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The Eyes Covers
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  1. The Triggers: Don't Talk To Me
         on Gasoline (7", Vinyl Warning)
  2. The Madd: I'm Rowed Out
         on The Madd Are Left Behind (7", Stardumb Records)
  3. The Wildebeests: I'm Rowed Out
         on The Lairds Of The Boss Racket (7", Corduroy Records)
  4. Wild Zeros: Rowed Out
         on Wild Zeros (10"/CD, Frantic City Records)
  5. DeRita Sisters: She's Dead
         on Back To No Future (CD, Kotumba Records)
  6. The Waistcoats: When The Night Falls
         on Beat Party With The Waistcoats (10", Larsen Recordz)

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