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The Witches
from Detroit, with love!
United States Of America
The Witches/Troy Gregory [thewitches1[AT]home{DOT}com]

The Witches #1:
(first album)
Troy Gregory: vocals
Matthew Smith: bass
Deb Agoli: drums
John Nash: guitar
Bob McCreedy: guitar
Jim Diamond: 12 string guitar

The Witches #2:
(second album)
Troy Gregory: vocals
Martin M: drums
Bill Peterson: guitar
Johnny Nashinal: guitar
Matt Hatch: bass
Jim Diamond: ghost guitar

The Witches #3:
(third album)
Deb Agoli
Matthew Smith
Troy Gregory
Jim Diamond


Deb Agoli's musical history
Jim Diamond's musical history
Troy Gregory's musical history
Matt Hatch's musical history
Cory Martin's musical history
Bob McCreedy's musical history
Bill Peterson's musical history
Matthew Smith's musical history

  1. Let's Go To The No Go Zone LP/CD (Pushover Records, year ?, PUSH-001)
    1. Let's Go To The No Go Zone
    2. Please
    3. My Superstar Pills
    4. Sleepin' On A Demon's Tree
    5. Lost With The Real Gone
    6. What Is It Then?
    7. The Lonely Rainbow
    8. Monkee's Arm
    9. Wine Fer Yer Kids
    10. See It (With Your Eyes Closed)
    11. Last Night Is A Haunted House
    12. #23 Dream
    13. Deflowering The Infant Succubus
  2. Universal Mall LP/CD (Fall Of Rome Records, 2000, FOR 1001)
      this was going to be on Spectator Records (SPEC 013)
      there exist promos with that on it and a Fall Of Rome sticker as well
      produced and recorded by Jim Diamond
    1. People Whats Wrong With You
    2. Keep Me Away
    3. Demons All Around Her
    4. Given Up Girls
    5. The Robot Family
    6. Devil Made 'Em Run
    7. What It Really?
    8. Some Girls Basement
    9. We Got Rats
    10. Force 2B Reckoned With
    11. (She Got Some Kinda) Thing
    12. Around You
    13. She Quit Smilin'
  3. On Parade LP/CD (Fall Of Rome Records, 2002, FOR 1008)
    1. (What Is Yer Preferred Device) It
    2. Y Do U Make Me Feel Like That
    3. I Luv'd Wrong
    4. Laughter, Joy 'N Loneliness
    5. Who Wants 2 Sleep With The Birthday Grrrl
    6. Nuthin' Seem 2 Please U
    7. Everything Been Cool
    8. The Invisible Miserable People Have Reappeared
    9. Tryin' 2 Talk 2 U
    10. On The Haunted Side Of The House
  1. Fact: 5 Out Of 5 Kids Who Kill Love Slayer 7" (Shaolin Temple, 1997, SLT35)
    1. The Antichrist (Slayer)
  2. Ghettoblaster: A Detroit Music Sampler 1997 Volume 1 CD (Motor City Brewing Works, 1997, MCBWGB 001)
      all tracks engineered/produced or both by Jim Diamond
    1. No Go Zone
    2. Please
  3. Ghettoblaster Volume 2 CD (Motor City Brewing Works, 2002, MCBWGB 002)
      all tracks mastered and/or mixed by Jim Diamond
    1. Nuthin' Seems To Please You
    2. I Luv'd Wrong

They appear in the Detroit Rock Movie.

  1. The Witches offcial website