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Beasts Of Bourbon:
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James Baker
Tery Doolan
Mark Ferrie
Johnny Freidenfelds
Graham Hood
Brian Hooper
Spencer P. Jones
Charlie Owen
Tex Perkins
Richard Ploog
Tony Pola
Brett Rixon
Kim Salmon
Brad Shepherd
Stu Spasm
George Spencer
Boris Sujdovic
Tony Thewlis


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  1. The Hate Inside 2x7" (Red Eye, 1988, RED 18)
    1. The Hate Inside
    2. Hard For You
    3. The Big Sleep
    4. Moaning At Midnight
  2. Let's Get Funky 2x7" (Red Eye, 1990, RED 21)
    1. Let's Get Funky
    2. You Let Me Down
    3. Cool Fire
    4. Blanc Garcon
  1. The Axeman's Jazz LP (Red Eye, 1985, RED LP 4)
    1. Evil Ruby
    2. Love & Death
    3. Grave Yard Train (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
    4. Psycho (Leon Payne)
    5. Drop Out
    6. Save Me A Place
    7. Lonesome Bones
    8. The Day Marty Robbins Died
    9. Ten Wheels For Jesus
  2. The Axeman's Jazz LP (Closer, 1985, closer 33)
    1. Psycho (Leon Payne)
    2. Evil Ruby
    3. Love & Death
    4. Grave Yard Train (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
    5. Good Times
    6. Drop Out
    7. Save Me A Place
    8. Lonesome Bones
    9. The Day Marty Robbins Died
    10. Ten Wheels For Jesus
  3. Sour Mash LP (Red Eye, 1988, RED LP 5)
    1. Hard Work Drivin' Man (Captain Beefheart)
    2. Hard For You
    3. Watch Your Step
    4. Playground
    5. Door To Your Soul
    6. These Are The Good Old Days
    7. The Hate Inside
    8. Pig
    9. Driver Man (Traditional)
    10. Today I Started Loving You Again (Merle Haggard)
    11. Flathead (The Fugitive)
    12. This Ol' Shit
    13. Sungods
  4. Black Milk LP (Red Eye, 1990, RED LP 12)
    1. Black Milk
    2. Finger Lickin'
    3. Cool Fire
    4. Bad Revisited
    5. Hope You Find Your Way To Heaven
    6. I'm So Happy I Could Cry
    7. Let's Get Funky
    8. A Fate Much Worse Than Life
    9. El Beasto
    10. Blue Stranger
    11. I've Let You Down Again
    12. Execution Day
    13. Rest In Peace
  5. Low Life CD (Spooky Records, 2005, Spooky 017)
    1. The Low Road
    2. Chase The Dragon
    3. Make 'Em Cry
    4. Bad Revisited
    5. Fake
    6. Cocksucker Blues (Rolling Stones)
    7. Just Right
    8. Straight, Hard And Long
    9. Ride On (AC/DC)
    10. Saturated
    11. Drop Out
    12. Let's Get Funky (Hound Dog Taylor)
  1. Hank Williams: Revisited: I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive CD (Trikont Records, 2001,
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    1. Ramblin' Man (Hank Williams)
  2. Rough Trade Shops Rock And Roll 2xCD (Mute, 2002, CDStumm 212)
    1. Chase The Dragon


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