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The Troggs Covers
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  1. Bored!: Feels Like A Woman
         on 'Self Titled' EP 'Take It Out On You' & More! (CD, Afterburn)
  2. DMZ: From Home
         on DMZ (LP, Sire)
  3. DMZ: From Home
         on Live At St. Barnaby's 1978 (LP, Crypt)
  4. DMZ: From Home
         on 1976-77 Demos/Live (LP, Crypt)
  5. DMZ: From Home
         on The First Time (10", Voxx Records)
  6. DMZ: From Home
         on Relics + The First Time (CD, Voxx Records)
  7. Mikal Cronin: Give It To Me
         on Gone (7", Goodbye Boozy Records)
  8. Mono Men: Hello Little Bird
         on Ten Cool Ones (CD, Scat Records)
  9. Mono Men: Hello Little Bird
         on Ten Cool Ones (LP, Scat Records)
  10. Johnny Magnet: I Can't Control Myself
         on Landlocked & Loaded (CD, Trouble In River City)
  11. Ramones: I Can't Control Myself
         on Acid Eaters (CD, Chrysalis)
  12. Dan Melchior's Broke Revue: I Just Sing
         on Andover, Duluth, London (12"EP/CDEP, Version City Records)
  13. The Spinns: I Want You
         on Lost Colony (CD, Demonbeach Records)
  14. The Cynics: I Want You
         on Learn To Lose (LP/CD, Get Hip)
  15. Laughing Hyenas: I Want You Right Now
         on Covers (2x7", Bootleg)
  16. The Bristols: Our Love Will Still Be There
         on split (7", Vinyl Japan)
  17. Poison 13: Strange Movies
         on Wine Is Red Poison Is Blue (CD, Subpop)
  18. The Limiñanas: Tu Es À Moi (Come Now)
         on Compilation (7", Trouble In Mind)
  19. Blue Balls: Wild Thing
         on If You Don't Get It That's Too Bad (CS, Pleasure Unit Records)
  20. Blue Balls: Wild Thing
         on Fuck Warped Tour Special Edition (CS, Pleasure Unit Records)
  21. The Queers: With A Girl Like You
         on Acid Beaters - Love And Let Die (CD, Stardumb Records)
  22. The Statics: Your Love
         on Sooprize Package (7", Real Records)
  23. Mummies: Your Love
         on Death By Unga Bunga!! (CD, Estrus)
  24. Mummies: Your Love
         on Groin' Thunder, Troggs Tribute (2xLP/CD, Dog Meat Records)
  25. Mummies: Your Love
         on Stronger Than Dirt (7", Telstar Records)
  26. The Swingin' Neckbreakers: You're Lying
         on Live For Buzz (LP/CD, Telstar Records)
  27. The Waistcoats: You're Lying
         on split (7", Teenscream Records)

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