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The Hard Feelings
no hard feelings with me ;-)
United States Of America
John Schooley/The Hard Feelings [thehardfeelings[AT]hotmail{DOT}com]

The Hard Feelings #1:
(debut album)
John Schooley: guitar, vocals
Trey Roblez: drums
Andy Martin: bass
Walter Daniels: appears on harmonica

The Hard Feelings #2:
(second album)
John Schooley: guitar, vocals
Trey Roblez: drums
Will "Wilie Camero" Glenn: bass

The Hard Feelings #3:
(third album)
John Schooley: guitar, vocals
Trey Roblez: drums
Mike Poppitt: bass

The Hard Feelings #4:
(BEHIND 026 2x7")
Eliot "Spike Penetrator" Kagan: guitar, vocals
John Schooley: guitar, backing vocals
Mike Poppitt: bass. backing vocals
Trey Roblez: drums


Walter Daniels' musical history
Trey Roblez's musical history
John Schooley's musical history
Andy Martin's musical history
Eliot Kagan's musical history

  1. Anytime I Want! 7" (Dropkick Records, 2001, BEHIND 009)
    1. Anytime I Want
    2. High Flyin' Baby (The Flamin' Groovies)
  2. Are Having A ... Soul Party! 7" (Gearhead Records, 2001, RPM 029)
    1. Leave Me Alone (Nathaniel Mayer)
    2. Home In Your Heart (Solomon Burke)
  3. Spike Penetrator With The Hard Feelings 2x7" (Dropkick Records, 2002, BEHIND 026)
    1. Cheapass Landlord
    2. Lied To Me
    3. I've Lived Too Long
    4. Thanks A Lot (Shithead)
  4. 100 Miles An Hour 7" (Tear It Up Records, 2003, TIU7 009)
      recorded by Mike Mariconda
    1. 100 Miles An Hour (Roy Loney & The Phantom Movers)
    2. Bo's Bounce (Bo Diddley)
  1. Fought Back And Lost LP/CD (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 2000, SFTRI 604)
    1. She Tells Me
    2. Deed And Deed I Do
    3. Fought Back And Lost
    4. One Woman Man
    5. Roger Peterson's Blues
    6. The Dirt
    7. Vicoden Blues
    8. (We Need Another) Vietnam
    9. You'll Know It's Me
    10. Who's That Knockin'
    11. Girl On My Mind
    12. Fox In The Henhouse
    13. Cold, Cruel World
    14. Jukebox Padlock
  2. You Won't Like It ... 'Cuz It's Rockn'Roll! LP/CD (Dropkick Records, 2001, BEHIND 019)
      corelease with Beer Land Records (BEER 01)
      produced by Mike Mariconda
      grey marbled vinyl
    1. The Boss Is Me
    2. You're Not Gonna Like It
    3. Half In The Morning
    4. Hollywood Lives Laid Bare
    5. Mule Train Stomp (Frankie Laine)
    6. These Boys
    7. Anytime
    8. Out Of My Way
    9. Swagger
    10. Societal Dropout Blues
  3. Rebels Against The Future LP/CD (Dropkick Records, 2003, BEHIND 028)
    1. The American Way Of Dying
    2. Coalmine
    3. Rebels Against The Future
    4. Not Just Anybody
    5. Turn Her Down
    6. Beerland Breakdown
    7. A New Low
    8. You Said A Bad Word (Joe Tex)
    9. Held Back
    10. Directly From My Heart (Little Richard)
  1. The Las Vegas Shakedown! CD (Masked Superstar Recordings, 2000, MSR 001)
    1. (We Need Another) Vietnam
  2. Smash Up Derby CD (Gearhead Records, 2003, RPM 041)
    1. Leave Me Alone
  3. Gas Food & Lodging - Rock And Roll Roadtrip CD (1+2 Records, 2003, 1+2 CD 150)
    1. Mad Dog
  4. Shakin' In My Boots: A Texas Rock 'N Roll Compilation CD (Licorice Tree Records, 2004, YUM 1002)
    1. Half In The Morning


  1. The Hard Feelings official website