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Leiber, Stoller Covers
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  1. The Phantom Rats: (You're So Square) Baby, I Don't Care
         on Get Back (7", Screaming Apple Records)
  2. Mutzhi Mambo: Alligator Wine
         on La Terra Brucia (CD, Nicotine Records)
  3. Mad Daddys: Alligator Wine
         on Alligator Wine (7", Subpop)
  4. The Pork Torta: Cafe Express
         on Butchie-Pac (CD, Bloat Records)
  5. The Touch-Me-Nots: Drip Drop
         on Sheldon Munn (10", Yakisakana Records)
  6. The Buff Medways: Hound Dog
         on Strange Kind Of Happyness (7", Transcopic Records)
  7. Screamin' Lord Sutch: I'm A Hog For You Baby
         on Munster Rock (LP, Munster Records)
  8. Wayne The Train Hancock: Kansas City
         on THE VIPER Smoking Across Australia Tour 2002 Souvenir Seven Incher (7", Corduroy Records)
  9. The Missing Links: Kansas City
         on Diggin' Thru The Bins (LP, Corduroy Records)
  10. Andre Williams: Riot In Cell Block #9
         on Greasy (LP/CD, Norton Records)
  11. The Rebel: What About Us?
         on "Prawns" (LP, Junior Aspirin)

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