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thursday december 7, 2023     

And ... we're back!

OK this year is a rollercoaster, but musically it is a good one. I even have several candidates for "best LP of 2023", but in this first week of december it is BE YOUR OWN PET's "Mommy". After 15 years they returned and finally released a 3rd album which is as good as #1 or #2. Best songs are: "Hand Grenade", "Worship The Whip", "Goodtime".

I saw 'em in 2006 at the Dutch Lowlands Festival, but they never were in our beloved VERAclub In Grunnen Rocks City. I would totally love to see 'm finally in our club. That would be a day to remember.


wednesday october 14, 2020     


OK, long time no see, but hey I am alive! To the right you see me as I was a bit troublesome and worried yesterday, at least not smiling at all;)
Still going strong, and soon I'll be back here as well. In the meantime I wish all republican 2016 voters to show that they learned something. I'd say do vote, but only if you plan to vote the orange man out, OK? My hopes aren't high, but I hope we will see a world with a Democratic president in 2021. This year this website will only be continued when Trump's presidency is discontinued. GET HIM OUT!

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