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Johnny Thunders Covers
only covers of this band listed here

  1. Hipshakes: Born To Lose
         on "Shake Their Hips" (LP, Slovenly Recordings)
  2. The Accidents: I Wanna Be Loved
         on Dead Guys (7", Bootleg Booze Records)
  3. The D4: Pirate Love
         on 6Twenty (LP/CD, Flying Nun Records)
  4. The D4: Pirate Love
         on 6Twenty (LP/CD, Infectious Records)
  5. The Wretched Ones: Pirate Love
         on Tributes Suck (7", Headache Records)
  6. The Bulemics: Tie Me Up
         on Product Of America (7", Scarey Records)
  7. The No-Goods: Turn Me Loose
         on Beat From Meppel (CD, Rock You Records)
  8. Killer Klown: You Can't Put Yer Arm Around A Memory
         on To Junk To Die (LP, Mad Driver Records)

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