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Crime Covers
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  1. The Drags: Baby Your So Repulsive
         on Tales From Estrus Volume Three (7", Estrus)
  2. Electric Frankenstein: Frustration
         on Action High (LP/CD, One Louder)
  3. Electric Frankenstein: Frustration
         on Clockwise (7", Junk Records)
  4. Sonic Youth: Hot Wire My Heart
         on Sister (LP, Torso)
  5. Sonic Youth: Hot Wire My Heart
         on Sister (CD, Blast First)
  6. Los Huevos: Maserati
         on Manlove (7", Goodbye Boozy Records)
  7. Vertigo: Murder By Guitar
         on Rub (7", Amphetamine Reptile)
  8. The Exploders: Rockabilly Drugstore
         on What's What And Who's Who (7", Teenage USA Recordings)
  9. Morticia's Lovers: Rockabilly Drugstore
         on My Baby Mmmmhh! (7", Goodbye Boozy Records)

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