a 2005 release, who cares
    5. Micragirls = finnish trashy girls, you cannot get better
    6. Clutters = follow-up to the best record of 2005, a must again
    7. Demon's Claws = coolest canadians around, except for Jamie, Lily and Iris offcourse, will be there in september
    8. Horrors = coolest stiff upperlips around, awesome album
    9. Volt = coolest garlick-sniffers around, again a must
    10. Staggers = the only austrians around, love 'm
  5. And do not forget to now and then buy yourself a stiff upperlip hitsingle. Just because it's so much better to play records then to listen to boring dutch radio, eh what radio ? You need to have Pigeon Detectives' "I Found Out" for sure.
NEWS april 27, 2007

yesterday a major day ... yes! for the first time all info listed on the website (except this newspage, huh huh) is in a database, instead of in textfiles, and offcourse we're listening to that new 7" by the awesome Black Lips, they very well might be the best band in the world right now, and yes next week they'll be here in town :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

NEWS april 17, 2007

things are going great, see:

  1. I'm listening to the awesome debut LP by awesome The Hex Dispensers
  2. just posted some new stuff on my blog at the immaculate MySpace
  3. and the kid is growing into the best homo sapiens ever existing, see here:

NEWS march 30, 2007

yessiree, the (re) construction of this website is coming to an end ... finally, in order to get a little accross of the why's and how's etcetera of the (re)construction I posted the first blog in a small series on music, VERA, me and the website, see my blog at the immaculate MySpace, enjoy